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Monday Morning Memo

March 2, 2020                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ


The Annual Ramada Sale is Saturday, March 7th, 7 am-12 pm.  EE residents will get a first look at th e Earl y B ird sale on Friday, March 6t h from 4:00-5: 00 pm.  According to our Enhancement Committee, there is a treasure trove of fabulous items this year!  All of the proceeds go back into beautifying our neighborhood .  
The final day for  d onations is Wednesday morning, March 4, from 9:00 to 11:00 am.  Please bring items to the shed next to the Pickleball Courts.  If you are unable to donate on Wednesday please call Marian Mundale at 520-625-2238 or Deborah Wright at 425-870-0247 for pick-up. 
For baked goods donations, call Jane Ellingson at 625-7782, Barb McCalpin at 867-8067 or Sandi Oster at 625-0039.     
For jewelry donations , call Robin Lockwood at 612-618-5582 or Vera Gates at 415-235-8685.   Please note we are not able to take laptop computers and printers, TVs, cables, mattresses, hide-a-beds, clothing, paints or chemicals
Good Neighbors!
Thanks to all of the EE neighbors who responded to last week's note about parking rules in Esperanza Estates.  Your help is greatly appreciated.
Speaking of CCR's....
If you'd like to review Esperanza Estates' CCR's (Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions) a copy of our CCR document can be found on our websiteThis is a legal document which our Board is bound by law to enforce. It could be called the rules by which we live in our neighborhood, and it is important that each owner have a working knowledge of its contents. Direct any questions you may have about the CCR's to any Board member.
Another Significant Enhancement
Have you wondered what EE's Enhancement Team does? Their accomplishments are pretty remarkable. Enhancement's primary purpose is to raise funds for the improvement of Esperanza Estates, and their Ramada Sale each year raises funds that are used exclusively for projects within Esperanza Estates.  Recently they were even able purchase a small tractor.  So here's how that happened....Enhancement organized the Ramada Sale; the EE residents contributed items for sale; the funds raised were used to purchase the tractor for the EE Gardeners (licensed to the EEHOA) who are maintaining EE's parks and for other EE projects; and EE residents' are being repaid for their donations to the Ramada Sale through the beautification of our neighborhood parks! Now that's teamwork!
Hospitality Committee Meeting Today
The Hospitality Committee will meet today, Monday, March 2 at 11:00 am at the  Ramada to discuss next two events on our season's calendar.  If you are interested in joining the committee, please feel free to join us on Monday!
Afternoon Water Aerobics is Back!
Please join Robin Lockwood and Penny Huculak at the pool for afternoon water aerobics, beginning today, Monday, March 2 at 2 pm.  They will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at 2 PM (with no rain and temps above 62 degrees.)  These days and times are up for negotiation.  Robin and Penny will lead you through warm up exercises, deep water exercises and cool down exercises.  Once these routines have been established, we hope this will become a group effort, with others taking over the lead on days that Penny and Robin cannot be there.  If you have your own aquatic exercise dumbbells, please bring them.  Oth erwise the community does own a number of sets that are available to borrow.   
Gardeners Work Party
The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday, March 3, at 9:00 am at Wishing Well Park (Next to 107 S. Napa) to do some clean up at the park.  After that, we will clean up at Monument Park around the corner.  Please bring a rake, shovel, clippers, gloves and a bucket, if you have them.  Any ideas for future projects, share them with Rod Harp at or text him at 520.329.9103.  New members are always welcome.
Fiber Arts Goes Mosaic 
Because of set up for the Ramada Sale, this week the Thursday Fiber Arts Group will meet at Barbara Copeland's, 1011 W  Calle Del Regalo, at 1 pm.  Mosaic clay pots will be the project.  Please bring  a clay pot in a size of your choice.  Barbara has a few pots and some colored mosaic pieces to share from previous projects, but would welcome more variety.  Barbara is also providing the adhesive.  She has tables and good lighting in her garage, but we'll n eed a few more folding chairs.  This is a good excuse to get your hands dirty, or you could bring plastic gloves....either!!
Book Club Selection
The book selection for the March meeting is  Educated by Tara Westover.  The Book Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Ramada, 1 pm; the next meeting will be March 10.  New members are always welcome.
Time to Revive the Wednesday Night Movie?
Remember the Wednesday Night Movie that we used to have at the Ramada?  The weather got too chilly a few months ago, so we discontinued it.  Now, with warmer days on the horizon, should we resume this popular tradition?   W e need a household, or even a couple of households, to host and supply a movie (DVD).  We used the screen and projection equipment at the Ramada, and will need someone to run the projector.  We gathered in the evening as it began to get dark, and watched a bunch of excellent movies, both newer and older with a variety of genres.  It's a great mid-week activity, entertaining, and occasionally someone brings popcorn!  If you have an interest in being a movie sponsor, please call Jane Ellingson, 520-625-7782.  Jane and Eric were fabulous hosts for a number of years, and they have the scoop!
Caring Connections is an opportunity to share news about an EE neighbor who may be experiencing a serious health issue or other difficult life event, so neighbors can connect and offer a hand or send a message of cheer.  I f   you know of a situation or would like to inform neighbors about your own situation, please contact Judy Hayes at 720-201-9260,, with the information and any special requests or needs.   MMM will follow up to obtain approval to mention it in the newsletter.

