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5/3/21 ~ Parent Newsletter
Mrs. Britton

Dear Beloved Community,

Many of you have seen that while Spring Break offered me the chance to absorb some much needed Vitamin D, the time in the surf and on the sand also brought about a stress fracture in my left foot and the need for a clunky, black boot to be worn, which I shall sport, prayerfully, for only a couple of more weeks.

Being a very active person and loving my workouts, long walks and distance runs, this injury has felt like such a burden to my soul. I had fully anticipated that the break in the sunshine with great friends would fill my cup, not create frustration and disappointment. 

I have; however, had so many people reach out to me, check up on me, pray for healing and encourage me. Often, as I have expressed my frustrations, I have heard, “Well, at least it wasn’t any worse and you’ll be back being active again soon!” Perspective is everything.
There is a quote by Olympic Gold Medalist runner and Christian missionary, Eric Liddell: “No man who really is a man ever cared for the easy task. There is no enjoyment in the game that is easily won. It is that in which you have to strain every muscle and sinew to achieve the victory that provides real joy.”

In my frustration and relating as a runner, this quote causes me to reflect on the year that has brought us all frustrations, pain and required much hard work. There haven’t been many moments of happiness that have been easily won. However, there has been joy and victory. From our experiences whether at school or at home, our victories have tasted much sweeter because we have had to change our perspectives and persevere. Because of the willingness to change and persevere, God has continued to show up. I am most certain, whether in a black, clunky boot, well fit running shoe, sassy high-heels, comfy Birkenstocks, or stylin’ loafers, He will continue to show up as we navigate the last full month of this school year!  
4 & 18
Early Release Days - School dismisses at 12:53 pm
No School
No School, Memorial Day
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
Hello families,

Three Points Staff Appreciation Week is this week, May 3-7!  

We are excited to celebrate the awesome staff at Three Points and show them how much we appreciate everything they do for our children.

Tuesday 5/4 - Flower Bouquets
Wednesday 5/5 - Candy Bar
Thursday 5/6 - Thank You Note Day
Friday 5/7 - Boxed lunches provided to all staff members

Important reminders for parents and families:

  • If you signed up to volunteer on campus in some way this week, please be sure to check-in at the front office, get your temperature checked, and wear a 3-ply mask (or 2 standard masks). Erin or Valerie will meet you at the office at the designated time. 

  • Tuesday 5/4 - Drop off flower bouquets and candy at the tables on the dirt field from 8-9am (after dropping your child(ren) off in the car chute). Volunteers will be there to receive them from you. Please do not exit your car. 

  • Thursday 5/6 is Thank You Note Day. We would like every student in the class to share a message of gratitude with the staff members assigned to their classroom. This could be a handwritten card, a drawing, an email, or even a video message. Get creative! We want the entire Three Points staff to be overwhelmed with our gratefulness by receiving multiple messages today!

To be more specific, each student in the class is encouraged to create a thank you message for the 3-4 staff members assigned below. For example, each 6th grader in Mrs. Walton’s class will write a note, draw a picture, etc. to Mrs. Walton, Ms. Hermiller, Mr. Nollan, and Mrs. Fawcett. (Use the chart below to specifically list your class’s assigned staff members)

Then, on Thursday, May 6, have your student bring/deliver their notes to their classroom.  Notes can then be collected and distributed to the staff with the teacher’s assistance. 

Additionally, if your child is in Advanced Math with Mrs. Greene or works with one of the SAS therapists, families are encouraged to bless these staff members individually with thank you notes and gifts. These can be delivered to them on Thursday as well.

Please reach out to either of us if you have questions.

Valerie Eggers (
Staff Appreciation Week "SAW" Coordinators
Choral News

Please enjoy this video from our combined elementary and junior high Spring choral program! 

In this virtual concert, you will get to:

  • Hear vocal and instrumental selections from each of the three campuses. 
  • Learn about how teachers have been adjusting the learning process to create meaningful learning experiences in the midst of tricky circumstances.
  • Hear from students about what the music means to them.

