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I was at the gym this morning listening to The Power of the Spoken Word with Insights and Perspectives Here is a YouTube Link . I was deeply inspired, like always with the podcasts I listen too.😉

I was inspired to share with you the effect you have on the way you speak to yourself and others and how can you drastically change your attitude with a simple suggestion of a positive thought. Your thought quality truly affects your life. And you can change this very simply by changing the way you talk to yourself.

This relates very much to What is Your Why? This is what will get you to your goals. You must be clear on your why and how you talk to yourself about your why. If you are constantly talking down to yourself you will not get the goal you are aspiring to achieve. We've all been there. Feeling down in the dumps will spiral out of control if you let it. BUT YOU HAVE CONTROL!


Next month we will partake in a journey together on your Why. It will be the 7 day mental diet. I will guide you through each day on this journey and you will see your life change dramatically after the 7 days. Until then, watch how you are talking to yourself. Monitor this behavior. Watch the effects you have by the way you talk to yourself. We will discuss this more in the future.

Until Next time, enjoy the journey.

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Your Monday Motivation.

By Kathie Owen
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