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January | 2.3.2020
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FAMU Partnerships | EDU Africa
Michael Massingham, founder of EDU Africa, will be visiting FAMU on February 10th. EDU Africa is a short-term customs program that can set up programs for any major- including education! The program has a network with eight countries in Africa and offers a "transformative learning journey" while maintaining learning outcomes. Dean Watson is excited to meet with the Education Abroad department see how the COE can incorporate exciting initiatives with EDU Africa.
HBCU Faculty Awards
Humanities Research Fellowship & Grant
The National Endowment for the Humanities is accepting applications for their 2020 Awards for Faculty program. Awards are received as research fellowship and grants that contribute to the field of humanities. Please see the attached link for detailed information about this great opportunity.
Mental Health & Emotional Wellness Seminar
Mark your calendars for February 29th to take part in the "Together We Can... Breaking Through to Mental Health and Emotional Wellness" seminar, hosted by the ELS Empowerment Foundation. This program should be of particular interest to Educational Leadership and Counselor Education students and faculty, but all persons within the COE are welcome to attend. The seminar will be held at The Gathering; 705 S. Woodard Ave. #201, Tallahassee, FL 32304, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Students may have the option to have their registration fee waived. Link to register can be fond below.
Sports Management Graduate Students
Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation |
NFL Pro Bowl 2020
On January 26th, the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl stadium was filled with talented NFL players, cheering fans and some of our amazing COE Sports Management Graduate students. Domonique Whitehurst, Justin Griffin, Cameron Kerr, Akilah Jackson, Keyana Wiggins, and DeWitt Hughes (not pictured), had a phenomenal experience volunteering at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. Students spent three days interacting with fans while also connecting with professionals who work in the business of sports.
Spotlight on Student Success | Alumni Highlight
Ashley Harvey, Class of 2005
Class of 2005 COE graduate, Ashley Harvey, is currently teaching 5th grade students at W.T. Moore Elementary. Since Ms. Harvey received her degree in elementary education from FAMU, she has accomplished so much in her educational career. Currently, she holds a Master's of Science in Educational Leadership from FSU as well as a Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, with a concentration in Mathematics K-14, from Concordia University .

Ms. Harvey has spent the last 15 years between Leon and Miami-Dade County schools, teaching in the elementary setting. She has expansive knowledge of working with diverse groups of people and passion for promoting educational growth, which can be seen in her Teaching Philosophy.

Ashley Harvey Teaching Philosophy :

Teaching young minds is a task that I have been passionate about since the beginning of my own educational endeavors. It is full of challenges, frustrations, and responsibilities. However, it is a task that is also full of excitement, wonder, and joy. I strongly believe that all children are capable of learning, if they have the proper motivation, direction from their teachers., and a supportive foundation.

As a teacher, I need to be aware of learning, motivation, behavior, and development theories in order to relate to my students and push them to reach their full potential. It is my duty to see that all my students are being motivated therefore, I must meet all students at both their interest and academic levels, and offer as many real-world experiences as possible through the content. All students in my care deserve my time and full attention in regards to their education. I also want to create a classroom that is a safe learning environment for all. If students do not feel safe in my classroom, whether it is emotionally, physically, or socially, their educational experiences will take a toll which will ultimately hinder their academic success. It is important to me that my students, as well as their parents, other teachers, administrators, and people in the community, see me as someone they can approach, who will be fair and always put students first.

Classroom organization is also a key concept to consider when teaching. Finding creative, new ways to have the room set up and to help my students learn is a concept of research regularly. I also believe in teaching content that is meaningful, applicable, and inviting to students. If they do not see the point of the subject matter then they will not be interested in it, so it will be my task to find ways to keep students interests, no matter what their level of interest is. I also believe that high energy levels and a positive attitude from the teacher are key elements to a successful learning environment.

