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December 12, 2022

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE This Week?


9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Pickleball Courts


8:30 am


Monument Park

Christmas Event

4:30 pm



Neighborhood News

Titan Trash Vote

from Kevin Welsh 520-223-3861

  • The HOA Secretary (Ken Lindeman) has reported that the ballots have

been counted and the Homeowners have approved the Special

Assessment for 2023 and an increase in the Annual Assessment beginning

in 2024 by a vote of 204 to 89.

  • A contract will be signed and Titan Recycle and Trash will begin service

1 Jan 2023. The collection day is yet to be determined, but both trash and

recycle will be collected on the same day.

  • Current customers of Titan will automatically receive a refund for any

pre-paid service after 1 Jan (no need to call the office) and if you have

received an invoice that you have not paid it can be ignored.

-Important- If you have service through either Republic or Waste

Management. You will need to contact them to cancel your service,

request container pickup, and any refund due.

  • We are working with Titan to determine the best way to identify the new

container needs and get them delivered, with a priority on getting

containers to the former Republic and Waste Management customers.

  • This does not change the Annual Assessment bill you just received for

2023 ($350) which is due 1 Jan 2023. The approved Special Assessment ($180) will be billed separately and will be due 1 April 2023.

ESPERANZA ESTATES IS GNOME for the Holidays!”  Christmas Event!!

from: Dean and Robin Lockwood

The Hospitality Committee will be hosting a Holiday Potluck Event at the Ramada on Tuesday, December 13th at the Ramada. This is a NO COST event, but we are asking you to please bring a favorite holiday appetizer or main dish that you’d like to share.  Desserts will be provided, along with: COMPLIMENTARY wine, beer, water, soda, coffee, plates, napkins, cups, utensils, etc. Happy Hour begins at 4:30 and dinner service will begin at 5:00pm.  The Hospitality Committee has made fun GNOME centerpieces, and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win one!!! 

**Please feel free to wear your favorite “Ugly Sweater” or Goofy, fun holiday attire. There will be prizes awarded!!!!

**We are encouraging you to please bring a donation for the Food Bank. You will receive an additional raffle ticket for a gnome centerpiece with your donation!

**We will be collecting “tips” for the hard workers with Points West, our HOA landscapers. They work very hard all year to keep our common areas will maintained, and these tips are very much appreciated.

EE HOA Board Election

From Ken Lindeman, HOA Secretary

The election for the EE HOA Board is this month, December. We will have five candidates running for three Board Member seats. The candidates are Cyndie Alto, Tom Cooke, John Nesavich, Connie Scorza, and Dave Sielken. The ballots will be going out the week of December 5, 2022. You can read each candidate's bio at this link.


From Mary Harp

Weather permitting, the Gardeners will meet on Tuesday, December 13th at 8:30 a.m. at Monument Park at the east entry to EE on Esperanza next to the wash.  Bring tools for cleanup, pruning and weeding at the Park. New gardeners are always welcome.”

Time For Everyone To Decorate

Their Lamp Posts

From Jackie Rautio

Don’t be a grinch. EE has a long-standing tradition of decorating our street light posts for the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years. 


For newcomers, you will need the electrical plug-in to go in the socket in the lamp. If the lamp does not already have one, you can purchase one at a local hardware store or Walmart. This will allow you to plug in your string of lights and they will light when your lamp comes on at dusk. You then can creatively decorate your post. You will see a beautiful sight after the sun goes down. 


If anyone is unable to take on this decorating task, we have Enhancement Elves volunteers to assist you. They will decorate your post for just $10 if you supply the decorations, $20 if we supply the decorations and an additional charge for the adapter if you need one. Everything belongs to you when we take the decorations down.

The Elves are very busy this time of the year and we would appreciate volunteers to train and help out on the project in addition to our Enhancement group. We start decorating right after Thanksgiving. The deadline for requesting this service is December 7. Questions? Call Jackie Rautio at 602-206-3354.

