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Monday Morning Memo

April 17, 2023

Esperanza Estates

This Week in Esperanza Estates


8:00-10:00 am


Pickleball Courts

Water Aerobics

9:00-10:00 am

Mon, Wed & Fri

EE pool

EE HOA Board Meeting

1 pm




8:30 am


Garden next to

184 Holgado

Water Aerobics

9:00-10:00 am

Mon, Wed & Fri

EE pool

Future Activities in Esperanza Estates

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

May 5



Book Club

May 11

10 am


Messages From the EE HOA Board

Trash Guidelines

From Dave Sielken, EE HOA Board President

We have had some questions regarding what can and cannot be put into common trash for collection and what can be recycled. Here is additional information from our trash company, Titan Recycle and Trash. You can also access the recycling guidelines on the Titan website.

Motor oil is ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed into regular trash. Any automotive fluids, any types of oil whatsoever, to include cooking oil, must go to a Household Hazardous Waste facility.


The other items that must not EVER be thrown into the regular trash or recycle are LITHIUM BATTERIES. Any automotive or rechargeable battery will ignite and cause a fire when compacted. The picture here is the result of customers throwing away lithium batteries.

If you need to dispose of oil or lithium batteries, you can call the Green Valley Fire Department, 520-629-9200, for information on places that take those items for disposal.

Neighborhood News

EE HOA Board Meeting

Monday, April 17, 1 pm

The February EE HOA Board meeting is today, Monday, April 17, 1 pm, at the Ramada. The meeting will be in person. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Our Board meetings are a good place to learn what's happening in the neighborhood.


Quorum Determination

Approval of Minutes

Treasurer's Report

Committee Reports: Architectural Control, Capital Projects, Common Area Maintenance, Green Valley Council, Recreational Facilities, Finance, Neighborhood Relations, Hospitality, Neighborhood Watch, Enhancement Team, Gardeners

Old Business

New Business 



From Mary Harp

The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday, April 18 at 8:30 am at the garden next to 184 Holgado.  Bring tools for clean up, pruning and weeding. New gardeners are always welcome.

Put Cinco De Mayo on Your Calendars!

From Robin Lockwood, Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee invites you to join us on May 5th at the Ramada to celebrate CINCO DE MAYO! Please look for details in the upcoming Monday Morning Memos!!

Book Club

The book for May will be The Governor's Wife by Mark Gimenez (discussion leader Judy Hayes). Our next meeting will be Thursday, May 11, 10 am, at the Ramada. Everyone is welcome to join in!

Puzzles to Share Lending Library at the EE Pool

From Karen OBrien

Wanted to be sure that everyone saw the message about a new neighborhood lending library for puzzles at the Ramada (pool side). No added storage area needed. The 3rd drawer down on the cabinet between the restrooms at the pool area labeled “Puzzles to share.” 

Take one, give one as you wish. Enjoy! 

Caring Connections

The Animal League of Green Valley – Volunteers Needed!

From Kim Eisele, ALGV President

Join our loving team of animal caregivers by volunteering with the cats or dogs. Or you can work in our Attic Thrift Store. Opportunities abound! Just give Kim Eisele a call at 520-223-3955 if you are interested in helping our homeless animals.

Good to Know

Snake Removal

From John Nesavich

Snake removal is a free service provided by Green Valley Fire Department.

If you would like a snake removed from your property in Green Valley simply call 520-625-9400 and the Green Valley Fire department will immediately dispatch a fireman to remove the snake. This is a no cost service of your fire department. For more Fire Department services click here.


Colored Pencil "Bird Series" Exhibit

From EE neighbor, Runi Kessler

I am exhibiting 19 of my 50 colored pencil "Bird Series" drawings in the GVR Las Campanas Lobby April 1- 30.  Please stop by and take a look. If you have questions or comments, please contact Heidrun (Runi) Kessler, 510-673-3396.

Black-headed Grosbeak


Shoestring Players

April 13 - 23

Click here for more information about CPAC events

Chamber of Commerce

Community Events Calendar

Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce publishes an Events Calendar on their website every month. Check it out for various events going on in our community.

Funny Bone

Thanks Hugh Rhine

Source: Dad Jokes Everywhere

Source: The Far Side

Source: Fun Jokes

  • What kind of socks do grizzlies wear?  None, they have bear feet.
  • What do you call a lazy kangaroo? A pouch potato.
  • Why do humming birds hum? Because they don’t know the words.
  • I used to run a dating service for chickens, but I was struggling to make hens meet.
  • What do you call a rabbit with fleas? Bugs Bunny
  • What is an Easter Eggs least favorite day? Fry-day!!
  • Why did the Easter Egg hide? He was a little chicken!!

Thanks Neighbor, Al Prato

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