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I hope everyone was able to take a break this holiday weekend and enjoy some time with family and friends while socially distancing.  
We are all anxious to get back to our normal day-to-day lives. While the  City  and  State  have released reopening guidelines for businesses, it’s important that we remain patient as businesses, employees and customers adjust to our new normal.  

Through it all, it’s important to protect your financial heath just as you work to protect your physical and mental health. That’s why on June 1,  Money Mondays with Melissa  will focus on steps you can take to keep your finances on track. Also, be sure to check out some of our important resources to help you achieve this goal.  
Upcoming Events
Money Mondays with Melissa  is back June 1! I’m very excited to be joined by:
  • Kwame Raoul, Illinois Attorney General
  • Raul Raymundo, CEO of The Resurrection Project

We’ll discuss tips for protecting your financial health and wellbeing during COVID-19.  
You can register at:   
On June 8, during a special edition of Money Mondays with Melissa , we will discuss our investment policies and strategies during COVID-19 to protect taxpayer dollars. Our Chief Investment Officer, Craig Slack, will provide an update on the City's investments. Followed by Chief Impact Officer, Ashley Evans, who will highlight our support for small businesses through the Chicago Community Catalyst Fund - our social impact fund. 

We will also be joined by Kweku Obed, Managing Director at Marquette Associates, Lorna Scott, Chief Investment Officer at the Firemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund, and Steve Yoon, Investment Officer at the Municipal Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund, to discuss how they have adapted their investment strategies as the market reacts to the pandemic.

Important Resources for You
As families and individuals continue to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, several resources can help you protect your wealth and make sure you stay on a solid financial footing. Below are a few:  

  • Many people have been forced to make decisions about what bills they will pay and which ones you might be able to put off. This webinar discusses what to do when your income decreases, but you still have bills to pay.  
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a guide to how families, business owners, students and more can try to make financial decisions that will protect them.  
  • Knowing and understanding your credit score is always important. Experian, TransUnion and Equifax have made checking your credit weekly free through April 2021. To learn more, visit  
  • Legal Aid Chicago has put together several resources to help Chicagoans understand their rights when it comes to foreclosure and mortgage relief. If you have specific questions, you can call them at 312-340-1070.  
  • Managing your debt is important. As many people try to juggle all of their financial responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Legal Aid Chicago has answers to commonly asked questions in both English and Spanish.  
  • Do you have questions about applying for unemployment or understanding how it applies to gig workers? Get answers by calling Legal Aid Chicago at 800-445-9025. 
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