December, 2012


What's Now, New and Next?




Nature's rhythm is a beautiful teacher for how to live. Nature is the ultimate partner of choice. When we abide in the flow of nature, moving With, not Against, we join the universal gravitational pull (sentiments David Whyte expressed in Crossing the Unknown Sea.) We honor nature as our partner, with ease.

What does nature teach us now as December births? Nature tells us winter is the season when darkness arrives early, crisp cool autumn days turn cold, and the landscape becomes rather barren. Go inside - both metaphorically and literally. I'm heeding this invitation and I offer it to you as well.


Honoring nature, to assist my inward dive prior to the end of the year, I'm journaling using a Sacred Year End Practice. It is offered under "Be Inspired," if you are so moved to go inside. Putting a Stake in the Ground, the first of three stages, allows me to complete the year with gracious awareness. Presencing Now, the second stage, allows me to meet what is, in this given moment. Planting Seeds, the final stage, allows me to dance with nature and intend manifestations for the year ahead.

A few words of reality: going inside is dark. Darkness is fertile, real, alive, vibrant, and unknown. Darkness can seem painful, full of suffering and negativity. If these are vibes running in your mind, wonder what makes that so? Is darkness all of that? Nature never leads us astray. Trust in this gravitational pull and see what happens in the dark.


After completing the Sacred Year End Practice, new possibilities and paths will emerge for me. Some I can speak to here, as seeds have been planted. Some have yet to form. This month and the next article will complete the Year of Financial Fitness. If you did not participate fully, no worries; the recordings, key learnings and practices are all available on my website for your continued progress and amusement. CLICK HERE to access them. Yes, becoming financially fit is rewarding AND amusing. In this completion, MoneyMoves Tele-connection will change its form in 2013. As of this writing I am not certain what form it will take, but whatever emerges will be clearly communicated and I encourage you to follow your authentic impulses to participate - or not.

Next year commences the 25th year of the founding of Colman Knight, and a year of celebration. I intend to offer coaching as a gift one day per month. Look for "The Coach is In" so that you can experience a 20 minute deep dive or tender touch with me. Lastly, it is time for a new look for MoneyMoves News. Stay tuned for a few surprises in 2013.


When sharing what's next, you receive my intentions rather than exact particulars. These are a few intentions that are percolating in my field. Just as nature is a beautiful partner, I intend to magnify the partnership of Colman Knight and Gayle Colman by weaving my coaching with the services I offer at Colman Knight more explicitly. I intend to support the practice of Holacracy by supercharging our practice at Colman Knight, and sharing with other organizations open to a structural revitalizing. I intend to take my inward journey of writing to the mat, meaning, if I do nothing else next year, I will write. Lastly, I intend to expand my creative expressions and offerings to video play. What do you think of 5 minute try its via video? Do you want to see some of these in motion?

As nature beckons you inward, and the year comes to a close, I send a nudge to relax and move towards the dark with courage.

In sweet darkness with love,

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5-Minute Try It
This Month's Article: "Financial Fitness - Time to Reflect, Celebrate, Recommit"
This Month's MoneyMoves® TeleConnection
Be Moved...
Be Inspired...
5-Minute TRY It 
Gifts from More than Self 

Note: Try this practice now - as the season of gift-giving is ramping up.

Minute one: Bring to mind the person to whom you would like to bestow a gift - for any reason or event. Open your heart center and feel this person deeply. Ask, what would serve him/her now? 
Minute two: Allow images to come to your mind that reflect love, service and amusement for this precious human being. 
Minute three: Pay close attention to the images that arise AND your felt body experiences as they arise. When are you "lit up"? 
Minute four: Where you are lit up about a particular gift, is that an authentic heart centered opening, or an adrenaline rush? Become familiar with the difference and commit to giving authentically. 
Minute five: For every (may be just one) image that arises from authentic space, decide on the gift, imagine this person enjoying the gift, complete with clarity on your next action. 
Complete your practice by setting a lifelong intention to give authentically from the heart - that which serves the receiver.
Financial Fitness - 
Time to reflect, celebrate, recommit
... financial fitness is not a destination but a way of being!

At the beginning of this year, I committed to offering a monthly tele-class on a specific financial topic to support your evolution through financial fitness. The following paragraph is an excerpt from January MoneyMoves News:

"I continue to hold the mission of service and to offer pathways for others to access it. My insight this year is, give yourself a break! You are not supposed to know this stuff. ... The money systems are complex constructions developed over thousands of years most recently from sophisticated minds trained at Ivy League schools with multiple motivations - hardly so you can function well without assistance and without knowing the foundation. But let's leave that discussion and focus on what you can do now. ... Set aside an entire year to become financially fit."

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Please join me for our final 

of 2012!

Flex Your Financially Fit Muscles ~ Completion & Unique Genius Gifts

Monday, December 10th
8pm-9pm EST

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Be Moved


Silent Holiday Tea Party 

 Place: Home Sweet home 

Hour: Any time you desire 

R.S.V.P.: None 


The most delightful party you will never attend 

For you don't have to come, it's just loving energy you send 

No cookies to bake, no silver to lend, 

No linens to launder or beg from a friend, 

You don't have to worry about what to wear, 

And no sitter or parking to give you a care. 

So grab a tea bag, and a cup from the shelf, 

Think of your friendships and sip it yourself! 


 ~ Author Unknown



 Photo Credit:  Liz Witham,

Be Inspired

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Monday, December 17th
Women's Wealth Salon
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Sacred Year End Practice

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