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July 11, 2022

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE?


7:00 am to 11:00 am


Pickleball Courts

Thirsty Thursday

5:00 pm


July 21


Neighborhood News

Photos from the 4th of July Celebration

From Debbie Ries

Fun was had by all!

Thirsty Thursday, July 21, 5 pm

This Thursday, July 21, is Thirsty Thursday, at the Ramada, 5 pm. Come on down for a visit! 

It's a no-host event, so BYOB, an appetizer to share if you'd like, and your own utensils. Everyone helps clean and straighten up the Ramada afterward.

It's a great chance to see your neighbors...hope you can join in!

MMM Summer Issues

From Judy Hayes

During July and August, the Monday Morning Memo will be issued only on the second and fourth Mondays of the month.  Regular weekly issues will resume in September.


From Sandy and Phil Lavoi

We are back, so folks can put donations in the food box at the Ramada once again. Thank you.

Street Paving in Esperanza Estates

From Pat Flowers and Pat Sharpe

The Street Paving in Esperanza Estates West is finally happening!

Pat Sharpe and Pat Flowers commented on the interesting method used to remove the blacktop. "One small truck scraped the blacktop off & "digested" it. It was ground up in that truck & then spewed out the top into a dump truck. The process took three days, blacktop removal, then southside was paved one day, followed by north side next day.

Caring Connections

Fred Hills

  •  A memorial service at the United Methodist Church of the Pines, 415 Chippewa Street, Minocqua, WI is planned for July 20, 2022, at 11AM (Central Daylight Time) , with visitation prior to the service planned at 10AM. Following the service, a luncheon will be served. The memorial service will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook link is at:

YouTube link is at:

Donations in memory of Frederick James Hills can be forwarded to United Methodist Church of the Pines, 415 Chippewa Street, Minocqua, WI 54538.

Free Potassium Tablets

We have 3 bags of potassium tablets for a water softener for anyone who could use them. FREE.

Julie Hunton

796 W Circulo Napa


School Supply Drive

From Lori O'Neil (Del Norte)

Thank you all that have previously donated! I did receive several donations so thank you so much. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is holding a School Supply Drive for the Continental and SUSD (Sahuarita schools).

Have you heard of Neighbors Helping Neighbors? We are a group that gives back to our local community. Every July we have a School Supply Drive. This year we will be having a "stuff the backpack" school supply drive. The backpacks will be distributed to the schools in our district (Continental and Sahuarita SUSD). The drive will officially kick off on July 1st and go through the end of the month.  

Our group has already purchased 101 backpacks, water bottles and scientific calculators. We are asking the community to help us stuff them with basic school supplies.

There will be drop off locations throughout the community.

One of the drop off locations is in Esperanza Estates at 1201 W Circulo Del Norte. You may contact us with any questions at: 708-224-5806.

Below is a list of items we’re in need of:

12 / 24 count crayons

12 count Markers



Construction paper

Loose leaf paper



Red / Black / Blue pens

College-ruled notebooks


Post-it notes

Graph paper

Copy paper


Colored pencils

Composition notebooks



Hand Sanitizer

Thank you in advance for your help in making this school supply drive the best one ever! 

Good to Know

The Sheriff's Department in Green Valley has a Dispose-A-Med bin, 601 N La Canada Dr. The Sheriff's bin is accessible Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm. Note that you will need to dump the pills in a baggie (all mixed together), as the Sheriff will take only the pills, not the pill bottles.

