A Monthly Expression of Thanks
The Church at the Heart of the City with the City at Heart!
My Dear Central Family,

The men Involved in the Monday Morning Ministry are on fire! Central provides Chick-fil-A meals, water and also distributes supplies for personal hygiene. When I look upon the homeless, I see human beings. I see faces of God that connect with me in that I could easily be in their place. It is a divine reality check that were it not for the grace of God, there go I. It is rewarding to see the church reach out to the people in need rather than simply wait for the people to come to the church. I feel honored to join the Central men for the Monday Morning Ministry to feed the homeless. I am honored to share the reflections of Bro. Aurelius Freeman,
Bro. Christopher Beal and Bro. James Gordon.

Bro. Aurelius Freeman shared, “When I see homeless people, I recognize the fact that as a society we have misguided priorities! These are brothers and sisters that have for one reason or another fallen on hard times; with the influencers of the world ready to throw them away. As long as there is a need, I will remain devoted to being a change agent in this area of life!” He recalls recently serving a sister with 7 children – she had two sets of twins and her oldest child was around four years old. He feels rewarded knowing that he is actively doing his part of advancing the Kingdom of God here on earth and describes the strength of the ministry as the zeal of those involved to assist those in need. He would like to proclaim, “Over 1 million served!”, while standing in front of a facility solely devoted to helping the less fortunate to reacclimate to society.
Bro. Christopher Beal stated, “ I feel brand new every time I participate with this endeavor. We are doing a MINISTRY THAT MATTERS! My reward is JUST AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE ABLE TO!” He says more boots on the ground will feed more people and maybe increase serving frequency. When Bro. Beal looks upon the homeless he sees, “largely a group of Black Men that have had their economic foundation disrupted - trying to live from moment to moment the best they know how.” When encountering the recipients during Monday Morning Ministries, he feels like God has given him an opportunity to be of service. He encourages us to allow God to change our hearts and improve our vision.

The goal of the Monday Morning Ministry is to do the will of God. I thank you all for your ongoing support of Central. We are able to share hope because of your service and through your giving. As James Gordon said, " We come by every Monday morning, rain or shine. Together, each Monday, we let people know they are included in the family of God."

Take good care, keep the faith, be safe and always,

 Be Well !

Pastor Ross
Bro. Christopher Beal, Bro. Aurelius Freeman and Bro. James Gordon
members of the Monday Morning Ministry Team.
Central United Methodist Church
501 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr SW | Atlanta, GA 30314
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Rev. Dr. Vance P. Ross, Senior Pastor
Rev. Angela Johnson, Associate Pastor