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May 11, 2020                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
Shared by Patti Johnson, EE resident
A man walked into his bank's office to close on his home purchase.  A second man joined them wearing an anti-virus mask, completed some paperwork and departed.  The borrower asked, "Who was that masked man?"  The banker replied, "Why he was the loan arranger". 
Author, Roger Oster, EE resident
At the store, there was an X for me to stand on.  I've seen too many roadrunner cartoons to fall for that crap!
Source:  The Humorous Side of Aging
I have a pencil that used to be owned by William Shakespeare.  But, he chewed it a lot.  Now I can't tell if it's 2B or not 2B.
Source: The Humortrain 
Tap vs. Irish Dance
This isn't funny..but entertaining and 
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Quiet Hours
With the arrival of hot weather, contractors want to start early.  Some time ago, EE adopted a "quiet hours" policy to protect h omeowners' right to the "quiet enjoyment" of their property. Sawing, hammering, and loud equipment noise is generally not permitted from 5 pm to 7 am.  By havi ng standardized hours, we avoid complaints and provide guidelines for homeowners with noisy hobbies/activities and when engaging contractors.  The EEHOA follows this policy with regards to our landscaping contractor.  If there is a valid reason for an exception to be made, i.e. emergency, general safety or a climate/temperature related technology issue for the job being done, please contact an EEHOA board member.   When exceptions are made, a notice is usually published to alert homeowners of a temporary event.
The weekly Gardeners work party is suspended until October.  However, some gardening work is continuing.  If you are around during the summer and can help with watering and some pruning,  please call or text Rod Harp at  520.329.9103.  
Sunset Park Fountain is Repaired
The Sunset Park fountain is operational again and equipped with a new pump. Many thanks to Al Prato for helping to put it back together and to Mary Grgich for helping to always keep the water fresh and clean.
Book Club
The May Book Club is cancelled.  The book was to be Every Note Played by Lisa Genova.  Linda Sielken says, "If this is like her previous books (one being Inside the O'Briens) this should a great book, too."  For future reading, please send Linda your book ideas.  
A suggestion for reading this summer is Pieces of Her by Karin exciting one and very intriguing.  Please call Linda at 908-240-1887 with questionsl
Caring Connections this week....
  • We didn't receive any reports for Caring Connections this week, but here's  thought...many of our neighbors who struggle with serious chronic illnesses daily are in the Ultra-High Risk group for Covid-19.  For them, it will likely be a long time before it will be safe for them to venture much at all outside of their homes.  For these folks, avoiding depression can be a daily struggle.  if you know of a neighbor in this group, perhaps consider reaching out to them via phone or even with a masked, socially distanced wave and chat.  
  • We asked our grandson, who is here during the quarantine, his impression of Esperanza Estates.  He said, "The birds are very interesting, the desert flowers are beautiful, but especially the people in EE are very nice and friendly."  Yes, this is a great place to be.
There Are Men Making Masks!
Here is a piece from Thao Tiedt, President of the Green Valley Council...."Last week I wondered if there were Men Making Masks in our community. You answered me. There are 4 young men and 6 young women at the Amado Youth Center who have made over 400 masks. Thanks young people for understanding compassion and community and acting accordingly! There is also a gentleman in Green Valley who single handedly has made over 300 masks that he has provided to our Hospital, the Fire Department and St. Mary's Hospital. Thanks, sir, for what you contributed to help first responders and health care workers stay safe!"
Couple Spends What Would Have Been Their Wedding Day Gathering Donations for Food Bank
They planned on walking down the aisle last weekend, but instead, Sara Pagano and Brian Fenley spent Saturday collecting donations from family and friends for a local food bank. The Babylon, New York, couple had to postpone their wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic, but still wanted to do something positive that day. They heard that the Island Harvest Food Bank was struggling to keep up with demand, and decided to hold the Future Fenley's Food Drive. On Saturday, with Pagano wearing a white dress and Fenley in a suit, the couple drove from house to house, safely picking up food and monetary donations from friends and family. They raised $5,000 for Island Harvest, and dropped their donations off Tuesday. "I couldn't have imagined having to cancel my wedding and having such a great day," Pagano told Newsday. "I'm overwhelmed by the love and generosity of the people I've chosen to surround myself with." 
Library Curbside Pickup May Be Coming  
The GVR Council has reported that the Pima County Library System is working on plans for curbside book pickup which may become available by mid-May. The pickup applies to books people have put on "hold". The person with the book on hold would be notified when the book is available. The person could then receive the book through a curbside book pickup service at selected libraries.  There is also a plan in the works to allow guests limited computer access.  

Watch Out For Snakes!
The hot weather is bringing the snakes out, and according to the Green Valley News, they have been especially active in the last week. Our Green Valley Fire Department is averaging 20-25 snake calls a day.  Snakes are particularly active in the mornings and evenings as temperatures rise.   Click here to read more.
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