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January | 1.6.2020
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January Faculty & Staff Birthdays
Happy Birthday to our COE team members!

Dr. Samuel Platt
January 4th

Ms. Barbara Wynn
January 28th
Our focus on student success is a reality this semester in the College of Education. In July, we submitted a request for special funding from the Provost Office. Each college was provided an opportunity to center funding around a Florida Board of Governors Performance Based Funding Metric. We submitted a proposal to increase PBM #1, #2, #4 and #5. We will focus on our FTIC (First Time in College) freshman student population. Our proposal was accepted and we received funding to provide our freshman cohort two student success coaches. Mr. Moise and Mr. Martin-Gilliam will be working one on one with each of our cohort members. They will coordinate a student-centered success handbook to be utilized over the next three years. Their offices our housed in Building B (3rd Floor) and they each will be working 40 hours per week during times that are most convenient for our students.
Mr. Frantzley Moise
Frantzley Moise is an educator, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. In his book, "Chess 4 Life,Life 4 Chess", Mr. Moise infuses chess with life skills to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their goals and dreams. He advocates that the strategies learned from Serious Play can be used in a compelling way to empower and educate people of all ages.

An educator for 15 years, Mr. Moise has worked with students, parents, and teachers and has presented for an array of national, state and local organizations. Mr. Moise owned and co-owned a number of business and has served in a number of organizations. He has held leadership and advisory positions and has been honored for his distinguished work. Frantzley Moise is proof positive that a little determination and effort can lead to success. Please stop by and greet Mr. Moise and introduce yourself to him. He will also be attending our college-wide meeting and sharing some tips for success.

Mr. Jonathan Martin-Gilliam

Jonathan is 25 years of age and the youngest of four siblings. He attended Amos P. Godby High School here in Tallahassee, FL before graduating in 2013. From there, he made the decision to attend the prestigious Florida A&M University where he began in the Fall of 2013 and worked diligently day in and day out. Ultimately, all the hard work was rewarded as Jonathan was able to earn his Bachelors of Science Degree in English Education in the spring of 2018. Mr. Miles-Gilliam served our Candidate Empowerment Center as a student tutor during his matriculation at FAMU. He currently works as a newly appointed Student Success Coach, but his ultimate career goal is to be a College English professor. Please stop by and greet Mr. Martin-Gilliam and introduce yourself to him. He will be glad to see familiar and new faces!
Alumni Spotlight | Dr. Terrance McNeil
Dr. Terrance McNeil, a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, is an assistant professor and coordinator of the Masters and EDS programs in the Educational Leadership department at Tennessee State University’s College of Education. A two-time graduate of Florida A&M, he received a doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2018. He has extensively researched the STEM workforce and achievement gaps using large scale data sets on student performance. He has also engaged in education policy work on behalf of underserved populations. Among other groups, Dr. McNeil has worked with the United States Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and the Florida Legislature to promote teaching excellence and diversity. Currently, he is leading a major research project for the National Science Foundation under the Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM. Additionally, Dr. McNeil recently co-wrote and received a $300,000 grant from the state of Tennessee to educate and mentor 50 aspiring principals in the region.
Terrance has a passion for HBCU advocacy and education policy. He has worked extensively with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education to promote teacher diversity and is the Chair of the AACTE HBCU Teacher Education Topical Action Group (TAG). This group promotes the collective interest of HBCU Educator Preparation programs within AACTE. He has also worked within AACTE as a lobbyist, blog writer and the National Vice-President of the Holmes Scholar Executive Council. 

Secretary John King applauded  Terrance 's work for HBCU students in a recent article.  He was also featured in a   Sirius XM radio interview  where he spoke on the White House Initiative on HBCUs and what makes HBCUs so great. As the founder of the National HBCU Graduate School Clearinghouse, Dr. McNeil has assisted over 1500 HBCU students with graduate school preparation, acceptance and funding. For this work, he became the inaugural recipient of the Excellence in Innovation and Competitiveness Award from the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (2018).

