Good Evening Children’s Paradise Families and Staff,

All Children’s Paradise Preschool and Infant Center locations will be open Monday, March 16, 2020. We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will make the decision to continue to stay open as we receive additional information from the California Department of Education and San Diego Health Department. 

We are however, taking extra precautions. Beginning tomorrow morning and until further notice ALL children, parents and staff entering our Centers will receive a general health screening and TEMPURATURE CHECK before entering the Center. If a child, a parent or a staff member has a temperature over 100°F then no one in their family group will be allowed to enter.  Those that are turned away will not be allowed to return until we receive a doctor’s note allowing their return into the center. 
We will continue to provide regular updates through posted announcements at your center, via email and on social media. Please follow us on Facebook at . Please make sure that your contact information (phone, address and email) is up to date with the Center Front Office Team . Should you have any questions during this period, please email us at .


Julie Lowen