2023 Holy Land Pilgrimage

How to exchange Dollars for New Israeli Shekels on the Trip
Step One

Bring the Amount of Cash you Need/Want*

*We recommend $200 per person for a 10/11 day trip.

**You can choose to leave the money in US
Dollars and pay for things in Dollars.

**You should know that if you leave it in USD, that means everywhere you spend money you will have to do the money conversion math in your head or on your phone. You should also expect that EVERY merchant will always round up in their favor. That's just how life and business works. You are in essence paying them to do the work of changing USD into Israeli Shekels.

Step Two

Once you are passed through Customs and Immigration and out into the arrivals hall, you will EITHER
change money at the change desk (see picture below) or go the ATM (see picture below) with your Debit Card* and get cash.

*Make sure you have told your Bank that you plan to use your ATM card in Israel.

Arrivals Hall Looks Like This

Money Change Desk looks like this and is on the wall in front of you when you come into the Arrivals Hall.

ATM is also on the wall in front of you when you come out into the Arrivals Hall.