This week's Caring Connection....
  • Kay and Ken Miller, 949 Regalo, had severe water damage to their home caused by a crack in the water heater in mid January. They are currently residing at 525 W Vista Hermosa ( off LaCanada near Continental) while the slow process of home repairs takes place. They miss Esperanza and would love to connect with their neighbors.
  • Lois Blacker is still in Rehab at the Santa Cruz Hospital in Green Valley.  She is making progress and is hoping to be able to come come home near the end of this week.  She appreciates the cards and contact from her neighbors.
Bruce & Judy Buursma, 732 Nueva
Last Fall, the Buursma's, from Grand Haven, Michigan, visited their friends, the Hoekema's, (who live on Del Sur); then they bought their unit in EE "sight unseen."  The Buursmas plan to stay January through March this year.  Bruce was a writer, video producer, and newspaper reporter, working for the Chicago Tribune for 11 years.  Judy was a pediatric and visiting nurse who also did community outreach with the homeless.

Laurie Czajkowski and Daniel Farina, 627 Nueva
Laurie was introduced to Green Valley through her Grandmother and Mother who have lived here for a number of years. Laurie wanted to buy a home here and found their townhouse in Esperanza Estates in mid-January.  Now they are fixing up the interior and have plans for the yard as well.   Laurie works in Insurance Software, and Daniel works as a Hearing Specialist for Costco in Illinois and will be here as often as he can.
GVR Board Election
Voting for the GVR Board Election is open through March 19, 2020.   E lection and candidate information is available on the GVR website at  
  • Wednesday, March 4, 2020 - 4pm (MST): EXTENDEDdeadline to request paper ballots
  • Thursday, March 5, 2020 2pm Candidate Forum - Desert Hills Auditorium
  • Friday, March 6, 2020 Voter Assistance Day - Las Campanas
  • Thursday, March 12, 2020 9:30am Candidate Forum - Santa Rita Springs Anza Room 
  • Monday, March 16, 2020 Voter Assistance Day - East Center
  • Thursday, March 19, 2020 Voting deadline paper and electronic ballots
  • March 25, 2020 Annual Meeting of the Corporation, election results announced
11:00 AM
9:00 AM
2:00 PM
9:00 AM
1:00 PM
9:00 AM
Monday Morning Memo Submission Deadline
Have an EE organization item that needs to appear in the next MMM? Please submit your information by Friday evening to Judy Hayes, 720-201-9260, You don't need to write the article, just give us the facts. If an urgent, last-minute situation arises after the deadline, please call to let us know you're sending information.
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