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May 24, 2021                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
9:00 AM
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Mystery Spot
Do you recognize this spot in EE?
Photo by Hugh Rhine
Enhancement Team Adds Parking Strip Pavers 
From Tom Cooke

Kudos to the EE Enhancement team for adding the parking strip pavers at the Ramada.  The job was recently finished at no expense to the HOA.  It looks great and gives the area a finished look.  Thanks Enhancement Team!!
Food Shelf at the Ramada
From Sandy LaVoi
Just a friendly reminder about the Food Shelf/Food Bin at the Ramada.  We are continuing to deliver food donations through the Summer.  Thanks so much for your donations (non-perishable food).
Spa Heater Replaced
From Tom Cooke
After some recent difficulties with our spa heater, an examination determined that it was worn out and needed replacement.  A new one has been installed and should be much more efficient than the 10 year old unit it replaced. 
Sometimes the newsletter lady gets her words mixed up.  I need to clarify that the Gardeners are currently on Summer break, and that they plan to resume gardening activities in late summer....not "adjourn" activities in late summer, as I mistated.  Hope that is clear as mud....
A Reminder About Flags
From Lorna George

I walk my dog early every morning. Today is the second time someone spoke to me about the display of American flags. The first time it was someone here in EE. Today it was a man who lives in another development. he and his dog walk every morning also. Both people commented on the American flags being displayed, but the man today said he was a veteran.

The issue is the condition of flags being displayed. Whether hung on a house, from a flag pole or small ones on a mailbox, our flags should be in good repair. When an American flag is torn or damaged, it should be taken down and/or replaced. This is a sign of respect.

Before I retired, I was an elected official and worked for a US Congressman, a State Representative and a County Executive. Part of my duties was to follow the flag orders issued by the President or Governor. I would let our municipalities and government buildings know when flags were to be lowered or raised again. When a flag was torn or damaged, they were replaced.

With Memorial Day and July 4th approaching, it would be a good reminder to our residents that if they chose to fly our flag, it should be done respectfully and taken down, or replaced when damaged.

Lorna George
771 W. Cir. Napa
Marvol Barnard, Ladies Golf Pro
By Judy Hayes with Marvol Barnard

Did you know we have a famous Golf Pro living in our midst in Esperanza Estates? We do, and Marvol Barnard is the real deal!

Marvol is the current President of the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association), is an active member of the PGA, and is the Director of Instruction at Green Valley's Haven Golf Course. She was the 2016 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, was the winner of the 2018 PGA Player Development Award, and she has been named one of the LPGA's and Golf Digest's Top 50 Best Women Teachers. With all of her fabulous achievements, Marvol is a down-to-earth, unassuming and friendly neighbor.

Marvol hasn't always been a golfer. She and her husband Sam, lived on a boat in Alaska for a number of years, and came to Green Valley part-time. She and Sam took some golf lessons at Haven Golf Course, and Marvol, at 39, found that she loved the game and just kept going (she went pro in four years). She said she sometimes has to "pinch myself." To Marvol, her success in golf is "all about the people," and she feels she can "teach anyone to play golf." She says golf is more than hitting the ball, and Marvol is a student of the mental side of golf as well. "It's like life, and you need to learn to self regulate and manage your emotions. Golf is about fun, inclusion, friends and family, and being your best self."

Marvol is working to generate more interest in golf, and is especially interested in getting young people involved in golf. Recently working with the local high school golf instructor and Green Valley ladies golf clubs, she was instrumental in helping to raise $10,000 for ladies high school golf at Sahuarita and Walden Grove High Schools. As a result of their success, they are forming a non-profit organization that will continue the work to support high school golf locally.

With her incredible successes, it seems that Marvol could be lured away from Haven Golf Course in Green Valley, but Marvol intends to stay here.  She says this is where she learned, she's comfortable here, and she loves the down-to-earth people with a friendly family atmosphere.  Check out this TV spot that Marvol did for the PGA's "Let's Get You There" campaign.

You can learn more about Marvol on her website. Marvol's story is encouraging for all of us. In the words of one of her students, "You're an inspiration to golfers everywhere, and I'm happy to count myself among those who have grown because of your patience and encouragement."  

We are fortunate to count Marvol among our Esperanza Estates neighbors!
Thanks neighbor Jeff Ries
Thanks neighbor Larry Ogren
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The Mystery Spot is at Sunset Park near the Ramada.
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