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June 13, 2022

Esperanza Estates

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Please Keep the Pool and Ramada Areas Clean

From Dave Sielken, EEHOA Board President

Please accept this/another strong reminder that anyone consuming food and/or beverages in the Ramada or Pool area MUST clean up after themselves in the proper manner. Specifically, food waste must go into the covered trash cans in the fenced area outside of the south pool exit. The same applies to recyclables, i.e. beer cans and bottles, located in the same space. Waste cans in the restrooms, while convenient, are not proper dumping sites. The flies like it, but other users do not.

Also, please return Pool and Ramada furniture to their proper places. 

And, please remember to turn off lights and fans when leaving

Thank you neighbors!

Time to Trim the Tall Palms

From Cyndie Alto

Just a friendly reminder about getting your tall palms trimmed. The deadline in Esperanza Estates to have your palm trees trimmed is June 30. The dry fronds are a fire hazard during monsoon season, and a spark can catch them on fire in an instant.   

Homeowners can hire anyone they desire to do the work. EE has an agreement with Monstrosity Tree Service, 520-230-7131, for $80/tree which they will honor for everyone in EE. Trees untrimmed by June 30 will be trimmed by the HOA, and homeowners will be billed $90/tree. Please call Cyndie Alto 509-881-7569 with questions.  

Thanks to everyone who has already taken care of their palms!

Political Yard Signs

From Dave Sielken, EEHOA Board President

It's election time again! Just a reminder that campaign signs are allowed in Esperanza Estates, but not on Common Areas and must come down as soon as the election/primary is over. If the candidate is a primary winner, the sign can go back up just prior to the general election.

Good To Know

Register to Vote in Pima County

Source:  Pima County

You can still register to vote in the 2022 Primary Election. The deadline to register is July 5.  Learn how to register and get all your voting information at pima.gov/vote2022. It contains all the information you need for Early Voting and Election Day voting for local, state and federal primary and general elections. 

Beat The Heat

Source: Pima County

Arizona is one of the hottest places on earth from June to September. In addition to being uncomfortable, the heat can actually be harmful. People can suffer from heat-related illness when their bodies cannot properly cool themselves. Every year, people in Pima County get sick and die from extreme heat. You can learn more here on the Pima County website. Here are some frequently asked questions....

What happens to the body as a result of exposure to extreme heat?

People have heat-related illnesses when the body's temperature control system is overloaded. The body normally cools itself by sweating, but sometimes sweating isn't enough and body temperature can rise rapidly. Very high body temperatures may damage the brain or other important organs and can lead to death or permanent disability if emergency treatment is not provided.

How fast can body temperature rise to dangerous levels?

Body temperature may rise to 106°F or higher within 10 to 15 minutes.

How many people get ill from the summer heat?

Nearly 800 people in Arizona are admitted to hospitals because of heat related illnesses each year. Each year 30-50 Arizonans die from heat-related illness.

Who is most at risk for heat-related illness?

  • Anyone and everyone is susceptible to heat-related illness, especially if they push themselves too hard during work or exercise, but some people are at a higher risk: Infants and children younger than 4 years old
  • People age 65 and older
  • People with heart disease or high blood pressure
  • People who are overweight
  • People who drink alcohol

How much water should I drink during hot weather?

During hot weather you need to drink more than you think. Increase your fluid intake, regardless of your activity level. During heavy exercise in a hot environment, drink at least two to four glasses (16-32 ounces) of cool fluids each hour even if you're not thirsty. Avoid drinks containing alcohol or caffeine because they will cause you to lose more fluid. Those exercising or working in hot weather should include sports beverages or juices in addition to water in their fluid intake.

What should I wear in hot weather?

Wear as little clothing as possible when you are at home. Choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. If you must go outdoors, avoid getting sunburned - that affects your body's ability to cool itself and causes a loss of body fluids in addition to pain and skin damage. Wear a wide-brimmed hat. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to going out and reapply according to the package directions.

What should I do if I have to be active in the heat?

Pace yourself. If you are not used to working or exercising in the heat, start slowly and pick up the pace gradually. If your heart pounds and leaves you gasping for breath, STOP all activity. Get into a cool area or at least in the shade, and rest, especially if you become lightheaded, confused, weak or faint.

Funny Bone

Al's Jokes

Thanks Neighbor Al Prado

I never thought orthopedic shoes would really work for me.

But I stand corrected.

Once upon a time there was a king who was only 12 inches tall.

He was a terrible king but he made a great ruler.

A Spanish magician said he will disappear on the count of 3.

He says: "Uno, dos..." Poof.

He disappeared without a tres.

My son was chewing on electric cords, so I had to ground him.

It's OK, though. He's doing better and conducting himself properly.

"Doctor, my child swallowed a roll of film. What should I do?"

"Let's wait and see if anything develops."

Got drunk yesterday and threw up in the elevator on my way back home.

It was disgusting on so many levels.

I asked the surgeon if I could administer my own anesthetic.

He said: "Sure. Knock yourself out!"

The Lord said to John, "Come forth and ye shall receive eternal life,"

But John came fifth and got a toaster instead.


I have 2 unwritten rules.....


Thanks Neighbor Kevin Welsh

Thanks Kevin Welsh

Thanks Kevin Welsh

Source Middle Aged Humor

Thanks John Nesavich

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