Including Our Renowned "GREAT PLAINS" Series

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Item Code  - MCLBU
 Buffalo Nickel

Item Code  - MCLSH

Steer head
 Bone and horn
Item Code  - MCLIN
 Indian Head Nickel
Item Code  - MCLDN
Double Nickel 
Item Code - MCLBNS Buffalo Night Scene
Lavender and blanc mother-of-pearl, onyx buffalo, silver stars
Item Code  - MCLMCS

Mars Cosmic Scene

Item Code - MCLSCS

Saturn Cosmic Scene

Item Code  - MCLPBNS
Polar Bear Night Scen

Item Code - MCLFT

Texas Flag
 Inlaid with brazilwood, bone & abalone

Item Code - MCLCT

Cactus Inlay
 Inlaid with bone & abalone

Item Code - MCLMT

Texas Map
Inlaid with abalone 

Item Code - MCLHC

Howling Coyote
Inlaid with brazilwood, bone & abalone
Item Code - MCLEH

Eye Of Horus 
Inlaid with bronze & abalone

Item Code - MCLTL

Tree Of Life
Inlaid with brazil wood & abalone
Item Code - MCLYY

Yin-Yang Money
Inlaid with bone & abalone

Item Code - MCLAB

abalone radius

Pacific Abalone  

Item Code - MCLLFL

 Lotus Flower
 Brazil wood & 
abalone shell

Item Code - MCLAFL

Abalone & 
lavender mother-of-pearl

Item Code - MCLBWFL

Brazilwood & 
lavender mother-of-pearl shell

Item Code - MCLWF

Wild Flower 
 Real  flowers
Item Code - MCLAS

Armadillo Shell

Item Code - MCLDW

Dragon Wolf
Brazilwood, bone & abalone shell

Item Code - MCLRD

Running Deer
Brazilwood and bone 
Item Code - MCLAZ

Aztec Money Clip
Brazil wood & abalone 
Item Code - MCLSB

Sailboat set Sail 
 Brazilwood, abalone & mother of pearl shell

Item Code - MCLRS

Rising Sun
Brazilwood, bone & abalone shell

Item Code  - MCLSKY

Ocean Sky
Lavender and blanc mother-of-pearl, onyx bird, bronze sun



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