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August 10, 2020                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
EE Mystery Spot of the Week
Know where this is?
Photo by Hugh Rhine
8:30 AM
7:00-9:00 AM
EXCLUSIVE!!  Fun & Relaxing Pen & Pencil Doodling Activity Being Offered Only In EE...Come and Try It!!
One of our neighbors, Lila Stoffel, has offered to moderate a special (and free) session of a relaxing (and fun) Pen & Pencil Doodling Activity for EE residents on Wednesday, September 9, 3-4 pm. This activity puts focus on your personal thoughts and life experiences. No contests, no analysis, no judgment....just contemplation, relaxation and fun. You'll need to bring a pen or pencil and any kind of paper, plus your memories of people, places and things you've experienced. This activity is based on Lila's 15 yrs. of experience in a project designed to address issues of boredom, isolation and loneliness; issues we've all experienced during this time of the COVID virus. No fee, no prior experience needed. With respect to social distancing, the group size will be limited to 15; one person per table in the EE Ramada. Please wear a mask.  Call Lila if you'd like to attend to the first "Come and Try It" session. 218-731-7694.  All EE residents are welcome!
Non-Resident Use of EE Recreation Facilities
All owners are reminded that it is the established policy within Esperanza Estates that visitors are not permitted to use our recreational facilities without presence of the resident owner. The owner must be physically present with guests while they are utilizing any of our facilities. This guest policy is posted and we ask all owners and guests to respect it. Guests not accompanied by an owner will be asked to leave the facilities.
Pool Furniture
Sure would appreciate your help putting our pool furniture back in place before you leave the pool.  That darned furniture must have a life of its own.  We put it back...nice, neat, and organized...and then darned if it doesn't get all messed up again.  Thing is, when the next folks come to use the pool they have to climb around the furniture and put it back in place....not fun and aggravating!  Just the opposite of why we go to the pool, right?  Gonna have to give that furniture (and maybe some pool users) a good "talking to.!"
Gardners Meeting
The Gardeners will have a planning meeting on Tuesday, August 18 at 8 - 9 am at the Ramada.  We plan to wear masks and/or social distance.  If you can help with watering and/or gardening, please call or text Rod Harp at 520.329.9103.  A big thank you to those who helped maintain our parks through the last couple of very hot months.

No Caring Connections report again this week.....
Hope y'all are doing good!  
Have  you checked on a neighbor?
Latest Social Security Scam
Here's the latest in Social Security Scams:
"This message is to inform you that the SSA and Legal Enforcement Agency is filing a legal warrant against your name and your Social Security number for fraudulent activity. The Social Security Administration will never call you or threaten you with arrest. Should you get a call like this, hang up.  If they leave a message like this do not respond.  This is a threatening ploy to alarm you into pressing 1 or calling them back."  
Click here for more information for the Social Security Administration,
Free Pop-up Drive-thru COVID-19 Tests
The Pima County Health Department and Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (AZDEMA) is beginning drive-thru COVID-19 testing this week.  
Testing will be available in Green Valley on Saturday, August 14, at GVR Desert Hills Center, 2980 S Camino Del Sol, from 9 am to 4 pm.  Click here for more locations and information.
Mask Making For Schools
Local schools don't have a date yet for reopening.  However, when they do, students older than 5 and staff will be required to wear masks.  To help the schools prepare, Santa Cruz Valley United Methodist Church is organizing a mask making campaign with the goal of providing 5 masks for every student.  The goal is to make at least 5000 masks to distribute to the students.  If you want to sew but don't have the materials, the church can provide them.  Click here for more information.
Why do melons have weddings? Because they cantaloupe.

What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.
Source:  Thanks EE neighbor, Julie Hunton!
I got kicked out of the Flat Earth Group for asking if this 6 ft. social distancing rule pushed anyone over the edge yet....
Source:  I'm Not Right in the
Did you know?  Nothing starts with N and ends with G!
Source: The UU Hysterical Society Coffee Hour
Do not let them take your temperature going into the store!  It's a scam...they are erasing your memory!  I went in for bread and eggs and came out with Blue Bell ice cream and Snickers!
Source:  Unknown
America's Got Talent Mime With Oven Mitts....funny!
Source:  Thanks EE neighbor, Larry Ogren!
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The Mystery Spot location is a mountain view near the southeast corner of the EE trail. Take a walk on the trail and find this spot. Watch for a new EE Mystery Spot in next week's MMM.
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