“Undoubtedly, the faculty and staff in the College of Education at Florida A&M University prepared me to achieve my goal of becoming an educational leader. I truly appreciate the knowledge and expertise that I obtained at FAMU as I have been equipped to lead others in their quest to become educational change agents”.
Spring Opening Meeting
See you for our college-wide meeting on January 28th at 2PM
We will have an informative work meeting to kick off the year. Some of the highlights will focus on new programs, faculty positions, cost efficiency, student recruitment and retention, and student success initiatives. An agenda will be provided at the start of the new year. Location to follow.
MLK Convocation | Please Plan to Attend
Please remember to attend the MLK Convocation Ceremony, January 16th from 10:10-12:10 at the Gaither Gymnasium. Let's show up again in our orange and green and sit together to demonstrate our college unity.
Faculty Spotlight Staff Spotlight
Dr. Warren Hope Mr. Michael Huggins
What has been the greatest lesson in your educational career?   
The greatest lesson in my educational career is yet to be realized. While I have been blessed with many great lessons during my educational journey, i.e., determination supersedes all else, never stop becoming because you do not know what you can become, the grist mills of the gods grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small, and talk less, listen more; I continue to encounter great lessons month after month, year to year. What at a static point in time appears to be an ultimate lesson learned is before long replaced by another one, always more profound.  Hence, the personal treasure of great lessons up through 2019, will soon give way to the undeniable of 2020.   

How do you inspire and encourage others?   
I link inspiration and encouragement to being a model and an example to those whom you intend to influence.  Time brings about an awareness that all of us are on display, conscious or unconscious of that fact.  I think that it is important to represent that which you hold to have virtue and if you represent that entity to your best, then rational beings will see worth. On the other hand, it is always inspiring and encouraging to others to see something great and outstanding that you have accomplished, which will reverberate through the ages. 

What educational trend do you see repeating itself in our nation?   
For about 40 years now, Education in America has been trapped in a cycle of reform.  American education is now engaged in reforming reform.  Unfortunately, human nature causes us to return to the past for solutions to the present and future. Somewhere in the time continuum, we must respond to problems out of a present-future context and with new thinking. The trend of reforming reform needs an end.  Making the same mistakes have not brought American education to the place called Better.  I invoke words from the old TV show Star Trek and suggest that it is time to boldly go where we have not gone before.  Think Future! 

How can we be vigilant to stay the course in educational leadership?  
I see the role of Educational Leadership as one of preparing individuals capable of leading in an array of organizations in the 21st century.  Educational leaders must be capable of structuring a vision for whatever the organization may be and projecting what is possible to attain working together. To accomplish the goal of essential leadership in dynamic organizations there is a need for an extraordinary skill set that dovetails with an understanding of generational needs and organizational objectives. Response to the question, why am I here should prompt motivation that engenders vigilance. This question is a reminder of the things that still need to be accomplished. 

What trend in higher education inspires you to encourage others?  
I like the aspect of non-traditional students returning back to school. It is very important when people take time to complete a goal they have set their mind to. To come back to school, work full time and finish a degree is admirable. I hope to encourage students who are in this capacity.

Who is a person (historic or present-day) that motivates you?
Nelson Mandela, a humble man whose life has motivated me by his remarkable leadership qualities demonstrated. He was a man of peace, having a powerful presence to disarm enemies with his smile. He showed the world what forgiveness looks like and he focused on goals and a mission beyond himself, just to name a few.

How do you maintain your professional goals? 
I maintain my professional goals by ensuring that my goals are clear and specific. I make every effort to set doable goals; short-term or long-term. Most importantly, I remain positive; having faith, confidence and determination to accomplish the goals that have been set.

