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One of the biggest stumbling blocks to spiritual growth is our relationship to money and our attitude about what it signifies. One challenge is the need to see money through the duality of human thought. From this perspective, money is either good or bad-the source of evil and corruption. On the other hand, money can be viewed as very spiritual in that it doesn’t distinguish how it’s used. In this sense, it is an aspect of God. Money is a physical denotation of the flow of divine energy that it is available to us. How we see it and use it is what determines its nature. Furthermore, it is our thinking and feelings about it that make it what it is to us. When seen in a positive way, money can be a tool that serves the divine intention for good. Lynn Twist talks about her discovery of people’s attitudes toward money in her 20 years of fund-raising work for the World Hunger Project. She said: “It was in this soul-searching dimension of fund-raising, in these intimate conversations, that I discovered deep wounds and conflicts in the way people related to their money. Many people felt they had sold out and become someone they didn’t like anymore. Some were forcing themselves to do work that wasn’t meaningful. Many felt enslaved by their experience of being overtaxed by their government or felt beaten down by their boss or by the burden of running a family business or employing others. Their relationship with money was dead – or more accurately, dread – and there was hurt there. There was resentment. There were painful compromises, a kind of rawness. People were bruised and battered there. Not everyone, but many people were very unsettled and uncomfortable and just not their best selves in their relationship with money. They felt little or no freedom with money, no matter how much they had. What became clear was that when people were able to align their money with their deepest, most soulful interests and commitments, their relationship with money became a place where profound and lasting transformation could occur. Their money – no matter what the amount – became the conduit for this change.”
“Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.”
Kahlil Gibran
Join us this Sunday and begin the journey of coming into a positive and affirmative relationship with money and how it can be used to enrich your life. Our featured vocalist is Ellie Holm. She will be joined by LeeAnn Aerlyn Moore, Gary Buettner and Dagan Williamson.

If you can’t spend Sunday with us in person, watch the service through our live-stream at 11 am or catch up on any of our services through our on-line archive . Thank you for your interest in Unity and may your spiritual path be one of joy and fulfillment. 

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Celebration Services at 9 and 11 AM each Sunday. 
June 9, 2019
Celebration Service
Money is a Tool for Good

Money can be a tool that serves the divine intention for good. When we align our money with our deepest, most soulful interests and commitments, our relationship with money becomes a place where profound and lasting transformation can occur. Join us this Sunday as we begin the journey of coming into a positive and affirmative relationship with money.

“Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.”
Kahlil Gibran

Presented by: Reverend Steve Towles
With music by: Ellie Holm
Check out these events and activities.
6 Week Book Study
Wednesdays | June 12-July 24

Spiritual Economics draws on the book of the same name by Eric Butterworth. Its focus is creating True Prosperity. The teachings are universally applicable. So, come join us for a fun and enlightening journey. Sign up in the hallway or just show up. Buy the book at Amazon or .

Qi Gong Group
Starting June 14
Fridays | 10-11:15AM

Qi Gong is a moving meditation combining gentle stretches, warm-ups and flowing movements to enhance your energy level and general wellness. For information about this new recurring group, please contact Trish at 208-889-9316.

EFT Workshop
Saturday | June 22 | 10AM-1:30PM

Emotional Freedom Technique works like emotional acupressure to quickly, gently and easily heal emotional problems by literally undoing the damage from the past. Join Barbara St. Dennis and Peggy Capes for an introductory lesson on the power and principles of EFT. Sign up in the hallway.

Healing Weekend
Friday-Saturday, June 28-29
Friday | 7PM, Saturday 10AM-4PM

During his Healing Weekend, healer, intuitive, teacher and author, Mark Earlix will share his healing insights with a public healing circle, spiritual healing workshop, and personal healing sessions.

Women's Group Planning Session
Sunday | June 30 | 12:15PM

Come share your ideas and connect with the wonderful women of Unity at our planning session and salad luncheon. There is a sign-up sheet in the lobby to bring your favorite toppings for the lettuce salad. Contact Trish Gerloff at 208-889-9316 or Savina Darzes at 208-651-6469 for more info.
Here are the latest opportunities to support and connect
with the community.

Sunday, June 9, there will be a meeting after the second service to present three resolutions to a vote regarding the proposed Eternally Natural Sanctuary Project. All are welcome however only active members can vote on the resolutions. 

Sunday, June 23, there will be a meeting after the second service for new members. If you would like to become a member and join this exclusive group, there are membership forms in the hallway. 

This is a 4-day, 3-night communion with Spirit for kids 7 through 11 years of age. It includes singing, meditation, swimming, walking, games and prayer. This regional youth camp starts on Saturday, June 22 and ends on Tuesday, June 25. Camp, including meals and lodging, is $295. Registration ends on June 2. There are Youth Ed scholarships available to offset the cost of camp. Contact Pamela van Kirk for additional details. 

Our Hospitality Team invites you to bring in a plate of sweet treats or healthy alternatives to share in the Friendship Hall after our Sunday Services. If you have any questions, please contact Reina .

If you are interested in using this opportunity to support our ministry work and receive a tax benefit, then let us know of your interest and we will help create that possibility. Be sure and check with your accountant to be sure you qualify for this method of supporting our ministry.  


T here are opportunities to put your unique skills or passions to use by serving our community. We have specific roles to fill including Nursery Attendant, PowerPoint, Sound and Youth Education roles during our 11AM services. You can indicate your interest by completing our online volunteer form and we will contact you.
We have Unity T-Shirts for sale. The sizes are S, M, L, and XL's and the price is $15.00 each. If you would like to purchase one, see Roye Ely or put your name on the sign up sheet in the hallway. The caption on the back reads:

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