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March 29, 2021                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
9 AM
And the winner is....."Amigo"
Pictured are EE Gardeners and contest winner, Peggy Coleman, with Amigo
EE resident, Peggy Coleman, was the winner of the 
Name the Cart Contest with her nomination of "Amigo."  Peggy won the beautiful custom made cheese cutting board made by EE resident, Terry Shay.  Thanks to everyone who submitted names....27 people submitted 52 names...and thanks to the Gardeners who did the voting.  They said "Amigo" won by landslide!
Second Annual EE Easter Golf Cart Parade Next Sunday, April 4

This Sunday, Easter Sunday, Esperanza Estates is having it's Second Annual Easter Parade at 12 pm.
Everyone is welcome to participate, either as a parade participant or as an observer from your driveway...bring a folding chair outside to join in the fun....what's a parade without an audience? The parade is a caravan of EE residents who will gather in vehicles and snake through our neighborhood....waving, honking, shouting greetings, and generally sending Easter good cheer and blessings to all in Esperanza Estates.
  • Dress up (or not) as you wish (both participants and observers)....wear an Easter Bonnet, bow tie, bunny suit, or wherever your imagination takes you
  • Decorate (or not) your vehicle (golf cart, motorcycle, car, bicycle, etc.) with colorful, streamers, Easter/Springish things, American and Arizona or other flags, or whatever you want to do
  • Make a sign or two (or not) with your Easter greeting 
  • No throwing eggs, but tossing a little Easter candy might be ok
  • Participants' vehicles, either golf carts, cars, or other vehicles, will gather at Flag Park around 11:30 on Easter Sunday to line up
  • Parade will start at 12:00 noon
It's a fun EE Easter tradition!  Last year's Easter Parade was a big even made the Green Valley News!  Hope you'll join in!
From Mary Harp
The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday,  March 30, from 9:00 until approximately 10:30 a.m. at Flag Park (corner of Esperanza and Holgado).  Bring tools for clean up, weeding, and bring a mask. 
Wanted:  EE folks who can volunteer to water newer plants during the upcoming hot months.  You are welcome to come to this meeting, we will discuss what is involved and equipment used.  You may also call Rod Harp at 520.329.9103 if you have any questions. 
Beginners Pickleball
From Patty Tracy
The start time for the Beginners Pickleball Group on Tuesdays and Thursdays is changing to 12 pm.  We are hoping the earlier time will fit better with the hotter days and often windy afternoons. 
Food Bank
From Sandy Lavoi
Thanks again to everyone who has been contributing food to the Food Collection bin at our Ramada. Just a reminder, we can only use non-perishable food.  The local Food Bank is greatly appreciative!  
Book Club
The EE Book Club will meet next on April 8, 10 am, at the Ramada.  The April book is Everybody's Son by Thrity Umrigar, discussion leader Kathy Lindeman.
Lost Painted Gourd from Former EE Resident
From April Long
We moved my Mom out of EE a few years ago and had a garage sale. I'd like to find (and buy back) an item we sold that she created. On the right is a picture of one of the small gourds that she painted and is in my possession now. The bottle represents about the height and shape of the one that I'm seeking (closer to maybe 3' tall).  If it is found and the owner is interested in parting with it, they can email me at, or text or call 704.651.3088 and we can figure it out from there!  Thanks in advance!

Green Valley Council Newsletter
The Green Valley Council publishes a weekly newsletter with useful news of our area. For example... 
There has been a recent series of car/garage break-ins as reported in the GV/Sahuarita News. Please access the GVSAV website and check out "Today's Safety Tip." In addition, new seasonal homeowners may want to click on the Home Security Check to participate in this valuable service. 
Check out the GVC Newsletter at this link  You can also sign up to have the newsletter delivered to your email.
Arizona Gets The Most Robocalls!
Shared by Craig Surprise

Source: Lin Miclea, Author
Source: Lin Miclea, Author
Source: Hysterical Society

What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?  "Supplies!"

There is so much anger in the world right now.  Yesterday the tire on a used car kicked me.

When life gives you mold, make penicillin.

There was a knock on my door yesterday and I asked who is it?  He replied, "a Bill collector.  So I gave him a stack from my desk.
Thanks Neighbor Al Prato
Thanks Neighbor Barbara Stockwell
Thanks Neighbor Andy Kramek
Thanks Barbara Stockwell

Source:  Dad Jokes Everywhere
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Let's keep Esperanza Estates laughing!!
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