Outside Materials & Resources from Progressive LGBTQ Groups
 Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, AB 493 would force public and charter schools to conduct sensitivity training to its certified personnel and teachers in grades 7 to 12 in  “support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ)” students. Schools would also be required to provide “community resources” positively affirming and advocating these lifestyles to youth. The bill is specifically clear that  ONLY materials and resources from organizations and groups that positively promote these lifestyles is to be used by public schools and charter schools!! This means that outside groups with an agenda to sexualize your students would be given free access to promote their materials to teachers and ultimately in their classrooms. 
Training Curriculum Promoting LGBTQ Lifestyles
 Under AB 493, schools would be required to  develop training curriculum for teachers in direct “consultation with leading experts in supporting LGBTQ pupils.” Who decides who those “leading experts” are? As we have already seen with other pieces of legislation that have been enacted in California schools, they go to progressive, LGBTQ organizations that they deem an “expert”. Again,  these so-called “experts” would have unfettered access to training your child’s teacher and then pass on this new “training” to your child.

Tracking and Monitoring Teachers
AB 493’s language even would  require teachers to be tracked and monitored to ensure that they positively promote the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning” lifestyles on our youth. Teacher participation into this newly devised training will need to be monitored by the state. It is very likely that newly acceptable teacher training will include teachers being told they must address students by the gender name they feel they are; such as a boy wishing to be treated as a girl and therefore being referred to with female pronouns and names. 

Exclusion of Parents
AB 493 seems to be telling schools to keep things secret from parents. AB 493 goes so far as to  demand that schools adopt training “policies and procedures to protect the privacy of LGBTQ pupils.”   What secrets will the school keep from parents?  If a child is struggling with their gender identity or sexual orientation will information be kept from the parent?  Will that student be given access to one of the co-called “experts” in LGBT organizations?

AB 493 is one of the major pieces of legislation being pushed by Equality California. AB 493 is nothing more than another attack on charter schools and on public school teachers in grades 7-12.