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December 19, 2022

Esperanza Estates

What's Happening in EE This Week?


9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Pickleball Courts

EEHOA Board Meeting

1:00 pm



Christmas Parade

3:15 pm



Thirsty Thursday

4:00 pm



Special Christmas in the Neighborhood

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Don't Miss the Christmas Golf Cart Parade Thursday December 22

From Donna Shay

Have you heard??? Santa Claus is coming to town!!!! Santa’s arriving Thursday December 22 around 3:15 pm in the Esperanza Estates Neighborhood Christmas Golf Cart, Scooter, Bike, Hot Cars and Walkers PARADE.

The jolly old soul has been invited to lead the parade of decked out sleighs carrying elves and reindeer. The jury is still out if they’ve been naughty or nice!!! All are welcome, however, so get those sleigh’s decorated and join the merriment. All are welcome to help witness his arrival. 

So, find your stockings and ugly sweaters;

Your garland and lights;

Christmas trees, elves and reindeers; 

Decorations a plenty are needed for this flight!!! 

ALL are WELCOME in the parade or observing in their driveways.

Parade participants assemble at the Ramada at 3 pm for a 3:15 pm PARADE start!!

After the parade will be a festive 4pm THIRSTY THURSDAY gathering for all. This is a No-Host gathering. That means that everyone brings their own drink, appetizer to share (if you'd like), eating utensils, and we all help clean up. Come on over to the Ramada and celebrate Christmas with your friend and neighbors!

Orphans’ Christmas Dinner

From: Lynn Noble and Connie Scorza

Hey everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice come join us at the Ramada on Christmas Day for food and merriment. So many of us spend the holidays alone and to that we say BAH-HUMBUG!

You will be asked to bring a dish to share, your beverage of choice, and your own place settings. The elves will be on vacation, so we have to do the work ourselves. Please RSVP to Connie Scorza at 541-647-8755 or Lynn Noble at 406-794-2509. Actually, please let us know if you have a Christmas table cloth you could let us borrow too.

Neighborhood News

EE HOA Board Meeting, Monday, December 19

The December EE HOA Board meeting is today, Monday, December 19, 1 pm, at the Ramada. The meeting will be in person, and all residents are encouraged to attend. Our Board meetings are a good opportunity to learn what's happening in Esperanza Estates.


Quorum Determination

Approval of Minutes

Treasurer's Report

Committee Reports: Architectural Control, Capital Projects, Common Area Maintenance, Green Valley Council, Recreational Facilities, Finance, Neighborhood Relations, Hospitality, Neighborhood Watch, Enhancement Team, Gardeners

Old Business

New Business 


EE HOA Board Election

From Ken Lindeman, HOA Secretary

The election for the EE HOA Board is this month, December. Your vote must be in by January 9th, 2023. The three elected Board members will be announced at the Annual Meeting on January 16th. We have five candidates running for three Board Member seats. The candidates are Cyndie Alto, Tom Cooke, John Nesavich, Connie Scorza, and Dave Sielken. All ballots have been delivered. Should a ballot have been misplaced or not received, please email me at [email protected]. You can read each candidate's bio at this link.

ESPERANZA ESTATES GNOME for the Holidays!”  Christmas Event

From Dean and Robin Lockwood

Gnome for the Holidays at the Ramada at the Ramada last week was a great success! It was a bit chilly, but around 100 neighbors attended, and the Christmas cheer warmed up the Ramada! Thanks Janet Shown for the pictures.

Thanks for the Food Donations

From Sandy LaVoi

Thanks to all who attended the Christmas party and donated food. It will be so appreciated. 

Merry Christmas to all, and thank you for your generosity!


From Mary Harp

The Gardeners are on Holiday Break and will restart the work party schedule on Tuesday, January 3. Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year, from Rod and Mary Harp.

2023 EEHOA Dues 

From Dean Lockwood, HOA Board Treasurer

The bills for 2023 HOA dues have been delivered to all residents. Thanks to EE residents who have already paid their 2023 HOA dues. Dues are due on January 1, 2023. You can drop your payment off (please include the Owner Information form) at the Ramada in the black Suggestion Box, or you can mail it in the envelope provided with the dues notice. Please call Dean Lockwood at 612-240-0945 with questions.

Titan Trash Information

From Kevin Welsh 520-223-3861

Titan has sent the HOA a welcome letter with lots of info. The Titan Trash Letter is also posted on our web site. There are 4 important pieces of information I need to highlight:

1. Email Amanda at [email protected] with your name, address,

and container selection. You can also leave a voice mail for Amanda

at 520 382-1009 and make your selection if email is not an option.

2. Containers are available for recycles in 18-, 35-, or 65-gallon sizes, and

for trash in 35-, 65-, and 95-gallon sizes.

3. Trash & Recycles will both be picked up on Wednesdays beginning 4

Jan 2023. You may use your existing containers or just bags.

4. There is no need to call Titan for refunds of pre-paid service, it will

automatically be sent. Homeowners with Republic or Waste

Management needs to contact them and cancel service, request

container pickup and request any refund of pre-paid service.

If you have neighbors that do not receive the MMM, please share this

information with them.

Good To Know

Protect Yourself

Source: Pima County Sheriff's Dept



When the telephone rings and your do not know

Who is calling, remember you are in control.

DO NOT give out any information to a stranger.


Protect your identity. Delete any suspicious or

unknown emails. DO NOT open them.


Shred all mail and statements with your name on

them. DO NOT just throw them in the trash.


Ignore the door when you are not expecting a

visitor. DO NOT give money or information to

solicitors or other strangers.

Contact Us!

For more information

Call (520) 351-4685, email [email protected], or


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