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May 8, 2017
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On the home page of, you will see a new application labeled  which will take you to NJSA's Legislative Outreach Platform for New Jersey's staffing firm owners and managers.
Purpose of this Application
"All Politics is Local."  This is so true and important today, especially in an election year!

NJ's staffing industry has to insure our value and contribution is understood and appreciated by every Assembly and Senate representative in every district.  To do that they need to meet each of you, hear from you what your business' concerns are, and reach out to you when they have questions.  Whether they are democrats or republicans, it doesn't matter.  They need to appreciate the fact that you employ some of their constituents and your success or challenges affect their district.
This new platform provides YOU two valuable features:
  • On the home page, you have access to the different issues along with applicable position papers and staffing industry impact analyses from NJSA.  When you communicate with your local representative, we want to help you to put these issues into a local context.
  • With the email sending platform, it makes communicating with your local representative easy, accessing it directly from the issue section on the home page.
Please Use It Now!  It is Easy!
Go into the application and look at the first Key Issue "Staffing Firm Owners and Managers Introducing Themselves to their Local Assembly and Senate Representatives." 

NJ's staffing firm owners and senior managers from all across the state need to introduce themselves to their local Assembly and Senate representatives and increase their representatives' knowledge and awareness of the staffing industry.  Hopefully your email will set the stage for a brief meeting with them.  If you click the "Meeting Preparation Info" button, you will go to a briefing page and download two attachments providing basic information on the staffing industry.  But most importantly you want them to know your staffing firm exists in their district, providing valuable employment and services to the community that they should care about.

Now you can go back to the home page.  Before you click the "Write Your Legislators" button under the Key Issue, you'll need 2 special pieces of information for your email: (1) the approximate number of people your firm is currently employing from the local branch every day (staff and temporaries) and (2) your firm's total number of W-2's issued last year (approximately).  With this information, you can click the "Write Your Legislators" button and you will come to a page with fields to be filled in on the left side of the page.  Please fill in every field - knowing that the key fields are an accurate street address and zip code in order for the email to go to the right representatives.  Once all the fields are all filled in, you can click "Preview" to see what your email looks like.  If it is okay, click "Send."

If you have multiple branches, please repeat this process for each of your branch locations, providing the number of people currently employed by that branch.  In this way, your firm has reached out to every Assembly and Senate Representative in districts you have branch locations.
NJSA is here to help
If you have any issues using this new application, please call NJSA at (973) 283-0072 or email and we will try to help you.
Obviously as harmful legislative proposals are being considered in the future, NJ's staffing industry firm owners and managers will be able to use this platform to communicate their views with your local representatives.  Taking the time to introduce yourself to your representatives now will make future emails from you that much more impactful, thus increasing NJSA's effectiveness in representing your interests in the legislative process.

Thanks to everyone who sends introductory emails!  Please do it now!  It doesn't take more than a few minutes.

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