Monday Morning Memo

January 17, 2022

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE This Week?

EEHOA Annual Meeting

1:00 pm



1250 W Continental Rd

Gentle Yoga

11:15 am




9:00 am


Open space by Pickleball Courts

Chair Yoga

1:30 pm




9:00 am


Pickleball Courts

Neighborhood News

EEHOA Annual Meeting, Monday, January 17

The 44th EEHOA Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, January 17 at CPAC, 1250 W Continental Rd., Green Valley. Check in starts at 12:30, and quorum determination and meeting start at 1 pm. Please be prepared t provide your EE Lot # when you check in.

The requested Covid standards for our meeting:

  • Masks will be required - provided on-site if needed
  • Leave at least one empty seat between you and any person other than your spouse or home partner

Thanks in advance for your coorperation and consideration. Please call Dave Sielken, 908-346-1760, with questions.

Meeting Agenda

Call to order, welcome, new member recognition, Dave Sielken

Determination of quorum

Board Designee

Approval of minutes 


Introduction of 2021 board members, Dave Sielken

Results of election and introduction of newly elected board members, Ken Lindeman

Treasurer’s report, Dean Lockwood

Common area maintenance report, Cyndie Alto

Architectural control report, Kay Bonham

Capital projects report, Doug Syme

Recreation areas report, Tom Cooke

Green Valley Council report, Larry Kempton

Finance Committee report, Kevin Welsh

Volunteer appreciation, Tom Cooke

Enhancement Team report, Jackie Rautio

Neighborhood Watch report, Karen White

Hospitality report, Robin Lockwood

Gardeners report, Rod Harp

Old Business/New Business/Comments from the floor, Members


Election of Officers

2022 Board

Motion to Adjourn

New EE HOA Directories

At the Annual Meeting the 2022 Esperanza Estates HOA Telephone Directories will be on sale for $5.00 each. If you are unable to go to the Annual meeting, other sales times / locations will be set up at a later date.


From Greg Gramstad

Pickleball continues to meet every day from 9-11 am at our Pickleball Courts on Circulo del Sur. The courts are available for residents but are kept locked when not in use. If you need the code to the key lock box, please call the Courtmaster, Gregg Gramstad, 520-303-3505. Just a reminder to please put the keys back in the lock box.


From Mary Harp

The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday, January 18th at 9:00 a.m. at the open space below the pickle ball courts and along the EE Trail by the wash. We will continue to work on the three new raised cactus gardens. Bring gloves and hand trowell. New gardeners are always welcome.

Book Club

From Linda Sielken

The EE Book Club had an interesting discussion last week. Our next book is The Red Lotus by Chris Bohjalian. Our meetings are the second Thursday of each for details in the MMM. Call Linda Sielken with questions about the Book Club, 908-240-1887.

Yoga Classes At The Ramada

We have two opportunities to participate in Yoga at the Ramada...right here in our neighbrhood!

Gentle Yoga at the Ramada with Valerie Davenport on Mondays.

This is an hour long accessible, fun practice for body and breath awareness. The class meets in the Ramada, beginning at 11:15. Bring a yoga mat, and other props such as a Mexican style blanket or thick beach towel, yoga blocks and a long strap. Contact Valerie at or 360-319-6552 for more information.

Chair Yoga at the Ramada with Phyllis Schmidt on Fridays at the Ramada, 1:30 pm. Bring a card table folding chair if you have one, a mat or rug for your feet as you will be asked to remove your shoes, and slippers if desired. You are asked to eat your lunch early so your food is digested before class begins. Please arrive early to sign in. Direct any questions to Kathy Lindeman, 970-577-3395.

Food Bank Donations

From Sandy LaVoi

Thank You to everyone who has contributed food. Just a reminder that we continue to collect non-perishable food for the Community Food Bank and deliver it to them frequently. Thanks again for your support.


The Pirates of Penzance

January 20-30


Produced by Green Valley's Shoestring Players

Purchase tickets at CPAC Website


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