There has been a birth in the manger in Shade Tree Park.

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Monday Morning Memo

December 26, 2022

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE This Week?


9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Pickleball Courts

Neighborhood News

Golf Cart Parade & Festive Thirsty Thursday

What a great time at the Annual EE Golf Cart Parade and Festive Thirsty Thursday following the parade. Thanks to Donna Shay, Barb Copeland, Jeff (Santa) and Debbie Ries, and all the participants (both paraders and watchers) that keep this fun EE tradition alive! Check out these happy was a hoot!

Thanks to Donna Shay and Hugh Rhine for the pics

2023 EEHOA Dues 

From Dean Lockwood, HOA Board Treasurer

This is a friendly reminder that the 2023 HOA dues are due January 1, 2023. The bills for 2023 HOA dues have been delivered to all residents, and thanks to all who have already paid. You can drop your payment off (please include the Owner Information form) at the Ramada in the black Suggestion Box, or you can mail it in the envelope provided with the dues notice. Please call Dean Lockwood at 612-240-0945 with questions.

EE HOA Board Election

From Ken Lindeman, HOA Secretary

The election for the EE HOA Board is this month, December. Your vote must be in by January 9th, 2023. The three elected Board members will be announced at the Annual Meeting on January 16th. We have five candidates running for three Board Member seats. The candidates are Cyndie Alto, Tom Cooke, John Nesavich, Connie Scorza, and Dave Sielken. All ballots have been delivered. Should a ballot have been misplaced or not received, please email me at You can read each candidate's bio at this link.


From Dean and Robin Lockwood

If you are interested in ordering a name tag to be worn at EE events at the Ramada, I will be turning in an order shortly after January 1st.  You can find forms on the bulletin board in the Ramada kitchen. The cost of the name tags is $6.00 each, and the vendor prefers cash, please. You may place your order form in an envelope, along with the money and mark it "Name Tags" and place it in the black drop box at the Ramada, or turn it in to Robin Lockwood (612-618-5582) or Debbie Ries (425-530-6384) and we will get those name tags ordered ASAP.  

Block Captain Meeting! 

From Sharon Falor

This is an invitation to all current captains and those interested in becoming part of the Welcome Corp in Esperanza Estates. Please join us at 1:00 on January 11th at my home, 1180 W Circulo Del Sur. If you have a question please call or text me: 928.853.3474


From Mary Harp

The Gardeners are on Holiday Break and will restart the work party schedule on Tuesday, January 3. Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year, from Rod and Mary Harp.

Good To Know

Source: Nextdoor

It seems that Scams never go away, they just morph into some new aggravating scheme. Here's another one recently mentioned on Nextdoor. It's timed perfectly for when people might be expecting Christmas packages.

Funny Bone


Source: Fat Boy Natural BBQ

Source: Readers Digest

Source: Cranky Old Lady

Source: Fat Boy Natural BBQ

Source: Readers Digest

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