What is one enjoyable thing you like to do in your leisure time?  
In my leisure time I enjoy traveling with my family and friends. Most recently my travels included visiting the Cayman Islands and Cozumel Mexico. My next venture is to visit Greece.
FAMU DRS Kicks Off 2020 with School-Wide Professional Development
Learning, Training and Motivation!
The FAMU DRS faculty and staff kicked off the spring semester to start the second half of the year on January 6th! The faculty and staff engaged in professional development and received mental health awareness training and curriculum planning. The faculty were engaged and excited during the opening meeting and Superintendent Johnson led the morning with inspiring vision and planning to increase academic achievement and gain positive results. Keep up with all the great things happening at FAMU DRS at The faculty and staff also took part in mandatory state-wide mental health awareness training. Our FAMU DRS faculty are ready and excited to kick of the spring semester.
Office Hours Required | Spring 2020
Provost Office | Faculty Request
Esteemed faculty, we have received a reminder to place office hours outside of your office and abide by them.
Please do not only post, "Office Hours by Appointment". Select times and days that are in congruence with your classes and student convenience. The Provost's Office has sent a directive to ensure that students and parents do not call and complain that faculty are not available.
Thank you so much for being awesome! I appreciate you all being available.
Graduate Faculty Orientation | Dr. David Jackson
Dr. David Jackson will join us January 23rd from 9-11:00 AM in GEC 305A! Please plan to attend!
Information, updates, and opportunities will be shared in our upcoming Professional Development with the School of Graduate Studies and Research. Please plan to attend even if you are not a graduate faculty. Continental breakfast will be served.
30 Year Anniversary | Black Male College Explorers Program
The Black Male College Explorers program will celebrate its 30th year of service to young men across Florida. Please plan to attend and share in this wonderful celebration for the achievement of students from throughout the state and region.

June 25-27, 2020
Special event details to follow
VEX Robotics Tournament Tower Takeover | January 18th | 10 am - 3 pm
We are so excited to partner with the FAMU School of Architecture and Engineering Technology for the VEX Tower Takeover. This is an exciting initiative to bring STEM education pathways to our college. Thank you Dr. David White for your engagement in our future!
NASA STEM Fellowship Opportunity | Please Share
Fellowship Details
​NASA Office of STEM Engagement released the  NASA Fellowship Activity 2020

Call for Proposals -- NASA Fellowship Activity 2020
NASA Office of STEM Engagement (OSE) opened a call for graduate research proposals on December 23, 2019. The NASA Research Announcement (NRA) NNH20ZHA001N: NASA Fellowship Activity 2020 is seeking student-authored and independently conceived graduate research proposals responding to a NASA Research Opportunity listed in the solicitation. The 2020 NASA Fellowship Activity is designed to support OSE objectives and provide academic institutions the ability to enhance graduate-level learning and development. The program details and requirements are outlined in the solicitation document.
To be eligible to submit a proposal, candidates must be U.S. citizens or a national who hold a bachelor's degree in a STEM field earned before Aug. 31, 2020. Candidates must be enrolled in a master's or doctoral degree program no later than Sept. 1, 2020, and intend to pursue a research-based Masters or Ph.D. program in a NASA-relevant field.

Proposals are due February 21, 2020.

For full program details, visit:  2020 NASA Fellowship Activity . An informational webinar about this fellowship will be presented on January 8, 2020 and February 5, 2020 – time to be announced. The telecom number is 1-844-467-6272, and the passcode is 549325. The information to join the meeting via the web will be posted on the solicitation webpage once the information is available.

Questions concerning these program elements may be directed to Vandhana Lal at  NASA.fellowships@nasaprs.

Student Enrollment Progress
Friendly Reminder | Late Enrollment
Faculty, please be advised that overall enrollment trends are slow. We pushed course enrollment early but due to financial constraints many of our students could not enroll until their obligation was made. Please give our regular and dual enrolled students grace for this week. We have been alerted that there are several hundred students who are just getting classes added. Thank you for your attention in this matter.