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May 23, 2022

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE This Week?


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Thirsty Thursday

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Neighborhood News

Thirsty Thursday

We're having Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour this Thursday, May 26, at the Ramada, at 4:00 pm. This a very casual, friendly neighborhood drop in get together. It's a no-host event...bring your own beverages, appetizer to share (optional), and bring your own utensils. Come on down an join in!

Plants Needed for Desert Gate Area

The Desert Gate area on the west end of Excelso is looking better and better. Thank you to the following people for their plant donations last week...Joyce Franks, Helen Doepel, Ole McLaughlin, and Jim and Joey Sourant.

We still have room for a few more agave plants. If you have a mature agave plant, at least 32 inches high, that you would like removed and are willing to donate, please let us know. Please contact Cyndie Alto (509-881-7569) or Tom Aigner (720-518-9505).

Maintaining Street Lights

From Tom Cooke, EEHOA Board Vice President

In Esperanza Estates, owners are responsible for maintaining the street light in front of their homes. We ask that each owner check the condition of the lamp head on the lamp post to assure it is intact and in good working order.

A recent survey of the condition of all the lamp heads in our neighborhood has shown a number of them do not meet the standards and need replacement. If the lamp head is broken or missing parts, owners are required to replace it. By board resolution dated October 18, 2019, there is only one acceptable replacement head, being a Seagull Lighting model 82065-12.

These are commercially available at Home Depot or from the HOA at a cost of approximately $50. Installation would be the responsibility of the owner. If you wish to arrange to purchase a new head from the HOA contact a Board Member. Noncompliance may result in replacement by the Board at the owner’s expense.

This policy is outlined in Section 12.5 of the CCR's governing our subdivision. Your Board hopes for voluntary compliance and thanks you.

Food Shelf

From Sandy LaVoi

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to our Food Shelf at the Ramada. Our donations are delivered to the Sahuarita Food Bank and Community Resource Center. The Food Bank moved into a new facility recently that is designed to look like a grocery store, where visitors can select their own items. You can read about the new facility and their operation in a recent issue of the Green Valley News. The need for non-perishable food items continues to be great

Green Valley Council Report, May Meeting

From Hugh Rhine, EE GVC Rep

I represented Esperanza Estates at the Green Valley Council meeting on May 19. Following is a summary of items discussed.


  • The new GVC Treasurer presented a more in depth report than I've seen at past meetings, and is doing a review of records in order to “clean up” some minor classifications among accounts. No significant impact on overall financials is expected. If you'd like more information please contact me, Hugh Rhine, (303-249-5745)

  • President Debbie Kenyon added that given recent high rates of inflation there may be a need to increase dues next year.  She is seeking two more persons additional perple to serve on the finance committee. This committee meets once each month in a closed meeting to access current financials as well as plan for the future.

County issues...Pima County Supervisor, Steve Christy

  • The Board of Supervisors has unanimously approved the requi red redistricting within PIMA County.  District 4, which includes Green Valley, will now not include Quail Creek or La Pasada, both of which are being transferred to District 2.
  • Fire season is upon us and the county will be providing flyers noting safety measures that can be distributed in the GV area.
  • The changes in voting procedures that have been implemented by the Recorders Office will be demonstrated at the June 7 Supervisor meeting which will be live on YouTube. It will also be available to view later.
  • PIMA County Budgets are to be completed by the end of June. He noted that he expects the Property Tax “rate” to be reduced, at a minimum, by 13 cents due to the recent significant increases in assessed value of PIMA county properties. 

Scott Somers, GVR CEO

  • At the most recent meeting, with a mostly new GVR Board, they have developed a theme of focus on Efficiency for the immediate future. They will be meeting with all of the clubs and accessing the needs including use of facility.

Sheriff's Auxillary 

  • Commander Kenyon of the SAV reported that the scam of the month is that of receiving either texts or email supposedly from Amazon. In addition, he commented the Amado Food Bank is still in need of food.

Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital

  • Steve Harris representing the Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital gave a report describing their intent to establish a relationship with Tucson Medical Center. It appears that TMC will own the hospital and will be working toward making the hospital more complete with more Specialists available. This relationship should be established by the first of September.

Road Repair

  • Tom Berezny reported on the roads situation. The work immediately preceding that to be done in GV is about 20% complete, after which work will begin in GV. He also noted that EE East is now included in the plan for the next fiscal year. There was no further estimate of timing offered in the meeting. 
  • Note: Jim and Joey Sourant, of Esperanza Estates, have also been in contact with the County, and have be told that road work in EE is estimated to begin around Memorial Day.

No further GVC meetings are scheduled until September, although work sessions are being planned to work on finding out what needs of GV are not currently being met.

Good To Know

Desert Pests and Snake Bites

Source: Green Valley Fire District (GVFD)

Our Green Valley Fire District has excellent information about desert pests and snakes, where they are found, their bites and toxicity. The information could help you avoid bites and injury. Check it out at the Green Valley Fire District website.



Friday May 27, 2022

Take a musical journey with The 4GENTS through the good times where drive-ins were the hangouts, family road trips were a summer standard and the music was pure joy and fun.

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