Street Paving in Pima County

From Tom Berezny of the Pima County Transportation Advisory Committee (PCTAC):

  • The Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-2022 repaving continues in the Green Valley area. Of note is the Mission Road stretch of road that has not been finished – the Pima County Department of Transportation (DOT) has still not received clearance from the railroad to finish the southern stretch.
  • For FY 2022-2023, the Green Valley area contracts were the first ones advertised. The curb ramp contract has already been awarded and includes Esperanza Estates-East, Camino del Portillo, Paseo del Prado, Townhomes V, and Green Valley Country Club Estates. Contract bid closing for repaving of all roads in these neighborhoods plus the additional local and arterial/collector roads is scheduled for July 12. A total of 5.5 miles of local roads and 11.6 miles of arterials/collectors will be repaved. There was a good turnout by contractors for the bid proposal briefing, so DOT is expecting a competitive bidding process. 
  • The PCTAC also received a briefing from Mr. Roderick Lane, Principal Engineer for the Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT) South Central District. The briefing included an update on current repaving efforts along the entire I-19 corridor and includes repaving both north and south of Green Valley, along with the work being conducted on the Sahuarita Road overpass.

Desert Meadows Park 

By Chuck Parsons (Printed with permission from Chuck Parsons 07-08-2022).

The “Sonoran Desert Summer” begins, and with it our monsoonal rainy season. The rains provide the plants with micro elements that are beneficial. We generally see a burst of growth in all the vegetation at the park. Most Sonoran gardeners are aware of the aromatic volatile compounds released to the atmosphere by the creosote plant, we associate it with “the smell of rain.”

During the past couple years of Covid precautions, several park visitors have commented on the health benefits they obtained visiting the park. Recent University of Arizona studies have identified health benefits from 13 of the more than 100 volatile compounds emitted from foliage and flowers of the Sonoran Desert. Some of these benefits include improving sleep patterns, stabilizing emotional hormones, enhancing digestion, heightening mental clarity, and reducing depression or anxiety. The reduction in depression was the most identified benefit of park visitors during Covid. It’s been validated!

Trichocereus blooming during Sonoran Desert Summer

After reading the conclusions of this study I probed some more on Google. There’s a wellness trend sweeping the world called forest bathing, in which you immerse yourself in the woods and the trees. Forest bathing began in Japan. For the 5 volatile compounds most commonly associated with beneficial forest bathing in Japan, at least 15 Sonoran Desert plant species emit them in Arizona.


The garden club started with a starkly bare field in 2014, not a likely site for forest bathing! The club has restored this field into a diverse Sonoran park. The trees are now large enough to provide many areas for you, and our park visitors, to sit and soak up these beneficial volatile compounds of the Sonoran plant species. It’s now ready. Plan your next forest bathing excursion at the park. Your body will thank you!

Walk the trails or sit among the foliage to absorb the beneficial Sonoran volatile compounds.



Wednesday, July 13, 2022 -   7:00 PM MST

Will Foraker has been performing for over three decades as a versatile pianist and vocalist. He has performed shows throughout the United States and for five years on luxury Royal Caribbean cruises where he traveled to Antarctica, Panama, Iceland, Japan and numerous other locations. With long stints in Indiana, Chicago, Dallas and the bay area, he is a musical force who delivers high energy music with great passion. He has several CD’s produced as a solo artist and with the Leonard Washingtons. 

Liz and Pete

& The Sound of My Voice

August 13 at 7:00pm


About Liz & Pete

She's Liz, he's Pete, they are Liz & Pete. Liz Cerepanya and Peter Dalton Ronstadt join musical forces to explore material old and new. Liz's heartfelt voice with Pete's haunting harmonies and rich guitar arrangements captivate the mind and tug at the heart. 

Movie (2019):

Starring: Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Dolly Parton

Directed By: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman

With one of the most memorably stunning voices that has ever hit the airwaves, Linda Ronstadt burst onto the 1960s folk rock music scene in her early twenties.

Focusing largely on her career including being the first bona fide female rock star, the life of Linda Ronstadt is presented. That path from her upbringing outside of Tucson, Arizona with European and Mexican heritage to that stardom having moved to Los Angeles to pursue that singing career is shown, with commentary not only from her own lips, but that of many of her contemporaries who were also emerging at the same time. Tickets available by calling 520-547-3040.

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