Welcome back MCPK Families!

I hope you and the kids enjoyed "Spring Break" and a week off from remote learning. For our staff, it was an opportunity to take a breath, reflect and move forward with fresh ideas and ways to improve this new way of teaching and learning. I hope that you had a chance to savor the time with your families, in between constant cooking and cleaning and working from home--so many meals in a day, so many dishes!

I loved receiving pictures of our MCPK Together Apart signs and seeing some of you (from a safe distance) around the neighborhood. We miss you and our school so much. I wish that I had some concrete news about if and when NJ school buildings will reopen. Governor Murphy announced last week that remote learning will continue at least until May 15th. It seems as though they are making decisions two weeks at a time, but there is positive news about the impact of social distancing.

All we can do for now is hope and make this time at home as easy and productive as possible. We will move all tuition automatic payments from May 1st to May 15th. Once again, we will only charge for the school day schedule. Please reach out to us at info@montclairprek.org or to me personally if you have any concerns about tuition payments. We understand that this is a challenging time financially for many of our families. I am so grateful that we continue to be able to pay our teachers and staff. It is a testament to their hard work and creativity and to your respect and appreciation for them.

  Thank you for your generosity and openness to our remote learning program.
Be well,

Ms. Amy