Monday Morning Memo

September 27, 2021

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE This Week?

Water Aerobics

8:30 am

Mon, Wed, Fri



7:00 am


Pickleball Courts

No Host Happy Hour

4:00 pm



Neighborhood News

Street Repair Begins

Finally! Pima County has begun the street repair process on some of our EE streets, primariy Circulo del Sur, Calle Excelso, and Circulo del Norte. ADA curbs are being installed along with sidewalk repair, with actual road paving operations to follow. The sidewalk repairs will go through the end of October. There will be a pause, then the street paving will begin in late December or early January with completion sometime in February. A time factor is the bidding process for work and material. We don't have information on when repair on other EE streets will be done. Hopefully it will be in the next Pima County fiscal year budget for street repair.

No Host Happy Hour

This is our week for No Host Happy Hour, Friday, 4 pm, at the Ramada. Come join your friends and neighbors for some great visiting time. No Host means that everybody brings their own drinks, an appetizer to share (if you want to), and eating utensils. It generally lasts a couple of hours or so. Then we all straighten up the Ramada and head home before dark! Hope you can join in!

Food Box Donations

From Sandy LaVoi

Thank you for your donations to the EE food collection box at the Ramada. We collect non-perishable food to be contributed to the Community Food Bank. Your contributions are needed and greatly appreaciated!

Optimist Club Fall Sausage Sale

From Kevin Welsh

The Optimist Club Fall Italian Sausage sale is underway. The Optimist Club's Sausage Sales are the primary fundraiser for our Scholarship Fund. Last year we gave out $6,000, $1000 each to six graduating seniors from Sahuarita and Walden Grove high schools. Funds from the Sausage Sales is important with the food truck events and catering opportunities reduced. Thanks in advance for your support.

Go to the website to order:


Pickup at Triple Play in the morning on the 8th of October.


Funny Bone

Source: Sher Holtz

Source: A Catastrope of Chaos

Source: Psychotic Delusions


Frank Lloyd wright’s son invented Lincoln Logs.

A group of bunnies called a “fluffle”.

I have the worst thesaurus. Not only is it terrible, it’s terrible.

Thanks Al Prato!

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