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May 29, 2017
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TDI and FLI Employee Taxes - On May 26, the NJ Senate passed Senate bill 1376 which changes the calculation basis for determining annual employee rates for temporary disability insurance. 

S-3176/A-4898 amends the current law in order to improve the administrative process followed by the state each year to determine employee rates for Temporary Disability Insurance. The New Jersey Staffing Alliance supports this legislation because instead of using an estimate of the current calendar year as a basis to determine the following year's employee rate, the legislation shifts the basis of rate determination from the calendar year to the just completed fiscal year period (July through June). In this fashion, rate determination is based on a full twelve months of actual receipts and expenditures with the new rate now being published in a timelier manner (early September rather than mid-November) so that employers and insurance providers can establish payroll deduction levels and employers will be able to plan for the following year in a more knowing and deliberative manner.

NJSA urges the NJ Assembly and Governor to pass this legislation as soon as possible.  Click here for the Legal & Legislative Committee's position paper on the bills.
"Transforming Your Staffing Business with 
100% Paperless Onboading"

Hosted by

Date:  Thursday, June 8, 2017
Time:  1:00 p.m.

When it comes to the staffing industry, one of the major paradigm shifts is " going paperless." This shift toward a paperless environment increases each year as new technology becomes available to improve client and candidate communication, increase efficiencies and drive down the overall costs of doing business. 

In this 45-minute webinar, Michael Kohn, Corporate Director of IT and Operations Manager of Impact Employment Solutions, will share how his business transformed by moving to a completely paperless employee onboarding process.  He will discuss operations pre and post transition, including the challenges encountered, the consequences that drove the decision, and the impact on growth.  

"The Right Tool for the Right Job: Understanding Marketing Tactics"

Date:  Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Time:  12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Cost:   FREE for NJSA Members; $99 for Non-Members

Would you use a hammer to cut your hair? Or a stethoscope to check your oil?

In marketing today, there are more tools than ever...and more ways to misuse them!

In this NJSA webinar, we'll examine the most popular marketing tools being used in the staffing industry today. We'll look at both digital and traditional marketing, and show you how to get the best returns on your time and money.

Here are some of the tools (and questions) we will review:
  • Direct mail - does it work?  If so, how?
  • Email marketing - can you get people to actually read your email?
  • Blogging & social sharing - what works...and what's a waste of time?
  • SEO - how do you get to the top of Google results?
  • Sales collateral - is it needed?
Presented by: David Searns, President, Haley Marketing    
For the past 20 years, Haley Marketing has been providing marketing support to the staffing industry. Today, the social media team at Haley Marketing helps more than 300 staffing and recruiting firms with their social marketing.

When it comes to marketing a staffing firm, few people know the industry like David. He literally grew up in the business (his Mom and Dad ran a very successful staffing and executive
 recruiting firm in Upstate New York). Mix in a degree in information systems  from Clarkson University, an MB A from The Wharton School, and more than 20 years of marketing and consulting in the staffing industry, and you have someone with the rare ability to combine high-level strategic thinking with real entrepreneurial ingenuity.
The New Jersey Staffing Alliance announces a new employee benefits program for 2017 with Guardian and Two River Benefits.  NJSA Members have the ability to offer their employees Dental, Vision, Group Life, and Long Term Disability programs.  

GuardianĀ® Dental Insurance
A Reason To Smile or How Dental Insurance Works The Guardian Dental Insurance plan allows employees access to Guardian's Dental Preferred Network- now one of the largest and strongest in the nation.  With more than 101,000 dentists in more than 229,000 locations nationwide, employees are virtually guaranteed to find a choice of pre-screened, in-network dentists within minutes of their home.  But choice of providers is not the only reason to join Guardian, employees also enjoy

Why GuardianLife?
Life insurance is the cornerstone of any employee benefits plan - and the core of Guardian's business. With over 50 years of group life experience, our high-quality life programs cover over two million employees nationwide. In fact,more employers choose Guardian to provide their employees' life coverage than any other carrier .

Guardian Vision Plan Overview
"Two-thirds of employees would trade a vacation day for eye care benefits"
Guardian provides rich, flexible plans covering exams and materials.  Members can save on frames, lenses, including contact, laser correction, and cosmetic lens enhancement.   A choice of two nationwide provider networks gives members thousand of access points.  Members can visit any doctor, but save on out-of-network costs when staying in-network.
GuardianĀ® Disability Insurance
"Prepare For the Unexpected"
Group Long Term disability provides financial stability for an employee when due to unexpected events they cannot work and provide for their families.

Group Long Term disability provides financial stability for an employee when due to unexpected events they cannot work and provide for their families.

The NJSA Guardian program can help improve the well-being of your employees, while providing an important tool for recruiting and retaining employees.

Call Two River Benefits today at 732-842-6200 for more information.

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