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December | 12.9.2019
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Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Mitcham Receives External Funding from CACREP to Support Accreditation
Dr. Michelle Mitcham was successful in acquiring $5000 over the course of two academic years to support our accreditation application process. She received $2500 in 2018 and another $2500 this fall. Pictured above is Dr. Mitcham presenting the funding for us to move forward. The CACREP addendum report will be submitted December 20th and our onsite review will be during the Fall 2020 semester. We will receive an additional $4000 in the spring to prepare for the site visit.

We are thankful for Dr. Mitcham's diligence in assisting us with this effort.

COE 1 of 8 Recipients for the NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors) CACREP Grant
Florida A&M University is one of eight institutions nationally recognized to promote and uphold counseling standards. To be recognized for this major initiative sets us apart as a university and counseling program.
See our feature in the National Board of Certified Counselors 2018 newsletter here .
Faculty of the Week |
Dr. Michelle Mitcham
Faculty Reminders
Office Hours Required | Spring 2020
Provost Office | Faculty Request
Esteemed faculty, we have received a reminder to place office hours outside of your office and abide by them.
Please do not only post, "Office Hours by Appointment". Select times and days that are in congruence with your classes and student convenience. The Provost Office has sent a directive to ensure that students and parents do not call and complain that faculty are not available.
Thank you so much for being awesome! I appreciate you all being available.
College Committees
College-wide committee lists are being dispersed for the spring.
We will be sending the committee lists that you selected prior to the dean's arrival. We have the slate filled of members and will send communication out in the coming weeks.
Grades are due! Please turn in your grades by Monday, December 16th. Please have your grades turned in on time.
Mr. Darryl Jones | Annual Apple Pinning Ceremony
Celebrate Success! Please Remind All COE Graduates, Supporters and Friends
This year our special speaker will be Leon County School Board member, Mr. Darryl Jones. Mr. Jones is a proud alumna of FAMU's College of Education. We hope to see everyone there, his speech is sure to be remarkable!

December 13, 2019
8:30 AM Rehearsal
10:00 AM Grand Ballroom
11:00 AM Refreshments
Commencement Ceremony 2019 | Participation Needed
Please plan to attend our COE commencement ceremony (Saturday, December 14th at 9:00 AM) and sit in the faculty area. We want to ensure we have a good presence. I appreciate each of you! Thank you for finishing out the semesmter strong!

Coming Soon!
Open Forum with the Dean
Wednesday, December 18th 10-11 AM
Dean's Conference Room
New Features and Ideas
Staff Spotlight!
We will be highlighting staff throughout the semester in our newsletter!
Have an idea, alumni feature or special event/information you want to see in our weekly wishes? Also, the research portion of our newsletter is very important. Please send your latest publication or presentation. Please email Dr. Watson and include Mr. Huggins with your idea. Title your email "Weekly Wishes | Idea"