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June | 6.1.2020
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Today's Highlights
  • June COE Birthdays
  • President Robinson's Words of Encouragement
  • Provost's Digital Learning Initiative | Dr. Alishea Rowley and Dr. Michelle Mitcham
  • Columbia University Student Honors Faculty | Dr. Serena Roberts
  • FAMU DRS Town Hall Meeting | Letter from Superintendent Johnson
  • Faculty CANVAS Training Sessions
  • HBCU Teacher Education Programs and COVID-19 Response
  • African American History Task Force 2020 Virtual Summer Institute
  • Staff Spotlight | Kia Epps
  • Alumni Spotlight | Vance McGhee
  • Happy National Trails Day!
  • Announcements and much more in this issue!
Happy June Birthday COE Team Members!
  • June 4th | Ms. Andreka Bryant
  • June 7th | Dr. Alishea Rowley
  • June 18th | Dr. Patti Ball Thomas
  • June 25th | Dr. Michelle Mitcham
President Robinson's Words of Encouragement
As we continue to navigate through uncertain times, we are also dealing with a fragile moment in our history.
The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has touched off protests around the country.
In the pursuit of liberty and justice for all, Florida A&M University once again offers leadership as was done during the Tallahassee Bus Boycott that we celebrated this week. Sixty-four years ago, students protested peacefully, which is a part of the FAMU tradition and legacy.
Recent events around the country remind us that the fight for civil rights and equal justice under the law is far from over.
I am most proud of Atlanta Mayor and FAMU alumna Keisha Lance Bottoms and St. Paul Mayor and alumnus Melvin Carter who are standing tall in leading their respective cities.

In the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. King added, “We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.”
While crimes against African American men in particular is once again front and center and have touched a nerve in our nation, we must remember what Dr. King taught, “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.”
I am encouraged by those who seek solutions to this problem without the destructiveness of even more violence. We, as a nation, are better than that.
Today, we sent two astronauts to the International Space Station. If we can do that, clearly, we have the capacity to make the necessary changes to create, as our founding fathers wrote, “a more perfect union.”
Florida A&M University stands ready and willing to help in the fight for social justice. We can and must do better.
Larry Robinson, Ph.D.
President, Florida A&M University
Provost's Digital Learning Initiative
Congratulations to Dr. Alishea Rowley and Dr. Michelle Mitcham for being selected as Provost Digital Learning Initiative Fellows. In this fellowship, the selected candidates will work with the Faculty Development Coordinator to increase digital learning capacity for students.
FAMU Alumni Recognizes Dr. Serena Roberts
Recently, a FAMU alumni (CSSAH Social Work), Bert Huang, J.D., recognized our College of Education Director of the Center for Academic Success, Dr. Serena Roberts, in his award speech. Mr. Huang received the 2020 Willis L.M. Reece Award for Excellence in Teaching at Columbia University, School of Law. Mr. Huang mentioned that Dr. Roberts helped him accomplish this award because of her teaching practices and dedication to her students. Congratulations, Dr. Roberts!
FAMU DRS Town Hall Meeting
FAMU DRS will host a one hour Virtual Town Hall, Thursday, June 4, at 6:00 pm, to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to have a conversation with Superintendent Michael Johnson and other FAMU DRS administrators. Topics will include re-entry in the Fall, distance/virtual learning, COVID-19, and more.
FAMU DRS | A Letter from the Superintendent

Read about the latest news and information from Superintendent Michael Johnson. This monthly letter highlights accomplishments, news, and information for DRS stakeholders.

To access the May 29th letter click here.
Events and Highlights | Professional Development and Engagement
Faculty Canvas Deep Dive | Learn About Canvas TMS and How to Start Planning for Fall 2020 Classes
Engagement, Research, and Innovation | Opportunity Awaits | HBCU Panel and African American History Task Force
Staff Spotlight | Kia Epps
Learn About Our COE Staff Spotlight | Kia Epps
How do you see your role in the College of Education?
My role is to ensure the College of Education's budget is balanced and make fiscally responsible recommendations on resource allocation.