Ms. Harvey is currently looking into continuing her education with a doctoral degree and naturally, is keeping FAMU at the top of her list. The COE and FAMU-ly are very excited for Ms. Harvey and the impact she making as an educational leader.
Faculty and Staff Spotlight |
Dr. Cheron Davis and Ms. Ronica Walker
Dr. Cheron Davis
Cheron H. Davis is an assistant professor in the Elementary Education Department at Florida A&M University’s College of Education. She is a former elementary teacher with over eight years in higher education. She earned her doctorate in reading education from Auburn University. Cheron’s research interests include multicultural literature, professional development of pre-service and practicing teachers, and multicultural pedagogy in the reading curriculum. In her free time, Cheron enjoys college football, reading novels, and spending time with her family.
Ms. Ronica Walker
Here are a few highlights from our staff member of the week Ms. Ronica Walker!

How do you see your role in the College of Education?  I see my role as being very important, because I am the first person you see when you enter the Dean’s office and I greet you with warm greeting and a big smile. I also see myself as a “motherly” role to some students offering personal guidance.
What is one of your favorite student interactions this year within the COE?  I have so many student interactions, but I think the best one is when I had the opportunity to talk with a student on making a difficult life changing decision. 
What do you like to do in your leisure time?   In my leisure time I enjoy spending time with family, (especially my grand boys) and friends.
What is a unique skill you have that no one would ever guess about you?  Athleticism - I was a high school softball and volleyball player
Spotlight on Recruitment and Retention
Our college was well represented at the 31st Annual Florida Future Educators of America 2020 conference held in Orlando, Florida this weekend. Dean Watson and Mr. Huggins welcomed over 100 visitors at our recruitment table. We yielded 4 potential students who would like to commit to FAMU's College of Education in the fall semester.
Spotlight on Innovation & Research | Engagement
2020 Student Florida Education Association and Teachers of Color Summit | Where FAMU COE Students, Faculty and Staff Shined Brightly!
Our FAMU College of Education student were an outstanding representation of excellence this weekend at the SFEA Professional Learning Conference in Orlando, Florida. Please read more about our scholars and future leaders in today's FAMUan Online
Spotlight on State Engagement
FAMU Day at the Capitol | February 6th
Members across the institution will represent FAMU at the FAMU Day at the Capitol. Our college will have three representatives to share some of our points of pride with state legislators. We look forward to updating legislation with new information about our outstanding students and faculty.
Highlight on Feedback from the COE College-Wide Meeting (15 Respondents)
We truly value your voice and feedback for our college-wide meetings. So far we have 15 respondents. Please feel free to add your feedback until this coming Wednesday at 5 PM.
Here is the link. Or you can cut and paste this link in your browser:
College of Education | STRIKE Vision Plan
S |   STRATEGIC INITIATIVES - The FAMU COE will align closely with the university vision and mission to implement programs designed to increase academic achievement across undergraduate and graduate programs. Increase the teacher pipeline by partnering with our local districts and those across the state.
T |   TRUST -  The FAMU COE will build trust and offer transparency to our internal campus community and external school and community partners. We will build programs and engage others with truthful and meaningful practices.
R |   RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION -  Recruitment and Retention | The FAMU COE will tackle the national and state teacher shortage crisis and implement new strategies to recruit and retain teacher education majors. We will grow our graduate programs and be proactive in identifying the needs and gaps in state certification and test achievement. We will create pathways for gains from our education candidates and follow them into successful careers.
I |   INNOVATION AND RESEARCH -  The FAMU COE will create innovative and immersive learning experiences for our learners will promoting a solid research agenda and providing rich research expertise. We will provide rich teaching and learning with immersive technology for undergraduate and graduate programs.
K |  K-20 SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIPS -  The FAMU COE will work closely as a key partner with FAMU DRS and surrounding county schools to identify the needs of the educational community and utilize our faculty, staff, and students to meet those needs.
E |   ENGAGEMENT IN THE COMMUNITY, THE STATE AND THE NATION -  The FAMU COE will increase the number of privately funded scholarships to support our students and faculty by promoting our programs and creating forums for exposure and visibility.
Good Reads | Minority STEM Students
Panelists from the Association of American Colleges and Universities gave great insight on how colleges and universities can combat the gap in minority students in STEM. Click on the link to read the full article and hear what minority STEM students are saying.

30 Year Anniversary | Black Male College Explorers Program
The Black Male College Explorers program will celebrate its 30th year of service to young men across Florida. Please plan to attend and share in this wonderful celebration for the achievement of students from throughout the state and region.
June 25-27, 2020
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