Okay, it’s Monday. I want you to make something happen. Does that sound like a cliche? I don’t mean it in the usual way. I mean it, mean it. Choose one of these three things to do:

1) Email, write a letter, text message or call one person you admire greatly in a field you are participating in or want to participate in and ask to spend 10 minutes on a Zoom call or phone call or actually meeting face-to-face to get advice. It could be the founder of a company like one you dream of starting. It could be an author of works that inspire you to write. It could be a political leader who has moved you to decide to run for office. The funny thing about asking for help directly and sincerely is that people often respond. Don’t worry if that person doesn’t. Just try it again with a different person each week. It will transform your life.

2) Contact someone who turned you down for something in the past that you still wish he or she hadn’t. Tell the person you still feel badly it didn’t happen and wonder about making it happen now. Now might be different, after all. And asking just one more time might make the difference. You might get that date, reunite with that lost love, get the interview, be invited to join that business association, find someone ready to reconsider being your co-author. Who knows, right? That’s the point.

3) Pitch it. Think of the coolest, biggest, boldest project you possibly can and call three people and TELL them. See if it lights them up. If it does, you might decide to actually do it—maybe with one of them. 

See, this isn’t your cliche “make something happen.” That’s the point with Pain-2-Power. It’s real power, right NOW.

-Dr. Keith Ablow
People often stop short of truly advocating for themselves. When it might happen if you ask once more, then ask once more. Only take no for answer when you really know, for sure, that a yes is inconceivable. Or, put another way, “Only take know for an answer.” -Dr. Keith Ablow
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