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Monday Update
September 11, 2017
Parent Education Series
Dublin Unified is always looking to support parents through the important task of escorting their students through our school system, into college, career and beyond. We have set up a series of Parent Education Offerings for the 2017-18 school year that we believe will be relevant and informative. Please plan to attend!

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Final Community Input meeting on CVRA
Tonight at Wells Middle School Dining Pavilion at 6:30 p.m. will be the final Community Input meeting on the process of transitioning our Board elections to "By-Trustee-Areas". The demographer responsible for drawing the maps and legal counsel will be present to answer your questions. If you are interested, please plan to attend. To take a look at the maps, please follow this link to our website.

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Getting to Know You: Jessica Kiernan and Alberto Solorzano

By Faith Rynda, DHS Student Intern

Join us in welcoming two new educational leaders to Dublin Unified!

Jessica Kiernan, Director of Elementary Education

Originally an Orinda native, Ms. Kiernan couldn't escape her love for Northern California and she has made the move back to Northern California to serve as Dublin Unified's Director of Elementary Education. 

Ms. Kiernan said she is 
eager to support the students, teachers, and principals at Dublin's elementary schools in any way she can. Her ultimate goal is to help students to achieve balance in their young lives between academics and their interests.

Ms. Kiernan wanted to be a lawyer, but a significant health scare changed her plan and upon recovering from surgery, she went back to school and eventually began her career in education. On her first day at a school site, she realized "this is where I should have been all along."

Beyond her love for education, Ms.Kiernan also finds joy in painting, meditating, reading, and researching. Her absolute favorite thing to do in the world is pass time with her daughter -who is also her best friend - and her family. 

Alberto Solorzano, Director of Secondary Education

The former Livermore High School principal joins us as the Director of Secondary Education.

Mr. Solorzano played a critical role in transforming the community at Livermore High School, focusing on school climate. The effectiveness of his work was proven through results, where the school-wide completion of A-G requirements, advanced from 34% to 65% in just a few years. 

Solarzano's dedication to helping schools prosper brought him to DUSD. He said his biggest goal in Dublin is to serve as an aid to our schools' principals; assisting them in creating award-winning schools with innovative programs.

To do this, he plans to focus on the development of analytical skills, staff development, and problem solving; making DUSD principals the most well-trained and equipped in the Tri-Valley. In addition, he wants to create a safe place for students, that promotes rigor and ensures that all students are left with the motivation and confidence to continue their educational journey into college.

As a new Dublin community member, Mr. Solorzano is very excited for Homecoming week. He is thrilled to witness Dublin traditions and spirit, and cannot wait for the football game. "Homecoming is a neat time" he says, "watching the school unify is always the best part". 

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