Monday Morning Memo

April 5, 2021                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
8 AM
Photo by Pat Sharpe
The Dashing Easter Bunny, Jeff Ries

EE Easter Parade

April 4, 2021
Photo by Hugh Rhine
From Mary Harp

The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday,  April 6, from 8:00 until approximately 9:30 am at Mountain View Park.  Bring tools for clean up, weeding and pruning. 

Wanted:  EE folks who can volunteer to water newer plants during the upcoming hot months.  You are welcome to come to this meeting, we will discuss what is involved and equipment used.  You may also call Rod Harp at 520.329.9103 if you have any questions.
Thank you to Patty Tracy and Mary Grgich for their donations of garden tools.
Water Aerobics at the EE Pool is Starting Up Again!
From Judy Lang

Water Aerobics at the EE Pool is starting again this Wednesday, April 7, at 8:30 am.  It will continue every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Everyone is welcome...guys and girls.  Come join in....great way to exercise!
Book Club

The EE Book Club will meet this Thursday, April 8, 10 am, at the Ramada.  The April book is Everybody's Son by Thrity Umrigar, discussion leader Kathy Lindeman. Everyone is welcome!
Why Are All The Cars Around the Ramada on Thursday Mornings??

Have you noticed a few more cars around the Ramada on Thursday mornings?  It's the local Rotary meeting.  Tom Cooke says they meet at 7 am and are generally gone by 8:15 or so.  The Rotarians are wonderful visitors.  After their meeting, they put everything back in place and leave it looking better than it was when they arrived.  Thanks Rotarians! 
Covid Vaccines 

Vera Gates reports that there were a lot of openings for vaccines at the Tucson Convention Center last week. Walk in. Very quick. Very well run.
Thanks for the info Vera!

Our experience at the Kino Stadium location in Tucson was similar.  Drive up. Very efficient.  Out in about 30 minutes, including the 15 minute observation period.

The Pima County Vaccination Website has links to TMC/TCC and Banner/Kino vaccination appointments.  

Here's a useful tool...Vaccine Finder...that gives information about where Covid vaccines are being given close to home.
Caring Connections is a way to share information with EE neighbors regarding someone who may be experiencing a health crisis, going through a difficult time, or could use some neighborly assistance.  With the isolation of Covid, we often don't know what's happening right next door.  Our neighbors want to know, so they can help one another.  If you know of a situation, please call Judy Hayes, 720-201-9260, or email  We obtain approval before sharing.
What You Need to Know About Walking Your Dog on Hot Pavement

Pavement heats up quickly and gets even hotter than the air surrounding it so when it is hot outside, the ground can potentially cause burns to bare feet and paw pads. Knowing when it's too hot to walk a dog or how to prevent its paws from burning is crucial in preventing burns and discomfort in your pet.
Asphalt temperatures can be up to 60 degrees hotter than the air temperature (when in direct sunlight with no wind and low humidity) so it's important to be aware of the difference between pavement and air temperatures.

Air Temperature Vs. Pavement Temperature
77 degrees F125 degrees F
86 degrees F135 degrees F
87 degrees F143 degrees 

Before going outside, it is best to apply The 5 Second Rule. Put the back of your hand on the sidewalk, and if you can't hold it there for five seconds, then it would be a sign that it is too hot to walk your dog.
It's Snake Season!

We are loving this beautiful weather!  So are our neighbors, The Snakes. The Snakes are now out and on the move. If you have a visit from a snake, our Green Valley Fire Dept. has a great catch and release program.  Simply call 520-629-9200. They catch the critter and release it in an area that is safe for us and them. There is no fee/charge. 
Source: Lin Miclea Author
Source: Just For Jokes
Source: Wright Ranch Rescue

Source: Lin Miclea Author
Source: Wright Ranch Rescue
Source: Lin Miclea Author

Source: Lin Miclea Author
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