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July 12, 2021                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
7:00 AM

Mystery Spot
Do you know where this is in Esperanza Estates?
Photo by Hugh Rhine
Reminder About Parking Rules
It's the season to break out our recreation vehicles and equipment.  Just a reminder that in Esperanza Estates, RV's, boats, or trailers are not allowed to be parked on the streets of EE for a period longer than 48 hours.  Your neighbors appreciate your compliance with this rule.
Mice Under Your Pavers?
Anyone know how to get rid of mice burrowing under the pavers in our yards?  This question came up on our street the other day.  We don't really want to kill them, especially when they are in the common areas, but would like to encourage them to dig a home somewhere else.  Please send me your thoughts,  I'll print the answers next week.
Green Valley's Haboob
Who knew we would experience a rare haboob in Green Valley last Saturday evening!  Several people have commented that it was the first haboob they were aware of in Green Valley.  It was quite an experience, and the subsequent rain and lightning show was something to behold.  We had a tornado watch with yellow sky, reports of hail and washed out roads, broken and downed tree limbs, and debris in the streets. The two or three hour electricity outing just at dusk sent us scurrying....hunting for flashlights and candles.  Here's  a video that Bart Kolodziejczak, Mission Twin Buttes, posted on YouTube of the haboob storm.  It was one of those memorable weather events that got our blood pumping and will keep us telling the story for a while.
Pima County Department of Environment Quality Issues Ozone Air Pollution Advisory
Source: Pima County, July 9, 2021

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality is issuing a High Pollution Advisory 
for ground-level ozone air pollution for the Tucson metropolitan area. Individuals who are especially sensitive to air pollution may experience shortness of breath, coughing, throat irritation, wheezing and breathing discomfort. It is possible that ozone levels may be elevated this weekend, if weather conditions are similar.
If you are especially sensitive to ozone, you may want to limit your level of exertion outside between noon and 6 p.m. when elevated levels of ozone pollution are more likely to occur. Intense physical outdoor activity causes faster and deeper breathing, which allows ozone to penetrate into the parts of the lungs that are more likely to be injured.

Those who are most likely to be sensitive to ozone include children, people with respiratory disease, adults who are active outdoors, and certain individuals who have an unusual sensitivity to this particular pollutant.
There are many types of emissions that contribute to the creation of ground-level ozone. Motor vehicle exhaust, industrial and power plant emissions, gasoline vapors, chemical solvents, as well as natural sources, emit oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds that form ozone in the presence of intense sunlight and heat.
Actions to reduce the production of ground level ozone:
  • Reduce driving - combine errands into one trip.
  • Ride the bus, walk or share a ride with friends and family.
  • Avoid idling your vehicle's engine.  It wastes gas and causes air pollution.
  • During the summer, re-fuel your car after 6 p.m. when vapors are less likely to form ozone.
  • While re-fueling, always stop at the click.
  • Make sure your gas cap is tightly sealed after re-fueling.
  • Avoid using gas powered lawn and gardening equipment.
  • Check your tire pressure monthly to reduce gasoline use and associated pollution.
  • Conserve electricity to reduce emissions from power plants.
PDEQ's Clean Air Program works to educate Pima County residents about potential health effects associated with elevated levels of air pollution and to promote actions to reduce air pollution levels.  Air pollution information is available online at the PDEQ website. To receive air pollution advisories, sign up here.
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Source: Courageous Companions
Thanks Neighbor Jeff Ries

Clever Signs

Thanks neighbor Eva Moller!!

Source: David Vorhees
Thanks neighbor Jeff Ries

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The Mystery Spot is in a front yard on Regalo.  Very cute!!
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