Annual Craft Sale

From: Bernie Olson

I would like to thank all the vendors for participating in the annual craft fair. Although the weather wasn't very cooperative, we still had a good turnout. I think the bake sale part was a great addition. Also, a big thank you to everyone that helped with arranging and rearranging the tables and chairs and also for turning the heaters on!

Dessert Bake Sale

From: Jackie Rautio

On behalf of EE Enhancement Team, we would like to thank everyone for our very successful Dessert bake sale; starting with Bernie for giving us the chance to work with the EE Crafters, to all the donations of dessert that overflowed in our kitchen and all those that purchased desserts, coffee and pie. Our community is amazing!

Save the Date for the

EE Christmas Golf Cart Parade Thursday December 22

from: Donna Shay

Have you heard??? Santa Claus is coming to town!!!!

Santa’s arriving Thursday December 22 around 3:15 pm in the Esperanza Estates Christmas Parade.

The jolly old soul has been invited to lead the parade of decked out sleighs carrying elves and reindeer. The jury is still out if they’ve been naughty or nice!!! All are welcome however so get those sleigh’s decorated and join the merriment.

All are welcome to help witness his arrival. 

The Esperanza Estates Neighborhood Christmas Golf Cart, Scooter, Bike, Hot Cars and Walkers PARADE is scheduled for 3:15 pm Thursday December 22, 2022.

So, find your stockings and ugly sweaters; your garland and lights; Christmas trees, elves and reindeers; decorations a plenty are needed for this flight!!! ALL are WELCOME in the parade or observing in their driveways.

Parade participants assemble at the Ramada at 3 pm for a 3:15 pm PARADE start!!

After the parade is a festive 4pm THIRSTY THURSDAY gathering

for all.

Orphans’ Christmas Dinner

From: Lynn Noble

Hey everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice come join us at the Ramada on Christmas Day for food and merriment. So many of us spend the holidays alone and to that we say BAH-HUMBUG! You will be asked to bring a dish to share, your beverage of choice, and place settings. (The elves will be on vacation, so we have to do the work ourselves). Please RSVP to Connie Scorza at 541-647-8755 or Lynn Noble at 406-794-2509 by December 9th. We will be in touch shortly after the 9th with details!

New Pool Umbrella's and Chairs

From: Tom Cooke

Our new pool chairs arrived and look great. We replaced seven of the older chairs which have seen better days and we’re ready for retirement. Along with a few new umbrellas this is the first pool furniture the HOA has purchased in 11 years. Buying good quality items has paid off. Enjoy our pool area!

Good To Know

The Scam Squad

Be Smart/Be Safe 1. Report the scam to law enforcement. 2. Be aware! You’ll probably be contacted again. The scammers aren’t going to give up easily. They will keep trying! If you have already been victimized, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed.

You have become one of the 50 million adults who will fall prey to the scammers this year.

What do I do now? Here are some resources for where to report scams

Arizona Attorney General

Better Business Bureau

Tucson Register of Contractors

JACK LASSETER: Cochise and his Apache War

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 - 7:00 PM MST


In this second talk in this series, Jack shares with us the exciting story of the Chiricahua Apache’s greatest leader, Cochise. We will hear about the man himself, the famous Bascom Affair that precipitated his 11-year war, what tactics made him so successful in resisting, his relationship with his American blood-brother Tom Jeffords (a real man who’s buried in Tucson’s Evergreen Cemetery), his peace treaty with Gen. Howard, and much more. After hearing this talk, you too will get goosebumps, as Jack still does, whenever you go to Chiricahua National Monument, where Cochise was born and grew up; to Ft. Bowie and Apache Pass, where he went to war; or to Cochise’s Stronghold, where he died.


Wednesday, December 14, 2022 - 7:00 PM MST

For their album New Eyes, Arizona folk music powerhouses Matt Rolland and Rebekah Sandoval Rolland have come full circle. Their band, RISO, is the culmination of a musical lifetime spent together – and the album is a document of the ebb and flow of the last decade of their lives as students, musicians, and, more recently, parents.

Click here for more information

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