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Monday Morning Memo

May 4, 2020                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ

I'm giving up eating chocolate for a month.  
Sorry, bad punctuation....
I'm giving up.  Eating chocolate for a month.
Source: Gary Butler
Home School Day 22:
My child asked why I was talking to myself. I told her it was a Parent/Teacher Conference.
Source:  Lilsea Collier 
Social Distancing Blues.....
Grocery stores are getting crazy.  First one way I saw a DUI checkpoint in the wine section.  If they do emissions testing, I'm in trouble.
Source:  More Crazy Stuff
Potatoes make french fries, potato chips, and vodka.  It's like the other vegetables aren't even trying!
Source:  Sally Cotrell
Finally, Blonde Men Jokes!
  • A blonde man is in the bathroom and his wife shouts, "Did you find the shampoo?"  He answers, "Yes, but I don't know what to's for dry hair and I just wet mine."
  • A blonde man spots a letter on his doormat.  It says on the envelope DO NOT BEND. He spends the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to pick it up.
  • A blonde man shouts frantically into the phone, "My wife is pregnant, and her contratctions are only 2 minutes apart."  "Is this her first child?" asks the doctor. "No," he shouts, "this is her husband!"

Source:  Fuzzy Snail

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The weekly Gardeners work party is suspended until October.  However, some gardening work is continuing.  If you are around during the summer and can help with watering and some pruning,  please call or text Rod Harp at  520.329.9103.  
EE Pool
Our EE pool is still closed...darn! The Arizona governor has issued a second COVID-19 ruling which extends the Shelter-In-Place order through May 15, and leaves the issue of when we can reopen our pool in doubt. So...the pool will remain closed pending further advice as to when it can legally be reopened. Our information at this time suggests this is at least an additional two weeks out. Our EE Board is monitoring this closely, and will be prepared to reopen it as soon as we get authorization.
Help Needed with Sunset Park Fountain
Needed: A volunteer with a strong back to help reassemble the Sunset Park fountain and install a new pump. Job will take about an hour. Day and time subject to your schedule. If available call Tom at 399-0455. Your reward will be the neighborhoods' thanks.
Time to Trim the Tall Palms
It's time to have your Palm trees trimmed; the deadline in Esperanza Estates is June 30. The dry fronds are a fire hazard during monsoon season, and a spark can catch them on fire in an instant.   The fronds do grow back rather quickly. Homeowners can hire anyone they desire to do the work.  EE has an agreement with Monstrosity Tree Service (520-320-7131)  for $70/tree  which they will honor for everyone in EE (price-per-tree is higher than last year). Trees untrimmed by June 30 will be trimmed by the HOA, and homeowners will be billed $80/tree .  Please call Cyndie Alto 509-881-7569 with questions.
 Caring Connections this week.....
  • Ken and Kay Miller's home at 949 Regalo is finally repaired after their water damage back in January, and they are in the process of moving in.  Ken is out of the hospital and doing better.  
  • Neighbors are planning to give Ken and Kay a "Welcome Home Drive By/Walk By Shout Out" on Tuesday, May 5, at 1 pm.  Join in and drive/walk by their home at 949 Regalo wearing your mask and staying socially distanced.  It's great to have them back in the neighborhood!  
EE Walkers Set Good Example
Our EE neighbor, Lynn Theder, is an avid walker.  She commented that when she walks early, around 6:30 am, she usually sees 30 or so people out walking our neighborhood.  She's noticed that folks are taking care of each other.  They are cautious to practice social distancing and most are wearing masks.  Good News!  We knew we are an exemplary neighborhood!
House Call Dentist
Another EE neighbor, Joel Johannes, recently had a remarkable Dentist experience.  In the past Joel had an unpleasant crossing back into the US at the Nogales border.  So, when Joel and his wife, Joan, visited the Clinica Denta Del Sol in Nogales recently, they were disappointed to learn that they would need a followup visit.  But, no problem, Dr. Jose Gonzales (520-599-2326) came to the rescue.  He made a visit to their home, brought along the dental tools needed, and finished up the dental work right there....and all for about a quarter of what it would have cost in the US.  Now that's a good old fashioned house call doctor!
Drive By Joke Stand
Callaghan McLaughlin, 6 years old, loves jokes so much that the Canadian 6-year-old, quarantined at home in Saanich, British Columbia, set up a "drive-by/walk-by joke stand" in his driveway for passersby to enjoy - from a safe distance, of course. 
Callaghan's mom shares that every spring and summer break the family makes a list of things they want to do. "'Lemonade stand' is always top of the list," she says. "Obviously this time around things were a bit different so we had to come up with an idea for how he could still be out in the community but still be physically distant." She put the two ideas together and, bam, joke stand.  
Source:  Yahoo!Life
109 Year Old Woman Survived the 1918 Pandemic
The flu outbreak of 1918 remains the deadliest pandemic in modern history. As the novel coronavirus has spread, it has drawn comparisons to the 1918 flu pandemic. Although that was more than 100 years ago, one North Texas woman remembers it well. "I had it too," said Kerens resident Jewell Hutson. "I didn't feel well at all."  Hutson was seven years old when the 1918 flu pandemic broke out. Today, she's 109 and still remembers how it felt.
Source:  ABC News
Good News!
We want to continue this Good News section in the MMM.  Please share anything in your life that is keeping you positive...things you've seen,  experiences you've had, things you've read, family news, etc.   We are immersed in the bad news of this terrible pandemic every day.  It's nice to have a little good news. Send it to Judy Hayes,, or call me at 720-201-9260.
Costco Senior Hours
Effective Monday, May 1, Costco senior hours are changing to 9-10 am Monday through Friday.  And, no one will be allowed in unless they are wearing a mask. 
Tips for Staying Healthy in the High Temperatures
The Center for Disease Control has some tips for preventing heat related illnesses including stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay informed.  It's excellent advice and worth a read, even for those of us who have been through a high temps before.  Click here to read about it.
GVR Facilities Remain Closed
In a recent announcement from GVR, they stated: "In alignment with Arizona Governor Ducey's recent public instruction to Arizona Businesses, GVR centers will remain CLOSED. Our reopening date is to be determined and will be announced through GVR eBlasts and our website.
All of GVR's May classes have been canceled.
8:00-10:00 AM
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