What is one of your favorite student interactions this year within the COE?
I don't have a favorite interaction, but I do enjoy assisting students with applying for scholarships, fellowships, and graduate assistant ships.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?
In my leisure time, I enjoy reading books, listening to various genres of music, gardening, learning new languages, and traveling.
What is a unique skill you have that no one would ever guess about you? 
I can learn a new language fairly quickly.
Alumni Spotlight | Vance McGhee
Mr. Vance McGhee
"Classroom Management Is the Key"

Mr. Vance McGhee is a 2017 alumnus of Florida A&M University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. Mr. McGhee majored in English Education and minored in Philosophy and Religion. He was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. Vance is the son of Vernon and Gwen McGhee, the only child born unto this union.

Vance always excelled in academia; in elementary school he was a member of The National Achievers Society. In middle school, he was a member of the Beta Club. Outside of school, he was heavily involved in competitive gymnastics; he competed across the state in boy’s gymnastics from 2004-2006.

Vance is a 2013 graduate of the historic Leon High School, located in Tallahassee, Florida, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. During his time at Leon, he was active in Spanish National Honor Society, The Pierian Chapter of National Honor Society, Capital Singers, a premier auditioned choir, International Thespian Society, and a four-year Varsity Cheerleader, earning the prestigious title of captain his senior year.

Moreover, while at FAMU, Vance was active in the Big Brother Little Brother Mentoring Program, where he served as the chairperson for Academic Affairs from 2016-2017. Other organizational memberships include: Kappa Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society where he served as Treasurer, the Theta Iota Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an International Education Honor Society, Mr. 1932 for the Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., a former FAMU Cheerleader, winning 1st place in the Co-Ed division in 2015 at the MEAC Cheerleading Championship and winning 1st place in all categories at the 2016 MEAC Cheerleading Championship, all while holding a 3.98 cumulative GPA.  
Furthermore, Vance also has a close personal walk with God and is proud member of Philadelphia Primitive Baptist Church where he served in multiple capacities from singing in the Mass Choir and Voices of Praise Young Adult/ Collegiate Choir, where he also served as President, to serving on the Young Adult Usher Board. Vance’s favorite Bible verse is Solomon 4:7 which states, “ Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee .”

Currently, Vance is a resident of Fort Myers, Florida. He teaches 9 th Grade English and International Baccalaureate English Literature III at Dunbar High School. He also serves as an Assistant Cheerleading Coach for the Dunbar High School Cheerleading Program. Additionally, when school is out for the summer, he is an instructor with the Support Our Students (SOS) Summer Enrichment Program. He has taught for the SOS program for the past two summers. Just recently, he was accepted into Florida Gulf Coast University, where he will be pursuing his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. In his personal time, Vance loves going to the beach, reading, exercising, traveling, and volunteering.
Reading Boot Camp Rewind | Dr. Cheron Davis
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Happy National Trails Day!
Get active and get on a trail. Learn more about National Trails Day here.
Monday Wishes on the COE Website
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College of Education | STRIKE Vision Plan
S |   STRATEGIC INITIATIVES - The FAMU COE will align closely with the university vision and mission to implement programs designed to increase academic achievement across undergraduate and graduate programs. Increase the teacher pipeline by partnering with our local districts and those across the state.
T |   TRUST -  The FAMU COE will build trust and offer transparency to our internal campus community and external school and community partners. We will build programs and engage others with truthful and meaningful practices.
R |   RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION -  Recruitment and Retention | The FAMU COE will tackle the national and state teacher shortage crisis and implement new strategies to recruit and retain teacher education majors. We will grow our graduate programs and be proactive in identifying the needs and gaps in state certification and test achievement. We will create pathways for gains from our education candidates and follow them into successful careers.
I |   INNOVATION AND RESEARCH -  The FAMU COE will create innovative and immersive learning experiences for our learners will promoting a solid research agenda and providing rich research expertise. We will provide rich teaching and learning with immersive technology for undergraduate and graduate programs.
K |  K-20 SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIPS -  The FAMU COE will work closely as a key partner with FAMU DRS and surrounding county schools to identify the needs of the educational community and utilize our faculty, staff, and students to meet those needs.
E |   ENGAGEMENT IN THE COMMUNITY, THE STATE AND THE NATION -  The FAMU COE will increase the number of privately funded scholarships to support our students and faculty by promoting our programs and creating forums for exposure and visibility.
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