Global Impact Celebration 2019
January 25-27
GIC Online Meal Registration is Open!
Click here to Register for the Kick-off Banquet January 25!
6:45-8:30pm | FLC |  Reservation deadline: Tuesday, January 22.

Click here to Register for the Church-wide Breakfast January 26!
9-9:45am | FLC |  Reservation deadline: Tuesday, January 22.

Who doesn't love a Honey Baked Ham and Honey Baked Turkey for tailgating, Thanksgiving, or Christmas? Nobody, that's who! If you buy gift cards by following the link below, you too can have delicious HBH for all your festive occasions AND support Young Life and Wyldlife! 

Winter camp is coming soon and students are earning money to get there. HBH will give 20% of your purchase back to Young Life. You get all the deliciousness and HBH gives them the money back for their camp funds! It's a win-win! The 20% will go to the general campership fund for our area, unless you want it to go to someone specifically. For specific sponsorships, please let Shelley Carr know

 Now go eat some turkey and ham!

NGA Disaster Academy
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Salem Campground
Featuring Classes, Networking, Trailers & Tools, and Demonstrations

Choose an all day class OR the half day classes.

All Day Classes (Choose One):
  • Basic Early Response Team
  • Chainsaw (ERT badge preferred)
Half Day Advanced Classes (if already ERT badged) (Choose up to Two - a morning 9-12 & an afternoon 1-4):
  • ERT Renewal
  • Assessment
  • Spiritual & emotional Care
  • Volunteer Center
  • Team Leader Training
  • Growing Your Church DR Team
Registration is  HERE

Early Response Teams (ERTs) fill a specific need in the early hours and days after a disaster to clean out flood-damaged homes, remove debris, place tarps on homes, and otherwise help  to prevent further damage, while providing a caring Christian presence.
Basic ERT Member Training (8 hours)
Participants learn the basics of disaster response, including how to stabilize and secure homes safely, and how to work effectively with survivors and others on the response team. This standardized class is required for the basic ERT UMCOR identification badge.
Please contact Larry Stone if you are interested in taking the training to become UMCOR ERT certified.
Volunteers Needed!

ERT badgemaking volunteers are needed! If you have the basic skills listed below, contact Larry Stone.
  1.  Basic PC skills
  2. Basic Outlook skills (replying to emails and organizing data in folders)
  3. Basic Excel skills (maneuvering columns and data entry, copy and paste, etc.)
  4. Once or twice a month visit to our Atlanta, GA Headquarters
Training on using Verified Volunteers site and Badgemaking software (both very user friendly, mostly data entry and search tools) provided.

Missions Pastor, Rev. Terri Hoye,
Missions Assistant, Rae Myles,