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September 7, 2020                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
Mystery Spot
Do you know where in EE this picture was taken?
Photo by Hugh Rhine
8:30 AM
7:00-9:00 AM
Rotary Meeting
The Valle Verde Rotary Club met at our Ramada this past week. This venue was chosen as it is open air and provides room for social distancing and all Covid safety protocols were followed. Before the meeting members of the Club gave the Ramada a thorough cleaning and sanitized all tables and surfaces with a bleach solution. This is the first cleaning our facility has had since the pandemic started 6 months ago. It is now in first class shape and available for use.
Last Call!!
Fun & Relaxing Pen & Pencil Doodling Activity This Wednesday
One of our neighbors, Lila Stoffel, is leading a special (and free) session of a relaxing (and fun) Pen & Pencil Doodling Activity for EE residents on Wednesday, September 9, 3-4 pm. This activity puts focus on your personal thoughts and life experiences. No contests, no analysis, no judgment....just contemplation, relaxation and fun. You'll need to bring a pen or pencil and any kind of paper, plus your memories of people, places and things you've experienced. This activity is based on Lila's 15 yrs. of experience in a project designed to address issues of boredom, isolation and loneliness; issues we've all experienced during this time of the COVID virus. No fee, no prior experience needed. With respect to social distancing, the group size will be limited to 15; one person per table in the EE Ramada. Please wear a mask.  Call Lila at 218-731-7694 or 520-648-0792 if you'd like to attend the first "Come and Try It" session.  Recently, Lila was on vacation and out of touch, so if you haven't been able to reach her, please try again.  
What is that saying we've all heard...."If you're served lemons, make lemonade." No doubt about it...the COVID pandemic has given us a giant double dose of lemons.  And yet, many of us are discovering new interests, trying new things, or enjoying more time with hobbies than we might have without the restrictions COVID has put on our lives.  For example, 
  • Lynn Theder is becoming proficient in using Zoom for "in person" family and friends calls.  Since she's typically not a technology fan, that's not something she would have been likely to explore, now she's almost an expert!
  • Kevin Welsh and Jerzy Siegenfeld have taken up welding. Jerzy has already built a welding table, and Kevin built a wrought iron trellis for the Welsh's front courtyard.
What have you been doing during the COVID pandemic?  
  • Have you taken up a new hobby? Knitting? Painting? Crochet? Writing? Photography? Underwater basket weaving?
  • What good books have you read this summer?

Your neighbors are interested to hear about your latest pursuits.  Please let us know what you've been up Judy Hayes at or call 720-201-9260.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

It's Not Too Late to Respond to the 2020 Census
Source:  Green Valley Council

You only have until Sept. 30 to complete the census form. It's important to know that a complete count of our population is vital to the region.

Does my participation really matter?
Yes, it does. Every missed response costs Arizona and our communities thousands of dollars every year. According to some estimates, one family of four counted in the census can lead to funding for local services and programs that totals $100,000 or more the next decade.

What does an accurate count really achieve?
Census data is vitally important to our region. It is used to determine proper government representation and equitable distribution of public funds to states for needed community programs and services. Schools, housing, health care, roads and public safety programs and services depend on your census participation to receive funds in order to better serve you. Additionally, the private sector uses census data when planning where to build new houses, open new businesses and create new jobs.

Is my data safe?
The U.S. Census Bureau is committed by law, Title 13, to keep your 2020 census responses completely confidential. Each bureau employee takes an oath to protect your personal information for life. Your answers cannot be shared with any other government agency, including law enforcement, and all census data is completely safe and secure.

Click here for information on how to respond either online, by phone, or by mail.
Green Valley Council Reports that Crime and Ridership Down 
Source:  Green Valley Council Newsletter 9/3/20

Statistics from the Sheriff's Office and Green Valley/Sahuarita Sun Shuttle both reflect our more isolated lifestyle over the past several months. In the Green Valley Sheriff's District, homicide was up 100% but that is only because there was 1 homicide in the past six months versus none during the same period last year. Vehicle theft was also up but so was recovery of the vehicles. Still, the total vehicle thefts for the Green Valley District was only 10, with 5 of those recovered. All other serious crimes were down. Of the somewhat lesser crimes, only controlled substances and runaway juveniles were up. Maybe we are "self-medicating" but controlled substance arrests went from 10 last year to 20 this year. Despite or maybe because we are home most of the time, fraud cases dropped 16%, other assaults dropped 40%, sex offenses dropped 50% and liquor law violations dropped 100%. 
Sun Shuttle Route 421 (Green Valley/Sahuarita to Tucson) plus Dial- A-Ride ridership for Green Valley and Sahuarita dropped over 50% from January to April. Ridership and Dial -A-Ride inched up in May and June but not near the previous levels. 


My wife didn't order anything from Amazon yesterday, 
so the UPS guy knocked on our door just to see if we were okay.
Source: Just For Jokes 
I've decided I'm going to avoid everything that makes me fat...
pictures, mirrors, scales...
Source: Grandma Funnies
When you are at the checkout line and they ask you if you found everything, 
say, "Why? Are you hiding stuff?"
I always carry a knife in my purse.  You know, in case of a cheesecake or something.
Source: Happy Living 
When a turtle loses it's shell, is it naked or is it homeless?
Source:  Aussie Slang
Please share your jokes....Judy Hayes at  
Let's keep Esperanza Estates laughing!!
The Mystery Spot location is the ceramic turtle at Mountain View Park in EE. 
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