June 18, 2018
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"How Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Will Change
Everything You Think You Know About Recruiting...and how it won't

Thursday, June 21, 2018
11:30 - 12:30 p.m.

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Humans are tool builders. For thousands of years people slowly developed tools in all areas of life and civilization to become the most efficient, productive species on the planet. Then just two hundred years ago, the industrial revolution transformed history even further, when for the first time, machines began providing "muscle energy" to produce, build, and transport.

Today, machines are transforming the world yet again. Yet this age is not about locomotives, electricity, or even the personal computer. It's about harnessing information. Machines have started providing "mind energy". Cars can drive themselves. Computers win game shows. We even willingly converse with bots, sometimes without even realizing it. This is the New Industrial Revolution-the Information Age. This combined with tectonic shifts in demographics and consumer behavior will dramatically reshape how we work, what jobs we fill, and how we recruit new talent.

In this session, VP of Product Innovation, Chase T. Wilson of Monster.com examines how these shifts will impact jobs, employers, and job seekers. What does artificial intelligence really mean to the world of recruiting? How automation will begin transforming, if not, eliminating many occupations? What does this mean for the economy as a whole? Where should companies began to focus their efforts for new talent needs and the jobs that do not yet exist?

The Information Age is here. Are you ready?

Chase T. Wilson
VP, Product Innovation @ Monster

With 20 years of talent acquisition and consulting experience, Chase consults and positively impacts talent acquisition strategy and execution across nearly all industry and company segments. This has included analysis of data, process mapping & re-engineering, technology enablement, employer brand, diversity & inclusion, solution investment analysis, and business case presentations to senior and C-level executives.

Trained in Six Sigma and LEAN sigma, he applies quality standards to all aspects of talent acquisition solution design and process improvement. As a thought leader in innovative recruiting strategies, techniques, and technologies, Chase routinely provides insights on emerging trends within recruiting and people, including how forthcoming tectonic shifts in demographics, automation, and consumer behavior will continue to shape the world of work for today's and future generations.

In his current role, Chase serves as the VP, Product Innovation within Monster.com's product team. His primary focus involves iterating Monster's solutions and product portfolios specifically for staffing, RPO, and MSP clients. This includes serving as an evangelist for the voice of the customer to the internal product and marketing teams at Monster, and simultaneously as a passionate product team liaison to Monster's team of account managers and client success representatives.

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