September 26, 2017

By Faith Rynda
DHS Communications Intern

In order to prepare for college applications, DHS students have been attending college presentations on schools from all around the nation. 

An opportunity that occurs every year, students get the chance to learn about and meet with admissions representatives from universities they are potentially interested in. These presentations offer high value to our students, for they allow students the freedom to ask questions, gather information, learn about different resources, and explore a variety of educational options.

We have received presentations from UCLA, USF, Hawaiian Pacific, UCSB, and more. UCLA, actually being our biggest presentations thus far, had an attendance of 104 students. To accommodate the large crowd, the presentation was actually moved from the Career Center to the Performing Arts Center. This is just one example of how important these presentations are to our students. 

For more information on future college presentations, students and parents are encouraged to visit the Career Center webpage (see link below). DHS students can also stop by the career center to sign-up for these presentations and find further information.

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