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Monday Morning Memo

March 9, 2020                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
Ramada Sale Is A Neighborhood Success Story
The results are in, and this year's Ramada Sale raised $4,087.83!  From May 1999 to present, Enhancement fundraisers have raised a total of $78,952.75!  All of the funds are  returned to Esperanza Estates in the form of beautification and improvements to our neighborhood.  A big shout-out  for a terrific job to this year's Ramada Sale Chairpersons, Marian Mundale and Deborah Wright.  Marian and Deborah want to extend a  big thank you to residents for their generous donations and to the volunteers who helped move the donated items to the Ramada last Friday.   Also, thanks to the Enhancement Committee, who spent numerous hours over the last few months marking items on Wednesdays and setting up and working the sale on Friday and Saturday.   This is recycling at its best...EE residents donate items, and EE volunteers work to turn those items into significant funds used to enhance Esperanza Estates.  What a neighborhood success story!
Weed Spraying
EE's weed control equipment is operational once again, and we are vigorously pursuing weeds in our common areas until all the areas have been treated.  Just a reminder....e ach home owner is responsible for their own yard except the quad yards common area.  Weed removal is required by o ur CCRs, and our Board policy is that people who do not comply will have the weeds removed at their expense.   if for financial or health reasons it is impossible for an owner to comply with weed removal, help is available for the asking, simply call 399-0455.  We spotted Tom Cooke in the neighborhood spraying weeds...thanks Tom!
Mule Muffled
Thanks to   Steve Alto, David George, and Rod Harp , the muffler on the Mule, EE's recently acquired garden tractor, has been replaced.  The old muffler was shot, needed replacement, and presented a safety and noise issue.  It will take more than the need for a muffler transplant to keep the EE Mule down!   Great job, Guys!
Afternoon Aqua Aerobics...Change to M, W, F
Aqua Aerobics exercise will be meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2 pm at the Ramada pool (instead of M,W, Th) from now on.  We've had a good response this past week, even in the cooler weather.  If you have water weight dumbbells, please bring them.  There are a few sets at the pool to be borrowed, so don't let it stop you if you don't have your own.   We hope more will choose to join us, including men!! Top benefits of Aqua Aerobics... 
  1. Water supports the body, putting less stress on your joints and muscles.
  2. Working out in water helps build strength.  Fighting against the push of the water activates your muscles.
  3. Water pressure helps put less stress on the heart by moving blood around the body.
  4. The impact of gravity is less in the water, allowing a greater range of motion.
  5. Working out in the water helps prevent overheating, helping you exercise for longer periods of time
  6. It's fun!  This is a great way to meet your neighbors and have some fun while working out!!!
Gardeners Work Party
The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday, March 10, at 9:00 am at the Wright Residence at 202 Napa to remove some plants for transplanting.  We'll then take them to other locations to plant.  Please bring a rake, shovel, clippers, gloves and a bucket, if you have them.  Any ideas for future projects, share them with Rod Harp at or text him at 520.329.9103.  New members are always welcome.  Note:  If it is raining, the meeting will be postponed to the following week.
Book Club Meets This Week
The Book Club will be meeting at the  Ramada on Tuesday, March 10, at 1 pm  to discuss  Educated  by Tara Westover.  The discussion will be lead this week by Marla Ries.  Please call Linda Sielken, 908-240-1887, with questions.
Fiber Arts 
The Fiber Arts group will work on grouting their mosaic flower pots at their meeting this week,  Thursday, 1 pm, at the Ramada.  Please call Bernie Olson, 920-254-9277, with questions.
No-Host Happy Hour 
No-Host Happy Hour is this  Friday at the Ramada, at 4 pm .  Everyone brings their own drinks, an munchie to share with your hungry neighbors, and your own plates and utensils.  We eat, drink, be merry, and then everyone pitches in on the clean up. Hope you can join in!
St. Patrick's Day Baked Potato Bar 
"The whole world is Irish on St. Patrick's Day"!  The Hospitality Committee invites you to join us for a  Baked Potato Bar on Tuesday, March 17, at the Ramada.  Dinner will be baked potatoes and you will load them with a choice of toppings, including taco meat, cheese, sour cream, chives, onions, butter.  The price of the dinner is $7.00, which includes dessert.  Beverages are complimentary, and include wine, beer, soda and bottled water.  Please join us for  Happy Hour at 4:30Dinner will be served at 5:00.  We encourage wearing of the green!  Mark your calendars!
Caring Connections is an opportunity to share news about an EE neighbor who may be experiencing a serious health issue or other difficult life event, so neighbors can connect and offer a hand or send a message of cheer.  I f   you know of a situation or would like to inform neighbors about your own situation, please contact Judy Hayes at 720-201-9260,, with the information and any special requests or needs.   MMM will follow up to obtain approval to mention it in the newsletter.

This week's Caring Connection....
  • Ben Sheffield, 1148 Circulo Del Sur, passed away on March 3.  Ben was very active in the HOA, served several terms on the Board including serving as President, and was instrumental in starting up what became EE's Enhancement Team.  Our sincere condolences to Ben's wife, Mona, and the Sheffield family.  No services are planned.
Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers Open House
You are invited to the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers (SAV) Open House, Wednesday, March 11, from 1-4 pm, at 601 N LaCanada Dr, Green Valley.   Come take a tour, share a fun afternoon with the SAV dedicated volunteers, and enjoy some refreshments.
*   Come see how SAV Volunteers track what's happening in our communities
*   Learn about the free services offered to our community
*   Tour the facilities
*   Check out and sit in the Patrol Cars
*   See where SAV programs operate:  SCAM Squad, Finger Printing, Telecare,          Neighborhood Watch and More....
Please call Karen White with questions, 503-347-1730 (cell), or 520-648-3993.
Number for Amazon Package Delivery
Here's some good information from our good friend, Craig Surprise, regarding notification about delivery of Amazon packages.  Here's Craig's account of what he experienced...
"I received a call on my cell phone yesterday afternoon from (206) 922-0193.
Because the number wasn't in the Contacts list on my phone, all the display said was 'Seattle, WA', so I waited for the caller to leave a message to allow me to identify them. Anyone doing business with Amazon may want to add that number to their Contacts list. It's the number that Amazon uses to notify you that you have a package coming, and that you may receive a message from their driver looking for directions to your home.  That's something that can happen even in Green Valley, because the mapping app that the Amazon drivers use to get directions doesn't always point them in the right direction."
Corona Virus Do's and Don'ts
For a good summary on WebMD of of the Do's and Don'ts to slow down the spread of the Corona Virus  click here.  As you probably know, the top three are:  DO wash your hands frequently; DON'T touch your face; and DO stay away from sick persons.
GVR Board Election
Voting for the GVR Board Election is open through March 19, 2020.   E lection and candidate information is available on the GVR website at  
  • Thursday, March 12, 2020 9:30am Candidate Forum - Santa Rita Springs Anza Room 
  • Monday, March 16, 2020 Voter Assistance Day - East Center
  • Thursday, March 19, 2020 Voting deadline paper and electronic ballots
  • March 25, 2020 Annual Meeting of the Corporation, election results announced
9:00 AM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
1:00 PM
9:00 AM
Monday Morning Memo Submission Deadline
Have an EE organization item that needs to appear in the next MMM? Please submit your information by Friday evening to Judy Hayes, 720-201-9260, You don't need to write the article, just give us the facts. If an urgent, last-minute situation arises after the deadline, please call to let us know you're sending information.
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