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May 10, 2021                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
9:00 AM
8:00 AM
7:00 AM
Mystery Spot Somewere in Green Valley
Do You know where this bench is?
Clue:  It's not in Esperanza Estates
(Answer below)
Photo by Hugh Rhine
From Mary Harp
PLEASE NOTE DAY AND TIME CHANGE.  The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday, May 11, from 8:00 until approximately 9:30 a.m. at the Ramada for fertilizing.  Also bring tools for clean up. 
Wanted:  EE folks who can volunteer to water newer plants during the upcoming hot months.  Call Rod Harp at 520.329.9103
Book Club
From Linda Sielken
The last Book Club meeting of this season is this Thursday, May 13, at 10 am at the Ramada.  Our book this month is Anxious People by Fredrik Backman.  Please bring your book suggestions (books you have read) for our 2021-2022 season.  Also, bring your lunch....we'll have lunch together and have some good talk time.  See you there!
Free Edging Pavers  
From Kevin Welsh
The area behind Esperanza Park has been cleaned up except for these edging pavers.  The HOA has no use for them, so we are offering them to the homeowners.  First come, first served.  Take what you need, what's left will be disposed of.
Karen McMasters Passing
  • Former EE resident, John McMasters, has let us know that his wife, Karen McMasters, lost her battle with cancer on April 12th. John and Karen used to live in EE on Ensalmo.  John also reported that he lost his yellow lab, Gus, earlier in April.  Our condolences to John and all McMasters family.  You can access Karen's obituary here. Their address in Minnesota is:
John McMasters
2111 5th Ave S. E.
Austin, Mn    55912

Sam Simonson's Comments About the New Park and Bench
  • The view from the bench is terrific. The EE Garden Club deserves a huge "Thank You" for making such a pleasant area to enjoy. Also, a heartfelt "Thanks" to my family for placing a bench there for all to enjoy, and to Cyndie A. for all her input. Please make use of the bench and soak in the beauty of the area. Esperanza Estates is a wonderful place with wonderful people.
Pavement Repairs Planned on the West Side of Esperanza Estates
Green Valley News, April 30, 2021

The Pima County Department of Transportation has finalized its list of road repairs for the 2021-22 fiscal year, with about $83.7 million going to the next portion of the Pavement Repair and Preservation Program that begins July 1.
District 4, which includes Green Valley and parts of Sahuarita, will see about 67 miles of local, arterial and collector road improvements in the next phase, at an estimated cost of more than $17.4 million.
Green Valley subdivisions slated for improvements over the next year include:
  • Green Valley Desert Meadows 2 including S. San Ray, S. San Ray A, S. San Ray B, S. San Ray C, E. Santa Inez, S. Santa Belia, E. Santa Belia, S. San Carla, E. Santa Anna, S. San Luis
  • Green Valley Esperanza Estates/Portillo Place including W. Circulo del Sur, W. Calle Excelso, W. Circulo del Norte
  • Green Valley Acres 2/Green Valley Foothills 2 including W. Paseo Potrerro, W. Paseo del Canto, W. Via de Suenos, W. Quail Dr., W Paseo Bolsa, W. Paseo Santa Isabel
  • Green Valley Fairways including E Verde Vista to S. Abrego Dr 
  • Pasadera/Madera Foothills Estates/Colonia Real/Canoa Preserve including E. Kings View Ct, E. Corte Pasadera Verde, E. Mountain Top Ct, S. Camino de la Canoa, E. Corte Pasadera Verde, E. Majesty Pl., E. Corte Pasadera Cobrizo
Read more in the Green Valley News
Green Valley ZIP Codes Have Highest Vaccination Rates in County
In 85614, which includes part of Green Valley and southern parts of Sahuarita, it's about 72% of the population of 24,294.

Pima County spokesman Mark Evans said, "If Green Valley was a more rural community and had less mobility, you could consider it having community immunity, but because many folks in Green Valley and Sahuarita commute to Tucson frequently, they are part of the larger metro area, which still has a ways to go for community immunity," he said. "That's why it's important to keep up with mitigation by wearing masks and limiting the size of gatherings."

Read more in the Green Valley News.
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Thanks Neighbor Al Prato

I am thinking of starting a social media group for chickens...  Not as my full time job, just as a way to make hens meet!!

Why did the woman go outside with her purse open?  Because she expected some change in the weather.

Do they allow laughing in Hawaii... or just "a low ha" ?!?
Source: The Wright Ranch Rescue
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Source: I'm Kind Of A Lady

Source: I'm Not Right in the Head
Thanks Neighbor Jeff Ries
Thanks Neighbor Jeff Ries

Source:  Washington Post 2020 Neologisms
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Let's keep Esperanza Estates laughing!!
The mystery bench is at Desert Meadows Park.  Check it out, it's a beautiful park in Green Valley.
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