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February | 2.10.2020
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February Faculty & Staff Birthdays
Happy Birthday to our COE team members!
Dr. Warren Hope
February 6th

Dr. Serena Roberts
February 7th

Dr. Vanessa Pitts Bannister
February 20th 

Mr. Wei Gu
February 26th 
FAMU Partnerships | EDU Africa
Michael Massingham, founder of EDU Africa, will be visiting FAMU on February 10th. EDU Africa is a short-term customs program that can set up programs for any major- including education! The program has a network with eight countries in Africa and offers a "transformative learning journey" while maintaining learning outcomes. Dean Watson is excited to meet with the Education Abroad department see how the COE can incorporate exciting initiatives with EDU Africa.
Dean Watson will be speaking at this event for the empowerment of girls, grades 5 - 11, interested in STEM. Students will interact with women at various stages of their science careers.

  • The event will begin with a brief keynote and end with an art and STEM painting activity.
  • The interactive speed networking/mentoring activity will involve 20 women in science. Each of these women will briefly share who they are and what they do.
  • Each mentor will be placed at a round table for a total of four - 15 minute discussions with a group of 6-7 students.
  • Students will engage in a group discussion and Q&A with mentors during the speed networking activity.
  • The event will foster future mentor connections with K-12 students, undergraduate and graduate women in STEM, and women currently in the STEM workforce.
This is how it works:
Once You Register
You'll have immediate access to the Online Meeting Space. It contains everything you need for the retreat, including your schedule, call-in information, and helpful pre-retreat prep tips.
During the Retreat
You'll work in multiple writing blocks. You'll be supported throughout the day by live coaching calls with Dr. Michelle Boyd. And you'll enjoy the support of an amazing community of empathetic, encouraging scholars.
By the End
You'll have made meaningful progress on your writing. You'll have done so with less delay and anxiety. And you'll know for certain whether retreat writing can move you past your writing fears.
Register   here !! Please contact the Center for Faculty Advancement at FAMU with any questions.
Opportunities for Global Research Travel:
Spain & Italy

Travel opportunities for education professors who teach comparative education systems, art/architecture, social studies/history, and world languages!

HBCU Faculty Awards
Humanities Research Fellowship & Grant
The National Endowment for the Humanities is accepting applications for their 2020 Awards for Faculty program. Awards are received as research fellowship and grants that contribute to the field of humanities. Please see the attached link for detailed information about this great opportunity.
Mental Health & Emotional Wellness Seminar
Mark your calendars for February 29th to take part in the "Together We Can... Breaking Through to Mental Health and Emotional Wellness" seminar, hosted by the ELS Empowerment Foundation. This program should be of particular interest to Educational Leadership and Counselor Education students and faculty, but all persons within the COE are welcome to attend. The seminar will be held at The Gathering; 705 S. Woodard Ave. #201, Tallahassee, FL 32304, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Students may have the option to have their registration fee waived. Link to register can be fond below.
Are Your Classes Exemplifying the Needs of the 21st Century Learner?
Technology is an important factor in today's curriculum. Please click the link to see the above image as a larger pdf file and read about the ways technology can aid in your classroom, teaching and learning experience.
Faculty Spotlight | Dr. Edith Davis
Dr. Edith Davis was recently highlighted in a Capital Outlook publication. The publication recognized how Dr. Davis utilized the Micro-Spiral Method to teach students, as well as, her many other accomplishments thus far in her career. Dr. Davis works in Secondary Education and the COE is proud to have her as part of our FAMU-ly. Please read the article below to learn more about all Dr. Davis is pursuing while on "the hill".

Staff Spotlight | Ms. Clarice Byrd
Here are a few highlights from our staff member of the week Ms.Clarice Byrd!

How do you see your role in the College of Education?   My role in the College of Education is very important. Without my expertise as an Office Manager, it would be impossible for the work to get done in the HPER Department. Just the contracts alone, with at least fourteen faculty and adjuncts a semester, takes time, knowledge, patience and concentration. My Chair, Dr. Sarah Price, would not be able to do what I do and handle her assignments and class loads. I do not wish what I am having to accomplish in a short period of time, to anyone who is not familiar with FAMU policies and procedures. This office can’t do without an Office Manager. I came off retirement to help Dr. Price because I knew she could not do it alone.
What is one of your favorite student interactions this year within the COE? My favorite student interaction was when I took a homeless student out to the mall to shop for clothes. I did not care about how much was spent and the student was so appreciative. I even took her clothes home to clean each week because she did not have a place to wash them. The student has since graduated.
What do you like to do in your leisure time?   In my leisure time, I like to just sit and think about how good the Lord has been to me. I am constantly working around my house doing something. My son often says I am a “workaholic”. I tell him, if I don’t do it, no one else will. So, when I get a chance to relax I take it. I sit down and watch a good action movie or play spades and solitary on my tablet. Although by this time, something has come to my mind again, so I get up and do it. 
What is a unique skill you have that no one would ever guess about you?   My unique skill is surprising students (faculty too) with food dishes. I don’t mind cooking and bringing them something good to eat from time-to-time. You would be surprised how hungry some of these students are. You see money is not everything to me. I really do care about the students and how they are performing in class. I try very hard to encourage them look beyond situations and get their work done.
Spotlight on State Engagement |
FAMU Day at the Capitol
FAMU Day at the Capitol | Highlights
Members across the institution represented our wonderful college and our amazing FAMU DRS STEAM Program. Thank you to Ms. Yolanda Foxx-Palmer who is the after school STEAM Robotics Coordinator. She is joined by FAMU DRS Scholars Ms. Kenya Walters and Mr. Malik Webb. Special thanks to Mr. Errol Wilson, Ms. Temecia Shelton and Mr. Micheal Huggins who helped make our table a success!
College of Education | STRIKE Vision Plan
S |   STRATEGIC INITIATIVES - The FAMU COE will align closely with the university vision and mission to implement programs designed to increase academic achievement across undergraduate and graduate programs. Increase the teacher pipeline by partnering with our local districts and those across the state.
T |   TRUST -  The FAMU COE will build trust and offer transparency to our internal campus community and external school and community partners. We will build programs and engage others with truthful and meaningful practices.
R |   RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION -  Recruitment and Retention | The FAMU COE will tackle the national and state teacher shortage crisis and implement new strategies to recruit and retain teacher education majors. We will grow our graduate programs and be proactive in identifying the needs and gaps in state certification and test achievement. We will create pathways for gains from our education candidates and follow them into successful careers.
I |   INNOVATION AND RESEARCH -  The FAMU COE will create innovative and immersive learning experiences for our learners will promoting a solid research agenda and providing rich research expertise. We will provide rich teaching and learning with immersive technology for undergraduate and graduate programs.
K |  K-20 SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIPS -  The FAMU COE will work closely as a key partner with FAMU DRS and surrounding county schools to identify the needs of the educational community and utilize our faculty, staff, and students to meet those needs.
E |   ENGAGEMENT IN THE COMMUNITY, THE STATE AND THE NATION -  The FAMU COE will increase the number of privately funded scholarships to support our students and faculty by promoting our programs and creating forums for exposure and visibility.
Good Reads | Minority STEM Students
Panelists from the Association of American Colleges and Universities gave great insight on how colleges and universities can combat the gap in minority students in STEM. Click on the link to read the full article and hear what minority STEM students are saying.

30 Year Anniversary | Black Male College Explorers Program
The Black Male College Explorers program will celebrate its 30th year of service to young men across Florida. Please plan to attend and share in this wonderful celebration for the achievement of students from throughout the state and region.
June 27th and 28th, 2020
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