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Venezuelan Crabmeat
Fresh, Never Frozen, 1lb Unit
Claw Meat Price:  $5.99/lb
Jumbo Lump Meat Price:  $22.50/lb
The Best Selection, Globally Sourced

Featured April Special:

Black Cod
Long line Caught off Alaska
Frozen 7lb+ H&G Whole Fish
Our Price:  $12.99/lb

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Florida Stone
Crab Claws
The Season Is Closing Soon!
Medium (6-9 Claws per lb):    $19.99/lb

Morel Mushrooms
Harvested in the Pacific NW
Sold by the lb.
Tonight's Price:   $31.95/lb
Chilean Sea Bass Fillet
Skin-on, Boneless Fillet
Great Poached in Olive Oil With a Ramp Puree
Tonight's Price: $17.95/lb
Razor Clams
Harvested in Massachusetts
Sold by the Pound
Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb
Baccala Carpaccio
Harvested and Processed in Spain
Ready To Use (Already Desalted)
Tonight's Price:  $13.99/lb
Wild Bonito
Caught off Spain
1-2 lb Whole Fish
Tonight's Price:  $8.50/lb
Caught off of Gloucester
Skin On Fillets
Tonight's Price:  $7.49/lb
Lobster Tail
South African ,4.5-5oz Tails
Sold in 10lb Cases
Tonight's Price:  $29.50/lb
Local Albacore Tuna
Caught off South Carolina
Fresh Loins
Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb
Stinging Nettle
Harvested in the Pacific NW
Sold by The Pound
Tonight's Price:  $11.99/lb
Fresh Cuttlefish
Caught off Spain
Whole, 2-4 lb Each
Tonight's Price: $10.99/lb
Canterbury Cure
Smoked Salmon
Hand-Sliced, 3-4 lb Each
Tonight's Price:  $16.99/lb
Nordic Halibut
Aquaculture Raised:
Fresh Skin-on Fillets
Tonight's Price: $14.99/lb
Wild Bay Scallops
Dry Scallops from Mexico
5 lb Trays
Tonight's Price:    $48.99/ea
Wild Spring Onion
Harvested in the Pacific NW
Sold in 3lb Units
Tonight's Price: $11.99/lb
Golden Neck Clams
Caught off Canada
Sold in 50ct Bags
Tonight's Price:     $9.99/ea
Santa Ines
Spanish Dried Plums
11 lb Box
Tonight's Price:  $15.00/ea

O Hirame Halibut
Raised in Norway
1-2 lb Skin-off Fillets
Tonight's Price:  $11.99/lb
Poke Sauce
Just in Time for Spring!
Sold in 60oz Units
Tonight's Price:     $7.99/ea
10/20 Dry Scallops
Frozen (IQF)
Sea Pearl Brand
Tonight's Price:  $10.75/lb

Squid Cutlets
4-6oz Cuts (Butterflied & Split)
Sold in 30lb Case
Tonight's Price:  $4.99/lb
Ruby Red Rock Shrimp
Tail-Off, P&D
Sold in 1 Gallon Units
Tonight's Price: $57.50/lb
The Monterey Bay Aquarium
Seafood Watch Program
helps seafood buyers make
choices for a healthy ocean.

Check out our Seafood Watch
choices on special tonight!
Oysters of the Evening
Shipwreck Select's From East Point, PEI Tonight's Price: $0.79/ea
Jumbo Duxbury's From Duxbury Bay, ME
Tonight's Price: $0.89/ea

Green "Best Choice"
Crassostrea virginica
Farmed, Canada/ Farmed USA
On/Off Bottom
Ruby Red Trout
8-10 oz Skin-on PBO Fillets
5 lb Case
Tonight's Price: $7.99/lb

Green "Best Choice" Rating
Oncorhynchus mykiss
Farmed, USA

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