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February 15, 2021                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
1 PM
Sandhill Cranes
Whitewater Draw South of Winslow AZ
photos by Kitty Dunlap and Judy Hayes
EEHOA Board Meeting Today
The February EEHOA meeting will be Monday, February 15, at 1 pm via Zoom.  All EE residents are invited, and encouraged, to attend.  The meeting will be held online via Zoom at the link below.  These meetings are an excellent way to learn what's going on in Esperanza Estates.  Please see the agenda below.  Hope you will be able to attend.
Topic: EEHOA 2/15/2021
Time: Feb 15, 2021 12:30 Arizona
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Gardeners Canceled This Week
From Mary Harp
The Gardeners meeting for this week, Tuesday, Feb 16, is canceled for a forecasted weather front and appointment conflicts.
EE "Shuffle" Pickleball
From Jim Gardner
I am looking for participants to play in a "Shuffle" for Intermediate and above players on Sunday afternoon February 21 starting at 1:30. We did an informal trial of this and had some fun and great competitive games. Participants asked if we could schedule another, so this is my attempt get the word out to all the players in the neighborhood.
  • 16 slots available
  • Intermediate and above players (self evaluate)
  • We will use the Franklin ball
If you are interested please email Jim Gardner at or call Jim at 952-232-7555.  The list will be filled in the order of sign up.
Westside Welcome Wednesday, February 24
From Katty Liddle
In an effort to help folks get to know their next door neighbors, I am coordinating a Westside outdoor social event for folks on Circulo del Sur, Calle Excelso, and Circulo del Norte, and folks living on the west side of Holgado. It will be Westside Welcome Wednesday on the last Wednesday of the month, Feb 24th, at Pizza Oven Park at 12:30 pm.  Please bring your own lunch and a folding chair.  Covid protocol will be observed.  With enough interest, we could make this a monthly event.  If you are interested in helping coordinate, please call Katy Liddle, 520-222-7216.
Recent Electric Power Outage
From Barbara Stockwell, Trico Board
You will likely recall the electric outage we had a couple of weeks ago. The reason  the afternoon outage was fairly long was that the entire Green Valley substation was taken down by a "misguided" bird which flew into a breaker.  The breaker was on the transmission (input) side coming from the Bicknell substation.  The bird was probably exploded into powder. Substations take special training and equipment, so our four linemen who work out of the Trico "outpost" just north of Duval Mine Rd. on La CaƱada were probably there, but had to wait for a substation crew and a new breaker.  So, we had a lot of our members out as several distribution lines come out of the sub.  I got this update from one of the Trico managers. It probably would have been more interesting from the linemen! 

Barbara Stockwell Retiring from Trico Electric Coop Board
Barbara Stockwell, an EE resident, is retiring after many years serving on our electrical utility's Board of Directors. All of Esperanza Estates is served by Trico Electric Cooperative, now called Trico Energy Cooperative.  Our district is many times the largest of seven served, but has the smallest population with the least growth.  Trico is growing by about a thousand new meters a year.  Voting for a new Board member will be on the Trico website.  Many thanks to Barbara for representing us and for her service on the Board.
Covid Vaccinations
I've received a request to publish a comprehensive list of Covid vaccination online sign up sites and phone numbers in the MMM.  As it's a bit of a fluid situation, it's tough to provide that.  The vaccine locations, phone numbers, and vaccine availability cause things to change.  Below is a list of information that I know of, but it's not complete, and I can't guarantee it won't change.  The Green Valley Council advised that Green Valley did not receive a vaccine allotment last week, February 8-12, 2021, which prevented residents from signing up for GV locations.  By the way, we had our first Covid shots at Banner South last Friday, and it was a very smooth through and only took about 30 minutes, including the waiting period after the shot....not half bad!
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