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November 23, 2020                Esperanza Estates                    Green Valley, AZ
9:00 AM
9:00 AM
8:00-10:00 AM
1:00 PM
Turkey Trot Parade, This Friday November 27!!
The First Annual Esperanza Estates Turkey Trot Golf Cart Parade will beFriday, November 27, at 1 pm.  The parade is a caravan of EE residents who gather in vehicles (masked and appropriately distanced apart) and snake through our neighborhood....waving, honking, shouting "Happy Thanksgiving" greetings, and generally sending good cheer and blessings to all in Esperanza Estates.
  • Everyone welcome....either as a parade participant or as an observer from your driveway.  Bring a folding chair outside to join in the fun....what's a parade without watchers?
  • Participants' carts, cars, bikes, or other vehicles, will gather at Flag Park around 12:45 pm on Friday, November 27 to line up
  • Parade will start at 1:00 pm 
  • Dress up (or not) as you wish (both participants and observers)....wear a Turkey suit, Pilgrim costume, War Bonnet headdress, or whatever (G rated of course).
  • Anyone want to be our Santa for the Thanksgiving Parade?
  • Decorate (or not) your vehicle with colorful Fall and Thanksgiving decorations....leaves, flowers, streamers, pumpkins, flags....whatever you want to do
  • Make a sign or two (or not) with your Thanksgiving greeting
  • No throwing left-over turkey or pumpkin pie, but tossing a little candy might be ok.
Hope you'll join in!  For questions, call Terry and Donna Shay, 815-690-6178 (T) or 815-243-3402 (D)

Mark your calendars....
The next EE Golf Cart Parade will be the Jingle Bells Golf Cart Parade, Dec 17, for Christmas!
"Holiday Bling" Arts and Crafts Driveway Sale
This year, the Annual EE Arts and Crafts sale will be on Saturday, December 5 with a new twist to accommodate COVID-19 precautions.  Instead of holding the sale in the Ramada, sellers will set up displays in their driveways.  Buyers will be given a map for neighborhood locations, and will be encouraged to wear masks and social distance while shopping.  Anyone interested in selling their Arts and Crafts are welcomed to participate ($5 to help pay for paper maps/advertising). Please call Debbie Ries, 425-530-6384, or Bernie Olson, 920-254-9277, to let them know if you'd like to be a seller.  Please come to the planning meeting, this Tuesday, Nov 24, 9 am at the Ramada. 
2021 Board Member Election...Nominations, Nominations, and Nominations 
From Ken Lindeman
Nominations, Nominations, and Nominations:  I would like to nominate "you" to run for the Esperanza Board of directors.  Esperanza Estates is run by a volunteer "Home Owners Association" versus a paid management company.  I am again encouraging residents to volunteer for this board by entering their name into the upcoming election.  Please contact me, Ken Lindeman, at 970-577-3395 or email me at it you would like to have your name on the 2021 ballot.  Thank you.
From Mary Harp
The Gardeners' Group will meet on Tuesday, November 24 at 9:00 a.m. at Flag Park (corner of Esperanza and Holgado)   We'll do some clean up and pruning, bring tools you might want to use.  Please bring your masks and keep good physical distance.  Call Rod Harp at 520.329.9103 if you have questions.
Time to Decorate Your Lamp Post
EE has a long-standing tradition of decorating our street light posts for the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years.  If you don't have the time or the energy, or you aren't here during the holidays, you can enlist the aid of the Enhancement Elves. They will decorate your post for just $10 if you already have the decorations, or $15 if you don't.  If you need a plug adapter for the lamp socket, the charge is an additional $2.00, but the adapter is then yours. The charge includes both putting up and removing the decorations. The Elves start decorating November 23 and the deadline for requesting this service is December 5 (Santa has first dibs on the Elves after that.)  If you want the Elves to work their magic at your lamp post, call Jackie Rautio at 520-269-7864 or 602-206-3354. They do extremely nice work.
Spa Cover
It is the time of year when we cover the spa every night at 7pm.  If you are using the spa and get out after 5:30 or 6 (and no one else seems likely to be using the spa), please pull the plastic cover over the water when you leave. It is much easier to do from in the spa than from around the outside!  The pool will be covered after 7 by volunteers if there is no chance of rain.  Thanks so much for your help!
Heard about the "waiting package" phishing scam?
From Green Valley Sheriff Scam Squad
Phishing scams can be hard to spot. For example, we've been hearing about one where people get a text message saying that there's a package waiting for them, and asking them to click a link to learn more. Sounds innocent enough, right? Unfortunately not.
The messages are coming from scammers. In some cases, they're targeted at college students. In that version, scammers text returning students to say there's a package waiting for them - sometimes claiming it's been waiting since last spring, when many students had to go home from campus quickly.
Whatever the message is, this rule stays the same: If you get an unexpected text message about a package, don't click on any links. If you think the message could be legit, contact the company using a website or phone number you know is real. But don't use the information in the text message.
Why do you want to avoid clicking the link? Once you click, they can trick you into giving personal information - letting scammers steal your passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers. Clicking these links could also let scammers download malware onto your device.
Check out this article on phishing scams to learn more about how these schemes work.
No Caring Connections to report this week.  Hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe!

Caring Connections is a way to share information about EE neighbors who may be experiencing a health crisis or need a little pick me up so neighbors can reach out to provide assistance.  If you know of a situation, please call Judy Hayes, 720-201-9260, or email

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