The elementary music teachers and I hope that this will be a fun and encouraging peek inside the music program. Access it via the link to the left and feel free to share it with family and friends. Thank you to our students and teachers who participated in this video project.

-Ms. Amy Shockey
IOWA Test Results
IOWA test results will be mailed home to families this week.

If you have multiple children in grades 3-6, the test results are combined into one envelope.

Should you have any questions regarding the test results, please reach out to your child's teacher.
Campus Reminders
Parent Volunteers
We are so excited to be able to welcome parents back to our campus! If you haven't already, please contact Ashley in the Head of School's Office to have a background check, which is required for all volunteers. Her email address is Also please remember to check-in at our office before going to the classroom to have your temperature checked. Please only visit the classroom that you are scheduled to volunteer in. Thank you for your help.

Car Chute
Please remember to turn right to Evergreen Point Drive when exiting the Car Chute.

If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please call our office right away at (425) 454-3977. If our office is closed, email as soon as possible. Delayed notification complicates contract tracing, an essential step in stopping the spread of the virus. Providing us with information about 1) when symptoms developed, 2) the test date and 3) the results - help us meet our notification requirements to King County Public Health. Thank you for your help in keeping our community safe.

Also, please remember to complete the daily health screening for your child via the Magnus Health app. When a green "GO" pops up, take a screenshot of it and show it to school personnel as you're going through the car chute. Thank you!
Parent Input Form
Each year in the spring, our faculty begins the prayerful process of assigning students to classes for the next school year. As class lists are constructed, we carefully consider a number of factors and dynamics:

  • As much as possible, we attempt to have an even boy-girl ratio in each class.
  • We attempt to balance academic levels, looking at reading and math levels, as well as SAS, Reading Resource, and ELL students.
  • We attempt to balance each class socially, behaviorally, and ethnically.
  • We consider student combinations that should or should not be placed together.
  • We consider matching particular student personalities with particular teacher styles.

As you anticipate receiving completed class assignments in mid-August, these are the things we ask of you in the interim:

  • Pray for wisdom for the staff and Principal as we discuss all these factors. We also ask that you trust our prayerful judgment, our experience, and our insight on all the varied dynamics involved in creating class lists.

  • Understand that while we consider parental input, we cannot permit the balance in classes to become “skewed” by ignoring significant factors.

  • Please do not approach the current classroom teacher or an educational therapist about a teacher request. Doing so places that person in an awkward position.

  • Please do not name teachers on the Parent Input Form.

Please find a link to the form below. If you choose to fill out a form, edit the form, save it to your computer, and email it to
Preschool News
We Are Growing!

Not only are children growing taller, but they are also learning and growing their brains! Mrs. Lowe’s Pre-k class has planting experiments and activities everywhere! Pre-kindergarten students watch their lima beans sprout in Ziploc bags in the window, attempt to grow carrots from carrot tops, plant carrot and radish seeds for their greenhouse, write with carrots in the dirt, create cross-section drawings, paint with vegetables, and so much more! We are thankful for each of these growing children.

Want to join in the fun? Three Points preschool is looking for special people to join our team and share in the joys of a preschool classroom. Please contact for more information.


We have several openings in preschool and elementary, for teachers (Preschool-Grade 12) for the upcoming school year.
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BCS tuition discounts are available to all regularly scheduled employees.
Hear from our teachers and leaders about what brought them to Bellevue Christian & what's kept them here. Click on the video below to view.
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Junior-Senior High School News
Find out how our Math Team performed at a recent competition in our latest newsletter!
Check out our Viking Chronicle - which features articles written by our talented group of 7th and 8th grade writers:
Upcoming Events
5/4 & 18 - Early Release Days
5/4-5/7 - Teacher Appreciation Week
5/12 - PTF Executive Board Meeting
5/27 - 2nd/5th Grade Field Trip
5/28 - No School
5/31 - No School, Memorial Day

6/4 - 4th-6th Grade Track Meet
6/9 - Last Day of Preschool
6/17 - 6th Grade "Moving Up" Ceremony
6/17 - Last Day of School K-6

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