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11/16/2020 ~ Parent Newsletter
Mrs. Woodard,

Over the last few weeks, I have been teaching "Kelso’s Choice" in Kindergarten through 3rd grade classrooms. Students have been able to identify when it is helpful to use "Kelso’s Choice" to solve small problems. The hope is that they will feel empowered to solve a small problem on their own. With big problems, we always go to an adult for help and sometimes for small problems we need an adults help as well. Over time, I think that students will learn and know that they can solve those smaller problems on their own, such as someone making a noise they don’t like, someone playing with a toy they want, and more!

In 4th grade, we have talked about empathy and how it is important and helpful to understand and share feelings of another person. We might not have the same feeling as someone else about something, and that’s okay, but it is important to understand where they might be coming from.

We have also talked about respecting similarities and differences of others. God made is all unique and we get to learn about one another’s likes and dislikes, while still respecting them. In 5th grade, we have also talked about empathy as well. We have also had a lesson on taking others perspectives.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to understand someone else’s perspective on the situation for us to gain clarity. In 6th grade, we have been learning about our brain and emotions as well!
Miss Olson’s 5th grade class,discusses what it means to gain others perspectives! 
We have talked about what happens to our brains when we have a strong emotion. How we sometimes, need to take a few minutes, to calm ourselves before reacting to a situation.

All of your children have so much great insight when I go in to talk about these different subjects. I love hearing from them and think this is a great time for them to hear from others and we all get to learn alongside one another.

Never hesitate to reach out to me via email,, if you have any questions.
COVID-19, Flu & Cold Season
Please keep your child home if they are sick.

King County has released a NEW flowchart for parents and staff to follow. It lists symptoms and vital information concerning COVID-19, and works as a guide to determine whether a staff member or a student should attend school. We encourage parents to save, print or bookmark the flowchart.

Note: As of 11/9, one important change to the guidelines is:

-If your child has only ONE short term symptom (see list of specific symptoms in next paragraph) AND that symptom resolves without medication within 24 hours, they can now return without COVID testing.

A short-term symptom is defined as: fatigue; headache; muscle pain or body aches; sore throat; congestion or runny nose; nausea or vomiting; or diarrhea.

(see next column)
The symptom above must begin and resolve in less than 24 hours with no known COVID-19 exposure (close contact). A student can return to school the next day if the short-term symptom resolves. 

Should your family wish to be tested, there are several test sites. You can find out more on our COVID-19 webpage. Thank you for helping keep our campus healthy and safe.

Early Release Day - Tomorrow
Students dismiss two hours early, no PM Preschool
No School, Thanksgiving Break Nov. 23-27

If you haven't had an opportunity to schedule a parent-teacher conference, please contact your child's teacher. Thank you!
Week of Nov. 30 - Online Learning
Our classroom teachers and specialists are preparing for the online week of learning, which will help us all transition more safely from time off during Thanksgiving break back to in-person school days.

  • Below is the online learning schedule that all elementary teachers and students will follow.
  • This schedule allows for and designates synchronous and asynchronous times during each school day.
  • Monday, Nov. 30 will be a “No School” day for students and a Workday for teachers/EA’s.
  • You will hear from each classroom teacher about the specifics for each days’ learning.
  • Devices will be sent home with all K-6th grade students on Friday, Nov. 20. If your child will not be at school on this day, you may pick up your device at the Three Points Office on Monday, Nov. 30. 
  • We are unable to send devices home before Nov. 20.
  • Parents will receive specialist links/resources, and lessons in next Monday's Three Points Post.

*Every Learning Block consists of a synchronous meeting with students (via WebEx/Teams) and asynchronous (independent) activities.

Your E-Board is hosting a gathering over Zoom on Nov. 18 and all parents are invited and encouraged to attend. Board members will share their respective roles and speak about our goals and aspirations for the year. This will be a great opportunity for us to see on another face-to-face and cultivate togetherness. We hope that you will join us! 

DATE: Nov. 18
TIME: 9:15am-9:45am

Meeting ID: 862 6311 0597
Passcode: Gjv1Ck

Questions? Email us anytime at
Cell Phones & Safety

Our Elementary Cell Phone Policy states that cell phones are only permitted before and after school. We are very proud of how the majority of our student body does an outstanding job of following this guideline. Please remind and encourage your child to follow this rule. 

Additionally, teachers will be talking to all of their students about cell phone use before school starts and after the school day is over:

  • All students need to be socially distanced. We've had some instances of students huddling around a student's cell phone. Please remind your child that grouping together in this manner is unsafe and they may be putting themselves or others at risk during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The Car Chute is a very busy place! To keep all safe and the line flowing, we, for now, are making the Car Chute a "No Phone Zone." We ask that students actively watch for their parent's car to pull up and, do their best to remain socially distanced.

We love our community and want to make sure everyone is doing their part to make Three Points a safe and healthy place. Thank you for your understanding and reminding your children of these guidelines.
Preschool News

Preschool children in Mrs. Koorn’s Little Explorer class are joyfully learning about God’s wonderful creation! One of their projects is to make individual creation books. Their Day 4 art is beautiful. Each student is taking great joy in depicting the sun and moon with die cut shapes, glitter, and glue! 

This week, we will focus on what it means to be thankful, particularly for our treasured friends. A ‘Friendsgiving’ celebration will close out our school week and herald the Thanksgiving holiday. We are looking forward to this fun celebration!
Spirit Store Now Open
BCS is excited to launch our new Spirit Store, stocked with casual clothes, outerwear, and bags. With brands like Adidas, New Era, The North Face, and more, you can wear your school colors with pride. Items come in a range of colors with customizable logo options. You may have your purchased items go to the Three Points Office for easy pickup.

Upcoming Events
11/17 - Early Release, 12:53pm dismissal, No PM Preschool
11/18 - PTF Gathering (Zoom Link Above)
11/23 & 11/24 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
11/23-11/27 - No School, Thanksgiving Break

12/8 - Early Release Day, 12:53pm dismissal, No PM Preschool
12/21-1/1 - No School, Christmas Break
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