Monday Morning Memo

March 21, 2022

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE This Week?

Gentle Yoga

11:15 am



EEHOA Board Meeting

1:00 pm




9:00 am


Near 1149 del Norte

Water Aerobics

1:00 pm

Tuesday & Thursday


Crafty Crafters

1:00 pm




9:00 am 1:00 pm


Pickleball Courts

Neighborhood News


Pics by Marian Mundale

St Patrick's Day

Thirsty Thursday

Last week's St Patrick's Day Thirsty Thursday turned out to be quite the party!

Lots blarney, green get-ups, green drinks, and frivolity.

We have had great attendance at Thirsty Thursday happy hours....next one is March 31, 4 pm, at the Ramada. Mark your calendars!

Thanks to the phtographers!

Pic by Hugh Rhine

Pic by Paddy Hurley

EEHOA Board Meeting

The next EEHOA board meeting is today, Monday, March 21, at 1 pm. All residents are welcome to attend. The Board Meeting is a great place to learn about what's going on in Esperanza Estates. Please call President, Dave Sielken, 908-346-1760, with questions.

EEHOA Board Meeting Agenda for March 21, 2022

Quorum Determination

Approval of Minutes

Treasurer's Report

Committee Reports: Architectural Control, Capital Projects, Common Area Maintenance, Green Valley Council, Recreational Facilities, Finance, Neighborhood Relations, Hospitality, Neighborhood Watch, Enhancement Team, Gardeners

Old Business

New Business



From Mary Harp

The Gardeners will meet on Tuesday, March 22th at 9:00 a.m., just above 1149 del Norte.  Bring tools for clean up, pruning and weeding at the Park and common areas. New gardeners are always welcome. jPlease call Rod Harp with questions, 520-329-9103.

Crafty Crafters

From Bernie Olson

The Crafty Crafters will meet this Thursday, March 24, 1 pm, at the Ramada.

This week we will be making a “no-sew quilted ornament. They don’t have to be for Christmas, I plan on making some without two-week project. The first week we will cut our fabrics into 2 1/2 inch squares. You can purchase whatever fabric you want, or Donna Shay is kindly donating some fabric. Jelly roll fabrics work great because they are the right size in width. Bring a cutting mat and rotary cutter if you have them. 

Supply list:

3” styrofoam ball. Can buy in packs of 6.

Flat head stick pins(will need approx) 200 per ball. They stay in the ball.

Fabric- need 3 colors. 1st color cut into 8 squares, 2nd and 3rd are cut into 16 squares each.

Ribbon for hanger if needed. Glue gun will be needed for this part.

Hope you can join us! Call Bernie with questions, 920-254-9277.

Easter Parade, April 17

From Donna Shay

Heads up! We are planning our Annual EE Easter Parade for Sunday, April 17. Still working out the details, but it will be likely be in the afternoon, followed by an Easter Dessert gathering at the Ramada for everyone....parade participants and parade observers. So, start thinking about your festive Easter decorations for your golf carts, and plan your Easter bonnet! Market your calendar....it will be a blast!

Caring Connections

Moving Sale

From Kay Bonham

  • Charlie and Kay Bonham have moved up their "going out of business" sale to Tuesday, 3/22, and Wednesday, 3/23 from 8 AM to 12 noon. A special invitation goes to EE friends and neighbors on Tuesday. Everything must go so come on by and see what's for sale. 1071 W Calle Excelso.

Rental Needed

From Sonia Sullivan

  • My friend is looking for a place to rent to Green Valley. She would love it here in Esperanza Estates. If you know of a rental available, please contact me, Sonia Sullivan, at 305-395-8165.

Good to Know

Valley Fever

From Jim Stavneak

I live in Esperanza Estates and I have Valley Fever disease. There may be some of you who have never heard of Valley Fever, or have just a vague understanding of it so the purpose of this article is to give you my insight and experience with the disease. More extensive information can be found on the Mayo Clinc website here.

Valley fever is caused by a person inhaling spores of certain fungi. The fungi that cause valley fever live in soil in parts of Arizona and can be inhaled when soil is disturbed, or inhaled when strong winds cause spores to be airborne. Valley Fever disease in not contagious but both humans and dogs can contact the disease.

Although there are many symptoms, my primary symptoms were 24/7 coughing and very restricted breathing since the spores reside in your lungs as nodules. When I first went to the ER because of major breathing difficulties the doctor interpreted the mass on my lungs (from a CAT scan) as either pneumonia or lung cancer, and he did not even raise the possibility of it being Valley Fever. It was a local nurse practitioner who finally diagnosed it correctly.

I have had Valley Fever since the first of the year and it can take up to 12 months to run its course. If you experience some of the symptoms listed in the link below, ask your doctor about the possibility of Valley Fever. It’s possible your doctor came from outside of AZ and may not be trained on what to look for. For seasonal people, if you experience these symptoms after you return to your home state, it’s very likely your physician hasn’t heard of Valley Fever. You may need to make him/her aware of it. 

I've learned it's a good idea to wear a mask if working around soil in our beautiful Esperanza Estates.

Events and Entertainment

AOR: When FM Ruled the World

March 25 at 3PM and 7PM

Tickets: $30

Harvey by Mary Chase

April 1 - 10

Tickets $25

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