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February | 2.17.2020
College of Education, the cornerstone for educators, the future of tomorrow...
Faculty Spotlight | Dr. Rufus Ellis, Jr.
Rufus Ellis, Jr., Ph.D. epitomizes the qualities of an exemplary educator thus, making a positive difference in the educational welfare for students, faculty, university and the community at large. He has clearly attained prominence in his profession with demonstrated extraordinary success, innovation and leadership during the tenure of his career. Dr. Ellis is an experienced veteran educator having created an impressive repertoire of achievements in his profession and duly recognized for his prestigious work. More recently Dr. Ellis was an inductee of the Florida A&M University College of Education Gallery of Distinction (2016); Former Classroom Teacher, School District Administrator, State Public Schools Program Director, Administrator, Policy Analyst, Federal Liaison, and currently, a member of the teaching faculty in the College of Education, Department of Secondary Education, Technology and Foundations and Project Investigator/Director, FAMU SMART Academies 21 st Century Community Learning Center. 
Dr. Ellis holds a deep interest in the educational welfare of those he serves, his students. He is privilege to find himself on the highest mountain of world class scholars, making for a power-driven educational domain for the cultivation of knowledge and emerging scholars.
Those who have had the pleasure of interacting with Dr. Ellis, know that he lives his life in congruence with his favorite biblical quote which yields from St. Matthew 7:12; “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”
For a deeper look into the life of Dr. Ellis, please click here.
Staff Spotlight | Mr. Larry Reed
Here are a few highlights from our staff member of the week Mr. Larry Reed!
How do you see your role in the College of Education?   My role in the College of Education is important. I ensure that all labs and smart classrooms have the latest software and that all equipment is working properly. Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways. I’m glad to be a key member of the team helping to move technology forward in the College of Education.
What is one of your favorite student interactions this year within the COE? Due to the nature of my job, I don't have many interactions with students. Typically I work on the technology/gadgets before classes start to ensure the teachers and students have one less hassle during their class hours. However, every now and then students will have questions about the technology in the classroom. I will go down to give them instructions on how to turn on equipment and show them how to use smart markers to write on smart board and utilize the touchscreen feature.
What do you like to do in your leisure time? During my leisure time I like to watch sports. My favorite football team is the New England Patriots and basketball team is the Golden state warriors. I also like to shoot pool and saltwater fish in Carrabelle, FL..
What is a unique skill you have that no one would ever guess about you?  Most people wouldn’t know that I like to work on cars and that I coach football and basketball from time to time.
Faculty Engagement | Research and Service Opportunities
This is how it works:
Once You Register
You'll have immediate access to the Online Meeting Space. It contains everything you need for the retreat, including your schedule, call-in information, and helpful pre-retreat prep tips.
During the Retreat
You'll work in multiple writing blocks. You'll be supported throughout the day by live coaching calls with Dr. Michelle Boyd. And you'll enjoy the support of an amazing community of empathetic, encouraging scholars.
By the End
You'll have made meaningful progress on your writing. You'll have done so with less delay and anxiety. And you'll know for certain whether retreat writing can move you past your writing fears.
Register   here !! Please contact the Center for Faculty Advancement at FAMU with any questions.
Mental Health & Emotional Wellness Seminar | February 29th
Mark your calendars for February 29th to take part in the "Together We Can... Breaking Through to Mental Health and Emotional Wellness" seminar, hosted by the ELS Empowerment Foundation. This program should be of particular interest to Educational Leadership and Counselor Education students and faculty, but all persons within the COE are welcome to attend. The seminar will be held at The Gathering; 705 S. Woodard Ave. #201, Tallahassee, FL 32304, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Students may have the option to have their registration fee waived. Link to register can be fond below.
Faculty Reminders
FAMU Office of Ethics and Compliance Overview
Ensure you are in compliance. Please read the documents here for information on the FAMU Code of Conduct and proper workplace ethics.
Affordability Counts | Textbook Affordability Program
 The Affordability Counts Day Online Conference that will be held on Wednesday, March 25 th . The conference will address measure to reduce textbook costs and make textbooks more affordable. The BOG is recommending alternative ways to lower textbook cost that should not exceed $20/credit hour. 
Visit this link to learn more.
Opportunities for Global Research & Engagement
Sciences Po's 3rd Annual International Teaching and Learning Workshop
If you are interested in sharing thoughts and teaching practices with other educators please consider applying for the Sciences Po International Teaching and Learning Workshop. Applications include a short biography and are due by March 1st. Please click here for more information.
International Travel to Italy or Spain
Travel opportunities for education professors who teach comparative education systems, art/architecture, social studies/history, and world languages!

HBCU Faculty Awards | Humanities Research Fellowship & Grant
The National Endowment for the Humanities is accepting applications for their 2020 Awards for Faculty program. Awards are received as research fellowship and grants that contribute to the field of humanities. Please see the attached link for detailed information about this great opportunity.
Student Success & Engagement
Living Learning Community | Career Development Presentation in The Village
On February 10, our Living Learning Community met with members of the FAMU Career and Professional Development Center. The group learned about the importance of resume writing, career support and interview etiquette. Dr. Shakir, Mr. Moise, and Mr. Martin-Gilliam were all onsite to assist our scholars. We had pizza and conversation after the event.
A Good Read | Growing STEM Innovators: A Love Story
Love and science don't usually mingle together, but at the Tinkering Studio in San Francisco young people are falling head-over-heels in love with the subject. Enthusiasts are figuring our new and exciting ways to get students engaged in the real-world application of STEM. Read the attached article to learn how students are finding fun in STEM and how educators can cultivate the same learning environment in their classroom.

Upcoming Campus Events
30 Year Anniversary | Black Male College Explorers Program
The Black Male College Explorers program will celebrate its 30th year of service to young men across Florida. Please plan to attend and share in this wonderful celebration for the achievement of students from throughout the state and region.
June 27th and 28th, 2020
College of Education | STRIKE Vision Plan
S |   STRATEGIC INITIATIVES - The FAMU COE will align closely with the university vision and mission to implement programs designed to increase academic achievement across undergraduate and graduate programs. Increase the teacher pipeline by partnering with our local districts and those across the state.
T |   TRUST -  The FAMU COE will build trust and offer transparency to our internal campus community and external school and community partners. We will build programs and engage others with truthful and meaningful practices.
R |   RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION -  Recruitment and Retention | The FAMU COE will tackle the national and state teacher shortage crisis and implement new strategies to recruit and retain teacher education majors. We will grow our graduate programs and be proactive in identifying the needs and gaps in state certification and test achievement. We will create pathways for gains from our education candidates and follow them into successful careers.
I |   INNOVATION AND RESEARCH -  The FAMU COE will create innovative and immersive learning experiences for our learners will promoting a solid research agenda and providing rich research expertise. We will provide rich teaching and learning with immersive technology for undergraduate and graduate programs.
K |  K-20 SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIPS -  The FAMU COE will work closely as a key partner with FAMU DRS and surrounding county schools to identify the needs of the educational community and utilize our faculty, staff, and students to meet those needs.
E |   ENGAGEMENT IN THE COMMUNITY, THE STATE AND THE NATION -  The FAMU COE will increase the number of privately funded scholarships to support our students and faculty by promoting our programs and creating forums for exposure and visibility.
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