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April 27, 2020                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
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Who knew towels could be so entertaining?
Click here for the Towel Dance
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For the second half of this quarantine do we have to stay with the same family, or can we rotate?  Asking for a friend.
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ANOTHER WOODEN BALL!  Would it kill the makers of avocados to put a different toy inside?
Source:  The UU Hysterical Society Coffee Hour
Now that I've lived during a plague, I get why most Renaissance paintings are of chubby women laying around with the boobs out.
Source:  Be Happy
For the second half of this quarantine do we have to stay with the same family, or do we get to rotate?  Just asking for a friend.
Source:  Be Happy
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Let's keep Esperanza Estates laughing!!
The Gardeners work party will be suspended until October.  If you are around during the summer and can help with watering and some pruning,  please call or text Rod Harp at  520.329.9103.  Thank you to all of you who have helped during this last season, it's your participation that makes this a wonderful community to live in. 
Have You Traveled to Your Summer Home?
How has the Coronavirus quarantine affected your plans to travel to your Summer homes?  Have you delayed your trip, or have you already gone?  We are interested to hear what it was like traveling cross country during this extraordinary pandemic time.  What experiences did you have?  Please drop us a note and share your pandemic adventure with us at  
MMM May Be Shorter
With the Covid quarantine, it's increasingly challenging to find relevant and interesting articles to include in the the MMM.  This issue almost included a series of bullet points about the increasingly warmer desert weather; a scientific study of the time it took to do the dishes compared to the day before; and the characteristics and personality of the lethargic laundry pile that refuses to dive into the washer.  Summers in EE are typically slow....but self isolation this summer is.....well, you have your own version of that.  Please send over articles, topics, or other information that you are interested in to, and stop us from airing our "dirty laundry."
A big Shout Out to Kevin Welsh for setting up the EEHOA Board meeting on Zoom and thanks to the neighbors for their patience while we worked through some of the technical issues. We will keep this 'tool' in our 'kit' for future use and certainly until we can return to meeting in person.
Many thanks to Phil and Sandy LaVoi who have taken over delivering the food contributions we leave in the Ramada to the Green Valley Food Bank.  They just stepped in and quietly took over that task.  The Food Bank appreciates the contributions, and we appreciate everything you do!
And a well deserved Shout Out to Donna Shay.  For a long time, Donna has been busy nearly every day making soup, spaghetti sauce, cookies, and delivering her goodies and flowers to folks in Esperanza Estates who need a little help or even just a little cheer.  Donna is one of our Angels of Mercy in EE....thanks Donna!
24-Hour Help Line For Seniors 
Arizona has a 24-hour help line for seniors who need help obtaining groceries.   
   Call 602-264-4357
Even if you don't need this assistance, please share this number with someone who may need it.
Helping Our Esperanza Estates Neighbors 
Just a reminder that if you are beginning to find that you need help with shopping, food, running errands, or even walking your dog, please let us know.  We have EE neighbors who have volunteered to help.  Just contact Judy Hayes, 720-201-9260,, and we'll arrange for someone to help out.
Excerpt from "EE History: Original Home Models and Prices"
By Cynthia Surprise, April, 2013
EE leaped off Earl Whigham's drawing board in 1976 and became a reality when construction began in 1977. Originally, buyers could choose from seven models. But as people began to modify the designs, the number of floor plans grew to thirteen, several of which are one-of-a-kind. According to EE's sales literature, each floor plan was "carefully planned for comfortable, carefree living with the accent on roominess and convenience." In 1984, a survey was taken of the 320 homes constructed by that year. The results showed the model 263, a two-bedroom home with about 1500 square feet, to be the top seller. The model 300 put in a close second place showing, having three bedrooms and slightly over 1750 square feet of living area. The model 321 placed third and the model200, found in quads, placed fourth on the 1984 sales list. The standard prices for the seven original models in 1979 and 1984 were:

Model Number
1979 1984
200 $42,900 $72,400
199 $45,900 $80,500
210 $50,900 $83,000
321 $42,900 $76,000
300 $55,400 $99,900
263 $45,900 $81,000
182 $46,900 $92,600

The 300 and 199 are three-bedroom models, the others have two bedrooms.
EE's 1976 sales literature invited buyers to "discover the stimulating world of Esperanza Estates," promising it would be "a move you'll never regret." Years later, those words still hold true.
Tucson Sewer Vacant Rate
Were you aware that Tucson Sewer offers a 'vacant rate' for sewer service?  Craig Surprise recently discovered that when disconnecting sewer service.   Unlike Trico power and Community Water who have meters, Tucson Sewer billing  is a flat-rate amount monthly.   When Craig called to cancel sewer service,  the lady at the sewer company arranged to refund  part of what he'd just paid because the house had been empty.  The number to  call is associated with Tucson Wastewater (520) 724-6609.
Trico Electric Annual Meeting
Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Trico will conduct the Annual Meeting by telephone conference on May 5, 2020 at 10 a.m. instead of an in-person meeting. It will be a business meeting only, with presentations intended to inform Members about the performance and condition of Trico. Candidate speeches and other elements will not be part of the program.   Click here to view bios of the candidates, scroll down to the February 2020 Livewire, page 3.
There are three ways that you can vote in these elections:
  • Vote Electronically at
  • Request a Ballot by Telephone and Return the Ballot to Trico by Mail
  • Request a Ballot by Telephone and Return the Ballot to Trico's Headquarters
In order to be counted, your votes must be received by Trico on or before  April 28, 2020 at 5:00 p.m
8:00-10:00 AM
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